Gov. John Kasich shares his midterm predictions

The Ohio governor discusses if he'll run for president and weighs in on President Trump's rhetoric.
8:31 | 11/05/18

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Transcript for Gov. John Kasich shares his midterm predictions
Stay tuned for more deals. Well, as we know midterms are tomorrow. The rhetoric keeps getting more insane and Republican Ohio governor John Kasich has been calling for a much needed return to civility and empathy in America, which is why we're sorry he's stepping down. Please welcome back governor John Kasich. Thank you. Are you sorry that you decided to go? Well, I mean, I had a great 8 years as governor. I've been in politics for a very long time, but I'm not going anywhere. My voice is going to stay out here. Maybe you guys can even help me to keep it out there, because I think we need a voice that's calming and positive, looks to the future because we have to get this country back on track again, absolutely. Are you running for president? I don't know. I mean, all of my options are on the table. You know, in the Republican party pretty hard because it's kind of locked down right now and we don't know what's going to come in the future. But I think for the first time there is a legitimate chance for a third party candidate because if you have the Republicans on the extreme and the Democrats on the extreme, there's a big, wide open space in the middle. So all of my options are on the table, whoopi, and I just want to contribute. One thing I don't want to do is to diminish my voice because it's taken so long for me to have a voice. We'll have to see what happens here in the future. But it will be fun. So you would probably run for an independent versus primary? Right now, Meghan, you know, I don't know because -- Why do you say it's a lockdown? It's not a lockdown for 2020. Right now I'm saying in the Republican party. Right today it would be very hard to win a primary. I could win in New Hampshire but I go down south and I'd get blown out and I don't want to do that. I don't want to waste my family's time or my friends or resources. It has to be something that's legitimate, that can have an impact on moving this country in the right direction. But the primary situation on both sides sounds like it's destroying the country. Well, maybe that's why -- It's a small group of people -- Maybe that's why people are ready for a third party. I'm not saying that for sure but it might be so. Look, we don't know what's going to happen next week let alone what's going to happen in the next six months or a year. Right. But what I do know is, here's the thing, that our leaders are letting us down, and when leaders let us down, then it's up to us where we live to create a synergy with other people to be able to rise. I went to see that movie "Bohemian rhapsody." I was telling Meghan about it, on Saturday night my wife and I went to see it. You know what was great about that movie? You had Republicans, Democrats, black, white, rich, poor, all in womenably stadium dancing and clapping. It sends those goose bumps about what happened when humanity is united, when we are together. And think about driving from the bottom up. Okay, I think about kind of three things. First of all, the civil rights movement, the politicians wanted nothing to do with it. It was the folks from the churches and their friends who marched in the streets. I was talking to whoopi about Mary Lou hammer. What a hero, beatings, gassings, dogs, but she wouldn't quit. She seized a high moral ground, inspired others. We changed America. The Vietnam war, if it wasn't for the people, we would still be in Vietnam, right? I mean, because they weren't doing anything. Now we have -- John, now we have cruises to Vietnam. That's right. But I'm saying it can change. But is it going to change, governor? I mean, tomorrow is the midterm elections. I know early voting is up and trump is campaigning in three states including your home state of Ohio. Yeah. Notice I'm here. Yes. Yeah. In my view, and I think a lot of people share this view, he's made this election about him, a referendum of him. He's running on race baiting, anger, especially with this caravan stuff. I mean, is this a winning strategy? Well, it's a terrible strategy for our country. Fear -- to dish out fear in order to achieve something, there ought to be some ethical limits to what you will do when you're involved in a campaign. But is it a good strategy for Republicans? I think what's going to happen in all likelihood, I think the Democrats will win the house, the Republicans will keep the senate -- this is no brilliant thing. We don't know that for sure. That's where it looks and I think the Democrats are going to have more power in the governorships across the country. That's what it looks like. Why? Because I think a lot of people have said I've had enough of this. I mean, I'm not going to live my life with anger and I don't think -- And fear. People don't want to live there. And look, I didn't vote for the guy. I didn't endorse the guy -- Is there anything you think the president's doing right? Is there anything that you would say I actually support that? I think the fact that he was able to move and deregulate parts of our economy which has created economic growth, yes. Look, I'm not here to say everything he does is bad but what I can tell you is we cannot have our leaders who divide us and cause fear. You can't have that and when you do -- Now, Abby, look, I've been in politics a long time and I've been in some really knockdown, dragout fights, back when we shut the government down and then we ultimately got the budget balanced working with Bill Clinton. You can hold positive -- strong views about things but you don't demonize the other person or question their worth or what their intentions are. That's how he's winning. That's how he keeps his base happy. Well, but the base has shrunk. The Republican party unfortunately has shrunk or maybe people said I've had enough of this. The biggest risk that the Republicans have in the future is they have turned off women. They have turned off the young. They have turned off minorities. What? I mean, you can't -- you can't do that. There's three white guys left. Let's take Ohio. Let's take my state. We're up over half a million jobs. We have $3 billion in the bank. We have held people who are small business people but people who are disabled, people who are mentally ill, people who are drug addicted, we've not left anyone behind. That's the road map in my opinion for how you must lead. You want to ask a question? I just -- I mean, I have lots of things to say but who are we kidding saying that the rhetoric is going to die down because I don't think no matter what happens tomorrow it's going to die down. We know the president hates losing. If Democrats win they're going to open up all kinds of investigations. I think impeachment talks will start immediately if they take over the house. Really, things are only going to get uglier. Do you agree? That's one scenario. The other scenario is they will not move in the direction of all these investigations which I don't like, particularly if they're political in nature, and that maybe in some sense, Meghan, they could moderate the president. I don't know, we have to see. But what I believe is that we got to stop spending our time wringing our hands, whoopi, about these leaders in Washington. No, no, I'm saying to you, we need to get the fire to start demanding change. Yeah. I'll give you one example. I got this bill I've proposed in Columbus. If you know somebody in your family or somebody in the workplace who is unstable, you can go to a court and take their gun. Who the heck is not for that, okay? A lot of people. We as the people -- I don't think so. If we the people demand that we want change at the top, let me tell you something, we scare the politicians. They may scare us but we're in charge of them. That's what people don't seem to get sometimes. People don't know what to do. And you -- and you matter. What you're doing -- you right there, young man. You didn't run that. You don't have the badges. Keep raising your hand, young man. Think about the greatest social movements. But you need to vote. That's the key. Yes, absolutely. So, always thank you for coming. Good luck. Hand wringing. Listen, like you said, you know, if you're not going to make the change, you can't bitch about it not being made. There you go.

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