Joe Biden announces 2020 run

With former Vice President Biden's official announcement Thursday morning, "The View" co-hosts discuss if he is a front-runner over Trump and the Democratic Party.
6:45 | 04/25/19

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Transcript for Joe Biden announces 2020 run
After all these months of anticipation, the wait is over. Former vp Joe Biden announced he's running for president. We'll have a lot to talk about when he does his first interview here tomorrow. His campaign ad makes a powerful statement about you know who. Take a look. Charlottesville is also home to a defining moment for this nation in the last two years. It was there on August 2017 we saw clans men and white supremacist and neo-nazis come out in the open. A brave young woman lost her life. That's when we heard the words from the president of the united States that stunned the world and shocked the conscience of this nation. He said, quote, there were very fine people on both sides. Everything that has made America America is at stake. That's why today I'm announcing my candidacy for president of the United States. So right now -- The polls have him on top of the democratic field as well as the front runner to win the general election. It's very, very early in the game. What challenges is he facing? Before you go to that, I'm so touched -- I'm moved by that video that he did. I'm so old. I remember all of that. I remember. You know, our uncles were in Norman DI. Our fathers were on the beach. We were the good guys and now we're not. People look at this country in horror and say what happened to America? It breaks my heart. I love that he's doing it dash -- taking this tack. It's not just about policy right now. He'll get to that. America, look at this and say do we want this America back or don't we? That's what it's come down to. I thought he totally nailed it. When you think about announcement, even though we know Joe Biden, first impressions matters. We'll get to policy. But watching this it gave me chills throughout my entire body. It reminded me, joy, differently than you felt that there is still so much good in this Joe Biden represents that, his family represents that with their service. He's saying I'm here to sew this country back together. He said I'm here to win over the presidency. I can't wait for him to come tomorrow. On the basis of feeling, he completely nailed it. He nailed it. Even if you're a Republican you can't watch that and not feel good. Abby, you often say politics is about how someone makes you feel. I felt the same way when I saw the ad. I had tears in my eyes. It choked me up literally and I felt his message. When he said we at this moment in time are in a battle for the soul of our nation, for the soul of our nation, I felt those words in my soul. That's what I see. I see that there's so much hate and division and I believe that it comes from the top. I believe that we are hearing it from the white house. It does. That's right. I don't want to hear it anymore. He's setting the tone. Well, you know, we've lived through this before. We have lived through this. We learned from our mistakes as we all try to do. So for me I just want to get back to the conversation. How do we make the country better? You heard what I said to Kirsten Gillibrand yesterday. How do we get back a little piece? No one is perfect. None of our politicians are perfect. I want somebody I can depend on. That's not lying all the time. That I don't have to question or I don't go what is it going to be today? I don't want to hear it on Twitter. I want America back. I want the statue of liberty to stand there and put her hand out because whether you came to this country under the mayflower, on top of mayflower, next to the mayflower -- Or pulling the mayflower. We came here from somewhere else. People were never afraid to come here. They were never afraid. I worry a little bit a lot of damage has done already. Mcconnell has installed all these extreme white guy judges that are going to be there for life. The supreme court is loaded. This is how we started out. We started out with that very visual. We moved the fingers forward. We see more women are in. More people of color. More gay folks, straight folks, this is now becoming the melting pot in Washington. Yeah, after the midterms. We've been through harder times. We've been through tough times in -- We never had a president this bad. No, but black people have lived under -- Horror. I know. This is not new. We know how to deal with this. We know how to clean the air up. We've done it. We got the water clean. We got black lung gone. We got rid of measles. We know how to do this. They're trying to undo all of that. Don't lose sight that we have done this before. We Americans have done this. Has it always been what we wanted the way we wanted it? No. But we can do it again. We can do it again. Joe is doing his first enter venterview on "The view" tomorrow.

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{"duration":"6:45","description":"With former Vice President Biden's official announcement Thursday morning, \"The View\" co-hosts discuss if he is a front-runner over Trump and the Democratic Party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62630985","title":"Joe Biden announces 2020 run","url":"/theview/video/joe-biden-announces-2020-run-62630985"}