Joe Biden talks running for president and who he believes would be a strong candidate

Biden discussed whether he will run for the presidency.
5:41 | 12/13/17

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Transcript for Joe Biden talks running for president and who he believes would be a strong candidate
So, you know, Mr. Vice president, I'm very respectful of you. I feel like calling you Joe. Call me Joe. What the hell. Sara Palin called me Joe. Did she? She can see your house from her porch. Both your sons hunter and beau wanted you to run for presidency in the last election. You've said if beau hadn't gotten sick you would have. Do you regret not running? No, I don't. It was the right thing for my family. Beau wanted me to run and hunt and Ashley. When beau passed, hunt called a family meeting and said we Bidens do better under pressure. Whief don't we use this as a way to rally and stick together and fight this. About August I sad, okay, I'll go look at it. I went out to go to the mayor of Denver who is a great friend and wanted me to run. I landed at Buckley air force base. I got off the plane. To make a long story not so long there was a whole group of military line. I have went over to shake hands and tell them how much I appreciated them. I thought I was doing fine. One guy from the back yelled. Major beau Biden sir. Served with him in Iraq. Follow him anywhere, sir. I felt like I got punched in the gut. I thought I was okay. Then I realized no one should run for president if they can't give you their whole heart and soul. I don't regret the decision. I regret the outcome. I did 83 major campaign events for Hillary. Anyway, but for 72,000 votes. Anyway. I don't want to get ahead of things. We're not going to take that as the final answer. We'll talk 2020. You said you weren't going to close the door on running. What will make you decide to go for it? Look, I'm too much a respecter of fate in my life. I have no intention. I've done nothing at all to put together any kind of operation to run and, as I said, as most of you've guys know no one ever doubts with me what I say. The problem is I say what I mean. If I were offered the nomination by the lord all mighty today I would say no because the family is not ready. If a year from now, we're ready, I may do it. I'm being honest. You're in the moment. I would vote for you today. Yeah. Even Meghan I think would vote for you. Yes. Okay. So if you decide not to run, do you see anybody on the horizon who we should be looking at? Can't you just do it? Look -- I'll run next to you, not run with you. I'm in. Next to you. I'll be your vice president. Who's on the ticket? Who is on the ticket? What I remind people of 18 months before Bill Clinton won, no one knew about Bill Clinton. 18 months before no one knew Barack. There's talented people in our party. So we'll see. Look, I'm not trying to be falsely humble. I think I'm qualified to be president. I think things out there are in my wheel house, foreign policy, bringing people together. I think people are looking for something. Do you think a woman should run? I don't think a woman should not run. Yeah. By the way, there are a number of qualified women out there. I campaigned like the devil for the new senator from californi California,. Why has there never been a blended ticket? Why haven't we been able to have a Republican and Democrat run to take care of the country? Am I crazy? No. I don't think you're crazy. The reason why it's not in the cards right now -- Well not now. Or for a while is, you know, there's reason why in the past why you become a Democrat or Republican, what you believe. A blended ticket doesn't work if they don't both agree on the need for health care or a tax cut that helps corporations. I mean, the flip side of it. Yeah. That's the reason. There's a number of people who are really totally qualified. If you notice, that's what we tried to do who we brought into our administration. Yes. Guys like -- anyway. It's not practical really. I don't know. It wouldn't work. They would be fighting with each other. Joe Biden is sticking around. We'll be right back.

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{"id":51772845,"title":"Joe Biden talks running for president and who he believes would be a strong candidate","duration":"5:41","description":"Biden discussed whether he will run for the presidency.","url":"/theview/video/joe-biden-talks-running-president-believes-strong-candidate-51772845","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}