Josh Gad shares the concept behind Olaf’s existential crisis in ‘Frozen 2’

The actor opens up about how his daughter inspired his role for Olaf in the “Frozen” sequel and his new shows “Avenue 5” and “Central Park.”
5:51 | 01/16/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Josh Gad shares the concept behind Olaf’s existential crisis in ‘Frozen 2’
Congratulations are in order because "Frozen II" has officially become the highest grossing animated movie of all time. Wow. More than Cinderella? Cinderella came out in the 1950s. It had all that time to make money though. Yes. I don't think our competition was primarily Cinderella. I could be mistaken. "Toy story". "Toy story" is up there. One of the songs was just nominated for an Oscar but the film itself was not for some reason, so fans are outraged. They're outraged. Is this a question or do you want me to start screaming at the camera. You know what, here's the thing. All of the movies honestly deserve to be nominated that were nominated. For me it's disappointing because I know the amount of work that this incredible team put behind this. People have been working on this film for three years, and I know that the fans and the outpouring that we've seen prove that the movie is a worthy followup to the original and we're honored that so many people are loving it. That's never the reason they give an Oscar, how much work went into it. No, you're right. Damn you! I absolutely love "Frozen," and I'm sure you channel your children. You've got two daughters. Yes. When you play olaf. Yes. I have three kids and I now realize how lucky we had it when we were babies and children, how often I'd be happy to have a nap. Your daughter is nine and five. There's an adorable photo that you posted recently where she's smarter than all of us and realizes at a young age just how lucky she has this. Can we play this? But why will I not ever be a kid anymore? You're going to be a kid for so long. You have lots and lots of time to be a kid. Do you miss being a kid too? I sometimes miss being a kid but I really like being a grownup because I get to drive you to piano like we did today. When will I become a nanny? That's funny. Most kids have the opposite. They say when am I going to be a grownup. She's like Peter pan. Every time I see it I start crying. But she -- it was -- it's one of those moments that I think we all have as a kid where we're like, we want to be young forever. Does that inspire any of your role? It did, it did. I actually shared that video at the beginning of "Frozen II." Oh god. With the team and I -- I said I would love olaf to sort of have this existential journey where he's starting to grow and mature and starting to ask those questions of why can't things always stay the same, why do they have to change. I think it plays out in the film but it's such a touching moment and that's just nannying at its best right there. Our old nanny, Sarah, just did an amazing job of communicating those thoughts. Adorable. Very sweet. Your new show, "Avenue 5" is from the creator of "Veep," and it takes place 40 years in the future when space tourism is a thing. You describe it as "Lord of the flies in space." Love that. What do you mean by that? Our first episode is basically act three of "Titanic" and things go from bad to worse to unthinkable. Your wig is so good. Well, the whole concept for the wig was I based the character on the evolution of the 21st century entrepreneur, people like Billy Mcfarland, Elizabeth Holmes, the woman behind theranos. There's a story about Elizabeth Holmes about how she always wore these mock turtdle necks to invoke the feeling of Steve jobs. I thought my character should honor Richard Branson and have his hair since that was his idol. It's good. It's good. Nailed it. It's good. You channel it quite well. And this is not the first time you've done the blonde hair thing, right? This is not the first time. Because "The view," we find There you go. Like a boy band there. Like eminem, Billy idol. That's at that time that Marshall Mathers was very popular. I was channelling eminem. I can no longer channel eminem. Now I channel m&ms. But yeah, that was quite a look, and I apologize to everyone for that look. It was the '90s. You have another new show. It's "Central park". Yes. Tell us about that. You're busy. This is one I'm really proud of as well. It's set up at apple. It's an animated series that I co-created with the person who created "Bob's burgers" and the cast is insane. Leslie Odom Jr. And David Diggs from "Hamilton." It's got Kristen bell, tituss burgess and me and it will be coming to apple TV soon. Get ready, it's a game changer. But first watch "Avenue 5" this Sunday on HBO. Wow. Busy, busy, busy. Got to plug it. Yeah. I was like, I'm going to get in trouble from HBO if I start talking about my other show. Thank you so much for coming, Josh, really. You're like the nicest man in the industry. Our thanks to Josh gad. "Avenue 5" premieres Sunday night on HBO. Everybody better watch it.

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"The actor opens up about how his daughter inspired his role for Olaf in the “Frozen” sequel and his new shows “Avenue 5” and “Central Park.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"68332008","title":"Josh Gad shares the concept behind Olaf’s existential crisis in ‘Frozen 2’","url":"/theview/video/josh-gad-shares-concept-olafs-existential-crisis-frozen-68332008"}