James Spader discusses the new season of ‘The Blacklist’

The actor dishes on his role in the series and if viewers will learn of his true identity.
3:50 | 10/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for James Spader discusses the new season of ‘The Blacklist’
Very good. Good for you. All right. So you tend to gravitate toward bad boy roles with a kinky edge. They graph Tate toward me. You play a guy who fetishizes car accidents in "Crash." Why do you think that is? A lot of other people turn them down. Really? They probably regret that Actually "Secretary" was one of those where I got a call from an agent and one of the agents that I work with, and he said, you know, there's this film "Secretary," and a lot of people have been turning it down. It's very provocative and sounded perfect to me, and -- and I read it. I thought -- yes. S&m is a very important part of the story, but to me it was just a lovely, funny love story. It was really a very sweet love story, I thought, and frankly I guess also an answer to your question, joy, films about things that you can sort of don't quite reach, you know, but, like, you're curious about, like, things in life or proclivities or -- Fetishes. Or fetishes or experiences that people have in life that are maybe out of your own reach or certainly haven't experienced them, but you might be curious about, or you might have no understanding for or comprehension for, but you can sort of see it. You can portray those. You can touch it. I like to grab hold of it and try it. And you do it well. Thank you. Like in "The blacklist." I love "The blacklist." I love you in it. Interestingly enough they're at my house scouting. The blacklist? Yeah. They may be blowing you have a car in my driveway. I know. It's in its seventh season. Thank you. Not many people will have us. If you want to blow up a car in the driveway, she has you. You played red Reddington longer than any other role in your career, but there are still questions about your true identity. Yes. Are we going to learn something new? You know, you'll learn when it's the right time. I mean, you learn -- It's been seven seasons. Yes, but the viewers learn a greadeal along the way, and -- but what you realize I think successfully on the show, the writers have crafted it in such a way that you learn something that provides certain satisfaction along the way, and then that may change, but it's only in service of a surprise or it's only in service of learning something else that's taking you in a different direction that ultimately is even more satisfying. There are a lot of twists and turns. It's not like seven years of dissatisfaction. It wouldn't survive that. St the very popular. It really has been a very deliberate and careful sort of parsing out of information at the right pace for us to be able to frankly stay on the air, and still be interesting and surprising and curious. And as you always are. There's never a dull moment watching you as an actor. I say that actor to actor. Never a dull moment. He's one of the best out there, and I'm so blessed. Thank you. Our thanks to James spader.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"The actor dishes on his role in the series and if viewers will learn of his true identity.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"66350461","title":"James Spader discusses the new season of ‘The Blacklist’","url":"/theview/video/james-spader-discusses-season-blacklist-66350461"}