Intel official says Russia wants Trump re-elected

“The View” co-hosts react to President Trump replacing the head of national intelligence after a briefing on Russian interference in the 2020 election.
5:55 | 02/21/20

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Transcript for Intel official says Russia wants Trump re-elected
So the Russians are at it again. U.S. Intelligence warnings that Russia is meddling in the 2020 election. Duh. And they want to keep trump in office. Double Duh. Apparently trump is really upset about this but not because of what the Russians are doing but because he's afraid Adam Schiff and the Democrats will use this oh yeah. This is his own intelligence community saying this. This is not some anti-Trump media talking about this. These are his people. So, should Democrats be his biggest concern, or should the Russians be his biggest concern, as if he didn't know. The Russians certainly aren't a big concern of his if they are helping him get elected like they already did. And this has not stopped, right? We have known since 2016, we've known since 2015. Obama knew and should have done more than he did that the Russians were meddling. We have not stopped hearing all the warnings this entire time from U.S. Intelligence agencies. Now, it is a damn shame and embarrassment that the president of the United States puts the word of the Russians and Vladimir Putin in front of the word of the U.S. Intelligence Right. That is unacceptable. And this weekend was compounded by him putting one of his loyalists with no intelligence experience as the director of -- Richard grenell. Of intelligence. Who was the ambassador to Germany. Also can I point out one thing, that the Republicans are complicit because last week the senate -- the Republican senate blocked three separate election security bills. So they don't want to help it either. No, the cyber security stuff they're vulnerable on. And the tragedy is of course when you think about classic Republican ideology in this country, I mean stalwart, good stuff, committed to America, they were the best at pointing out the kind of commies who were hiding under the bush, the red baiting, and they were staunchly conservative in defending this country against the incursions of people who would stand in the Kremlin to try to manipulate American politics. Now they're being invited in. You think about Obama. If Obama had had a white Russian drink in the oval office, he might have gotten impeached. Now you got a guy drinking with a white Russian and making all kind of strange sounds like Putin and it just seems to be something that is attractive and it's really prop attic and reflects poorly on Republicans and Democrats if we are an American culture invested in upholding a democratic value. That means we don't have cyber security jumping in, Russians -- Why does it reflect badly on Democrats? Well, because when you said that Obama should have stepped up a bit earlier to say this is what's going on, he was loathe to do so because he didn't want to have, what, his thumb on the scales so to speak. He didn't want it to look political. The reality is if you see something, say something, so both parties have to be held accountable but especially given the history and track record of Republicans who have red baited for years. I think one of the reasons why trump is also loathe to do anything is because everyone questions the legitimacy of his presidency, right? Because we know that Clinton, Hillary Clinton, got 3 million more popular votes. I've always questioned the legitimacy of his presidency because of Russian involved. Mueller said in 2016, he warned, I will close by reiterating the central allegation of our indictments, that there were multiple systemic efforts to interfere in our election. That allegation deserves the attention of every American. He warned us in 2016 and now we know it's 2020, it continues to happen. It's going to happen again during this election, and so, you know, the fact that trump not only put in grenell as his national intelligence director, he fired Mcguire, the one that was in place, because Mcguire told the house members that Russia was interfering and trump became angry at that. So rather than do something about it, he fired the person that sounded the alarm. Right. Yeah, yeah. Look, it doesn't take a political scientist to see that trump has a bizarre relationship with Putin. I think anyone that paid any attention to anything, Helsinki, the way he talks about Putin, I think most people and most classic Republicans like you said, Mr. Dyson, consider it very alarming because we are traditionally an America first party. I think where I get uncomfortable is now we have Bernie Sanders saying that it's Russian bots that are responsible for his Bernie bros and Twitter actually came out and said it's not, that you have a Bernie bro problem online and they're real people and not Bernie bots sent by Russia. I would implore all people to take, when you're using Russia politically in one way or another, to take it seriously and not just using to quite frankly have a copout for why you have a bunch of misogynistic followers on Twitter. As Russian dressing. Frankly, it could be both. It is Bernie bros, definitely Bernie bros, but it could actually be Russian bots. They actually came out and said it's not. The CEO of Twitter. Twitter doesn't have a very good record as far as I'm concerned and Facebook has an even worse record but what I do think is Bernie Sanders needs to take responsibility and be accountable for what he can do, and he needs to be able to do more because, look, you can say, yeah but trump gets away with that's true, but that's why we don't want trump and we expect better and we expect more from the people running against trump and that means they've got to be able to control the misogynistic attacks. The Russians have a motive to hurt Bernie too. It's divisive. It continues to divide Americans. He should be much more vigilant in saying this is not who I am. Those people that say they support me should not be doing this kind of thing because it reinforces that Bernie Sanders is the flip side of Donald Trump, who older white guys who are insensitive to racial

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"“The View” co-hosts react to President Trump replacing the head of national intelligence after a briefing on Russian interference in the 2020 election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"69129592","title":"Intel official says Russia wants Trump re-elected","url":"/theview/video/intel-official-russia-trump-elected-69129592"}