Helen Mirren, Donald Sutherland talk Oscars honor, #TimesUp movement, Golden Globes and more

Sutherland spoke about being honored by Whoopi Goldberg; Mirren spoke about #TimesUp at the Golden Globes.
9:03 | 01/12/18

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Transcript for Helen Mirren, Donald Sutherland talk Oscars honor, #TimesUp movement, Golden Globes and more
When two brilliant actors and people I actually adore team up in a movie together, you know, you want to be in line to see it. And, these two are lighting up the big screen in "The leisure seeker." Please welcome, the fabulous Helen meeirren and the amazing, fabulous Donald Sutherland. How are you? Thank you. Yeah. So -- couple of mons ago, I got to be a part of really kind of special event. Presenting you with your Oscar. Um -- I -- I just -- as I said that night, there are certain actors that you have in your bally wick that you want to be as good as. For me, one of those actors has always been you. And so -- did you have a good time? Can I -- oh. Whoa. It's not easy. Um -- yeah, I had a wonderful time. But the best time I had and I was going to ask you, if I could have a -- a copy of your introduction to me. I wish I could. Oh, you don't know? I didn't write it. It was here. I never write -- I can't write those things down, because I have to say what I mean when I mean it. Sometimes you write it down, it doesn't sound right. So that came from my heart. But I can remember a lot of it. So I'll write what I remember. Let me tell you something. I sat there in absolute awe, listening to this woman speak and I had encountered her, I was talking to my wife last night, Mike Nichols, we were in new York walking along the street. Mike Nichols came up and grabbed me and said, I've discovered a genius. Come look. And it was her. Wow. She -- she said stuff to me that represented everything in my life that I had hoped that I would be able to achieve and it meant everything. I can only remember how I feel. And how I felt then is how I feel now. Which is -- They're going to get you a kp pi of that. Our pruzers said they'll transcribe that for you. Oh, thank you. Thank you. I have to -- Making a fool of myself. No. Dame mirren, your skirt is everything. Start out by saying that. It is everything. It is everything. That's cute. You were at the golden globes, as a presenter and a nominee. But you wore black, again in solidarity. With the time's up campaign. You have been to the globes so many times. Was this time different? Did it feel different? Well, of course of course it was different. It was an incredible moment. It was the night the golden globes grew up in a sense. Because they've always been thought of as a rather naughty, you know, mischooef vows, naughty, younger, sibling to the oscars. You know. But, um, they really stepped up. I think in many ways. I was very proud of women. I thought the women who won, anyone who spoke, spoke with incredible arctic louseness without baking on a drum. With wit. With warmth. Above all with warmth. It was a feeling I had on the women's March after the -- after the election. And I'm sure all of you, I bet were on one or another of that. It was an incredible feeling. It wasn't angry or -- it was passion nalt. Yeah. But it was so full of warmth and generosity and smartness. And I felt that at the globes, as well. I'm curious you. I was saying the other day, a lot of actors, act Ress, are doing nude scenes in the past 20 years or so. You need a lot longer than that. You've done a lot on of that. B Bette Davis, the waves were crashing. Women have to take off their top now. Men do sometimes. We don't see quite full frontal on men. If your recollections, have you been forced or encouraged to to point where you felt uncomfortable? No, you either agree to a script or you don't. If it's in your script, if you have agreed to the rest of it, you've agreed to that. That always been my attitude as a professional. You can't suddenly say, oh, but I'm not doing that, if you have signed up for it. At the same time, it was -- it's never easy. It's never easy. Um, except if it's a love scene. At least you have your partner. You're in it together. And you become sort of like babes in the wood. It's funny. You became -- your own little relationship. Nude scene is something else. But, I don't know. Approach to it was, I'm -- I'm embarrassed. Mortified. But I want to liberate myself. And, um -- I have always said it's never necessary. It's never necessary. ? No. You know, really. You don't think so? No. Unless you're doing a movie about nudism or something. You've down three of one THR of four of those. It's always men that ask you to do it? Yes, of course. Things are changing. It's fine. It's great. So, your new film, has no nudity, I don't think. No. It's called "The leisure seeker." A beautiful story about married couple. They decide to go on one good old road trip in an rv. They're both struggling with health issues. And so I understand that -- sometimes people -- they would be in the rv shooting. Say, make sure you pull over this way. And you would pass where you were supposed to stop. Is this true? Yeah. She was sitting behind me. Because I drove it all. Nobody else could drive it. You have to -- You did your own stunts, everything? When you were on the motorcycle? Yeah. Yeah. On the motorbike. She didn't drive it. I was driving beside her in the van, which was very dangerous. Wow. The reason we flew past the mark was because the brax didn't work. Zbloe, my gosh. And the steering didn't work. Donald was amazing. Half a wheel of play. I would see -- People don't understand. You think actors are, they find the oldest cars. My gosh. The most broken down. The oldest actors. Yeah. Let's show you a clip. So you have an idea. Mr. Spencer. Mr. Spencer. It's me, Jennifer ward. Class of '93. How are you? Oh, I'm sorry, miss. I'm afraid -- Jenny ward, it's you! How the devil are you? I'm -- I'm so -- so happy to see you. How did you do at Columbia? Oh, you've graduated by now. Yeah. Dposh. I -- I can't believe you remember me. I can't believe it either. I love that. It is -- always such an honor to be a T the table with you. With both of you. It's just -- as an actor. You know, cause -- I forget about it often times, because I don't do it very much anymore. But it is really an honor to be here with you today. Thank you. "The leisure seeker" will be in theaters March 9th.

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{"id":52312027,"title":"Helen Mirren, Donald Sutherland talk Oscars honor, #TimesUp movement, Golden Globes and more","duration":"9:03","description":"Sutherland spoke about being honored by Whoopi Goldberg; Mirren spoke about #TimesUp at the Golden Globes.","url":"/theview/video/helen-mirren-donald-sutherland-talk-oscars-honor-timesup-52312027","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}