House removes Greene from committees

"The View" co-hosts react to the House’s vote to remove Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committee assignments and her refusal to apologize publicly for past comments.
9:42 | 02/05/21

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Transcript for House removes Greene from committees
Yesterday the so called Q what on couldn't congresswoman. Marjorie Taylor Green I'm sick of track already she tried to stop the house from kicking her off committee posts by saying all that. That crazy conspiracy theory stuff is behind Tara yes to. Mark for the faith that post and and comments that I light into any team. I wouldn't be standing here today and you couldn't point a finger and accuse me of anything wrong. EC school shootings are absolutely real also what I tell you not eleven absolutely happens during my campaign. I never said any of these things. Since I have been elected for congress. These were words. And the past and these things do not represent me they do not represent my district. And they do not represent my values. Live Aaron. She says she knows about 9/11 Ritchie doesn't say what happened that day or so now she as she doesn't represent any committees. Because the house kicked her off of all of them. Maybe she can start around the pizza gate in Jewish lasers committee I was thinking that be good Barak but green is using this as a point of pride. And she did a victory lap about it this morning tweeting this I woke up early this morning she cents. Literally laughing thinking about what a bunch of morons the Democrats are forgiving someone like me free time. In this Democrat. Tyrannical government conservative Republicans have no say on committees anyway. All of this is going to be fine. So okay. She's clearly not sorry and she's not try to make this work work for her so. What do you think Al that what is there a way to deal with this woman do you think Hannah. Look she's the president I don't I don't consider her Republican I don't consider her conservative Republican I consider her. A nut case who should be in Bellevue not in congress. But I you know I also thank all these people who've been clutching their pearls this weekend who've you know been talking about. Turning against common turning against Marjorie Taylor Green and you know how she's not represented to that the party here's what happened. The Republican Party sold their souls. To Donald Trump. Because they liked what he offered a lucky they you know they liked his Supreme Court appointments they liked his policy on abortion they like its policy on Cuba. They like riding around in Air Force One. They like getting a job for their family members in the administration what ever. Pick a recent they liked how they gave prompt they keys to the house. Donald Trump opened up the door. And their recordings all Cayman OK and now they're eating up the furniture. So Donald Trump had a key to the Republican Party and he has let in all of these wounds all of these wack jobs conspiracy theories. That Q1 on sham on all of that is because Donald Trump gave them an energy gave them oxygen. Gave them legitimacy empowered them and embolden them as a look at you'll want to put this to one and it is far more than just about Marjorie it all got green. It is about Donald Trump who is the cost who had opened up the door. And I think senators have a very unique opportunity next week to stand up to him. Spend up to him and bullet on the net and convict him and you know all of these words against Marjorie Taylor Green mean nothing. Nothing in you don't get to the root cause. Of it so you don't ask somebody who fourth. For years has been calling out what is happening to the Republican Party and who have been called a traitor and a rhino in who has been you know question asked to. My principles and my values I say this is what happened in the last four years did it does that in. Happened all of aside and it didn't happen in a vacuum business that you be salt are for use of trump thank god the country and that it had to write for years. Yes and you did stick she had guns I was a witness to that you are always very consistent. Sarah. Do you think she's sorry Sarah. Either he not no no not at all. I'm I am happy and comforted that she's been taken and stripped of her power on these committees though we needed to happen and it's been dealt with now. Now want another thing that kind of stands out with me is the tweet this morning so. McCarthy told us he sat her down in topped were and let her know that. You know as a congresswoman she has. A responsibility. To elevate herself as an elected official hold yourself to a higher standard. And then she tweets that using words like moron and an an interview the other day she sent on the how dominant Democrats or. I you know I I I don't think it's languages elevating anything this is what he had said goodbye to for the last four years everyone missed N. President Biden ran on unity elevating conversations bringing back art good are big words this feels very juvenile the way she speaking and it reminds me if I didn't know she tweeted back. I would guess meaty trump had. But now that she's been stripped of that power and her district will decide whether she represents her at the mid term so she could be benched again. But in the meantime now we need to stop talking about her. Because I don't want her to grow what else she didn't fund raising she's been getting a lot of buzz she doesn't deserve it's because she's likable just like Donald Trump was. And I don't wanna look at Marjorie killer green and reminisce about the good old days when we just had Donald trap. Yes and she she also ran unopposed in the last election. She could have somebody you know primary and her this time and I and maybe get rid of our someone who's better than half but you know green she says that all that she went on stuff is behind attacked. Megan do you buy that is it all behind trap when. Look she allegedly apologized as Sara said am in that committee hearing in front of all of you know her caucus and IA it found what she sat on the floor. To the F you know sub par at best she did not apologize the American public which we call for yesterday generally have a lot of room or space or tolerance for things done behind closed doors I think you should. Stick your Don gods and a publicly she disavowed. 9/11 and said that she did or what she it'd have been allegedly saying but she didn't say what's. This is so crazy this white hard to explain she said that she believed 9/11 happened but that's how much is being accused of she's being accused. Saying that she didn't believe that a plane hit the Pentagon and that's obviously something that it you know they're survivors of that is just insanity. The problem that the Republicans have right now is they. There seems to be from Kevin McCarthy's perspective and leadership there's an equally distance between voting for impeachment like Liz Cheney and being a Q and I'm -- take it believes in you know anti semantic conspiracy theories that. They're both equal that they should be dealt with in the same way. That's guard pitched the idea that somehow Marjorie Taylor Green and Liz Cheney are somehow in the same swath of one another and that we all have to live together nicely and this is a big tent party. I'm not gonna do it. I'm not gonna have to still continue to sit here with Q1 on people which is it incredibly dangerous by the way that that writers on the capital were inspired by Q what not and there's some people that went into a riot because they were inspired by Q and on its very violent if anything analysts say is they'd at that police city lawyer showed a picture of an Adam Marjorie Taylor Green who used and it's she's holding an air fifteen. And there's a picture of the squad behind her yes it's right here and is at squads worst nightmare. Now I have had a picture of a gun pointed at my hagel viral it is a very. Very very scary and I'm not someone who scare easily and you feel very unsafe he's still crazy so I can't imagine going onto the floor. And being around someone who would used a picture of myself holding a dying next to them of course these people feel unsafe because it images of violent. We've got a real problem I don't know what the answer is I know that there's an argument the Democrats. Let's Republicans are powered Democrats are gonna start you know being taken off committees as well but. I don't know what to do about about this yet I'm very very disappointed that Kevin McCarthy could have handled internally among ourselves. He could he can't even take her off committees. I hope it's disgraceful if she had shot someone that someone had been in an actual congress present had been shot would he then though it do it I mean what is it what is the floor on this type of thing another interesting thing was that tab. Liz Cheney voted to keep her in her committee is always a good party girl and a. I don't think that she needs to be emboldened because she has the support of the Republican Party she has the support. A Republican leadership let's face it the reason that we have Marjorie Taylor green is that. She has the support she had the support of Jim Jordan she still has to support. Mark meadows Trump's chief of staff his wife raised money for or they suggested. That she Ron Kevin McCarthy made it very clear. That he was in her corner he says that this is a big tent party he opened up the dorm that rolled out the welcoming mat. Four or not only Marjorie Taylor Green but for her help he said very clearly that it's a bit tense. Party and so I know that Anna said you know I don't see her as a Republican. But she is one of the faces of the Republican Party now Kevin McCarthy made that clear if you believe in Q are not -- were welcome if you believe in trump isn't your welcome if you believe in if you're mad the person you're welcome if you love the confederate flag and love confederate statutes. You are welcome because we have room for you in this party and I think if you look at what's it was sixty. 61 votes to strip Liz Cheney of her chair yet only eleven votes to strip. Marjorie Taylor creek greed of her committee ship that's tells you all you need to know about the Republican Party today that's a fact.

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{"duration":"9:42","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts react to the House’s vote to remove Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committee assignments and her refusal to apologize publicly for past comments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"75711861","title":"House removes Greene from committees","url":"/theview/video/house-removes-greene-committees-75711861"}