Jeff Bezos accuses National Enquirer of extortion

"The View" co-hosts discuss claims made by the Amazon CEO.
8:11 | 02/08/19

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Transcript for Jeff Bezos accuses National Enquirer of extortion
here where she usually is. You know, some headlines really say it all, am I right? Oh, that's a good one. Bezos exposes pecker. Referring to Jeff bezos who is the Amazon genius. And "Washington post" owner, right? Yeah, yeah. And "Washington post" owner, that's right. He published a blog post claiming that the "National enquirer" which is run by David pecker over here tried to blackmail him by threatening to publish texts and photos that would expose his relationship with Lauren Sanchez. We have pictures of all of them so you can see who they are. So pecker says he's going to expose pictures of bezos' private pictures unless bezos agrees to make a false statement that he found no evidence that the enquirer was politically motivated to cover the story. Okay, why Arey so threatened by the fact that it was politically motivated? Well, trump hates bezos. He is constantly tweeting against bezos. Bezos owns "The Washington post." Remember, "The Washington post" columnist, reporter, Jamal khashoggi, was assassinated, chopped into little pieces by the Saudis. There is a Saudi connection also to this story. What's the Saudi connection? The Saudi -- The reporting that they were doing. The Saudi connection is that pecker was trying to get Saudi financing for his publications. INT they've got some weird Saudi -- the Saudi prince is wonderful out right now, published by Ami. And also, remember, pecker, Ami, is part of the investigation, the Mueller investigation. They have a deal -- Cooperating with Robert Mueller in this whole investigation. Because of the hush money payments to the catch and kill of the stories and hush money payments to the playboy bunny. Are you guys all following this story? It has nothing to do with what's going on with bezos. But all the players are the same. It's either a wild coincidence or there's something there. So we don't know what the coincidence is and we don't know what's there, but Jeff bezos certainly has enough money to find out. He's the richest person in the world. Yes. And so what I think is we don't know if it's truly extortion. We don if it's truly blackmail, but if anyone can find that out, it's Jeff bezos. That's what he said. He said if in my position I can't stand up to this kind of extortion, how many people can? So he's saying, lo this is bad for anyone to see my photos and texts but put that aside, I'm going to try and do this for the common good of other folks that are dealing with threats and dealing with blackmail the way I have. I think this is more common than we probably think. Ronan farrow came out saying that he had been threatened. Ronan farrow, I believe he's a pulitzer prize winning journalist at this point and he said that Ami had threatened him about his Karen Mcdougal story which was the other playboy playmate that president trump allegedly had a dalliance with. I think president trump is threatened by Jeff bezos for a litany of issues but if the best thing that you can get from Jeff bezos is that he had an affair and took penis pictures, that's not that salacious to me. I also think we're living in a culture where famous people Tak naked pictures, they jus do. They're all over the internet all the time. Everybody seems to be taking naked pictures. I don't just because my dad was in politics and it would have killed him in cancer hadn't. This is not the biggest scandal of our times and if trump wants to get bezos you have to do better than that. The richest man in the world who created Amazon, who created an online thing that is so incredibly successful doesn't understand thaou send pictures of your private parts out there it's going to end up on the internet. Is Mr. Happy that happy? Why would you oh. Every famous person -- They don't think with their brains sometimes. They think with Mr. Happy. Yes, that's right. That's the exact problem. Even the people that you expect the least, like Jeff bezos or people in politics that you think would know better or the richest man in the world -- Men will be men. But if you're Ami, why would you try to blackmail or extort the richest guy in the world? Like he is the one guy that can stand up to you. And Ami has an agreement with the government, with the southern district of New York, which says you cannot commit any other crimes because then you don't have an agreement. I'll tell you why they go after him, because they think theycan. They were so cocky as to put the extortion, the threat in writing, in detailed writing. Allegedly. What do you mean allegedly? Jeff bezos released all the e-mails which were absolutely explicit. So the reason they thought they could do it is I'm sure they've done it in the past. But we don't know that it's extortion or blackmail. The allegation is that the "National enquirer" and Ami are in the tank for trump and they are extoing Jeff bezos in theory,spiracy land, allegedly, on behalf of president trump. To break it down in the simplest form. T reason they're so upset is becauseshington post" goes after trump a lot and that's the connection to hating bezos, correct? Are they going T release these photos now? Is there going to be more revenge? Are you looking forward to this? I want to know for my sany that they will not be released but I don't know where this go does it end re? There are laws about this and, again, maybe because I was the most recent person T date, but like people send naked photos a lot. At what point is it revenge porn if they, in fact, were releasing his private and her private photos to one another. This is -- He shouldn't have done it. It's but it happened. But the suspicion, Ana, is bezos thinks that Lauren Sanchez's brother. The girlfriend. The girlfriend's ber released those pictures to the enquirer. That's what bezos said. She's sending nude photos Toher brother? Gavin debecker, the guy who's the bodyguard who looks into these things for famous and rich people -- I'm confused by this. He's they that bezos hired to lead the investigation. That's right. He believes it was a high level government official that released these pictures. So we don't know how they got the pictures This is a littloff topic but why do men think that their junk is so attractive? I know. That's what we were just talking about. Also, what woman wants that? Right? I haven't talked to one woman in my life that says that's what I like. Do you want to get those pictures? Why do men think that's what women want to receive. Oh I know, they do. Men are visual. They read playboy magazine. We don't look at that stuff. They send it to you, do they think you're going to be like, oh, and take a picture of you and send it to them? That is what they think. They would like that. I don't know, I don't mind it on occasion. Actually, this is not the end of it because extortion is a crime. If tmitted this crime, Jeff bezos is not going to let this go. They picked on the wrong billionaire. And the government is going ull the agreement. Anyway, let me say this. American media made the following statement recently. American media believes fervently tt it acted lawfully in the reporting of the story of Mr. Bezos. Further, at the time of the recent allegations made by Mr. Bezos, it was in good faith negotiations to resolve all matters with him. Nonetheless, in light of the allegations published by Mr. Bezos, the board convened and determined that it should promptly and thoroughly investigate the claims. Okay, we'll be right back

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