Jill Biden addresses Colorado school shooting

As a teacher, Biden weighs in on the deadly Colorado school shooting and her career as an educator.
3:43 | 05/08/19

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Transcript for Jill Biden addresses Colorado school shooting
Doctor Wright and I'm as a lifelong educator we were. Discussing in the break my mom is teachers well and yesterday there was another school shooting in Colorado. And I know it rocks every one so deeply but it also rocks. Teachers in it and it and it different way and I think. Why is this happening and and what is our path forward. I think we just have to do more about guns I mean we just have to get out there and you know as a teacher as a mother I mean I keep thinking upset. The young boy who saved the other children know that classmates jumped in which is selling credible and that one. The one boy Kendrick who who got shot I just. You know as a mother who's lost a child I mean I just think of his mother and what she's. What the rest of her life is going down have to be alike and I know. As a teacher and I know there are other teachers here I mean the first day in my classroom I have to say to my students. This is if there is a shooter this is what we do this is how you handle it I want you to get in your mind a path of escape. And I showed them the exits and how to get out and he's thinking that right now right today. How would you handle this shooter K that's off. And I can't remember Carroll wouldn't have been doing that when I was I know now we never had anything like and things militant elementary school kids have to go through this it's heartbreaking kindergartners yeah it's really got that all agents every shareholder one goes to yes you know I didn't I've heard from so many people went after sandy hook. If this the country couldn't make changes after. Losing all of those young kids are we ever get to a place where we can release all Joe's gonna work so hard at a Villa he is gonna work so. Here's a little bit. When US. Second lady now the hunt secondly I can't deny it down and I can say captain and the vice live yeah. That's a good night but so are you are actually working full time as a professor at Northern Virginia Community College with a blue shield him right I'm still there at nationals I'm I think. But so yeah breeding research papers says you know all day long I have to post my grades tomorrow self confident that the help I deadline yeah deadline yet exactly what you write that you know you didn't want to be called mrs. Biden you wanted your own life yes. What my Nicole misses by. Well you know mrs. Biden Lindsey think Joe's mom. Shuffle. And I have my doctorate so I was. Doctor B I told them and I set out said hi I'm Jill Biden becoming doctor V and it says they did they called me doctor B and so I have to tell you this is spike the funniest story is so they didn't really know that I was second lady I don't know you know they just they were focused on their lives their community college students are raising families there working their gun to school. Sell anyway it was may I was doing great conferences. And so a student comes in out woman and to get her grades and she said. There and see and I said yes she said I saw you last night on the television with my show how old. Bottom line. I'm like I'm. Not and I think my mother. This might steadier and her mother said that's not your English teacher at that the second lady. You may not all my students always knew and I put some watching today probably thought. I. Have a then the granted.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"As a teacher, Biden weighs in on the deadly Colorado school shooting and her career as an educator.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62910040","title":"Jill Biden addresses Colorado school shooting","url":"/theview/video/jill-biden-addresses-colorado-school-shooting-62910040"}