Josh Groban opens up about how he handled his anxiety

The Grammy-nominated artist dishes about his Radio City Music Hall residency and how he got his start in music.
4:33 | 12/05/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Josh Groban opens up about how he handled his anxiety
And we never doubted. Yes. How old were you when David foster -- because that's how I met you. I remember. You were a little kid. We go way back. We do. I was 16 years old. My voice changed at 13 1/2, and David foster, 16-time grammy winning brilliant producer, he has produced so many of the vocalists I want to listen torks and when he said, hey, kid, I like what you do, that's an incredible thing, and I was still a kid myself. I had, like, 3 1/2 years of singing in front of audiences which were basically my parents. Right. Right. Before he said, hey. I need you at the grammys or hey, I need you at this incredible event, or I need you to sing this that's way harder. How old were you? I was 16. Were you scared? I was terrified. But not on stage. You might have felt it, but when you got up and opened your mouth, it was like I know what I'm doing Fake it till you make it. That's it. I was a student and a professional at the same time. I was terrified and full of self-doubt. When I talk to students and people coming up, I say, you seem so poised. I was dying on the inside. You might have felt that what you were listening. In my ears, I'm going, you suck. What are you doing? That was important. The talented feel insecure about their work. I put in my hours, and the nerves are now energy. You know how to work it out. I want to get out there and control this rather than I'm going to get out there, and I don't know what's going to happen. We know what's going to happen because you got a residency at radio city music hall. Yeah, I'm excited. I'm really excited. That's great. There I am welcoming you. Please, join me. Tell us about it. Tell us about it. There are three lights behind that door. How many takes did you have to do? A lot actually. It's a very cheesy pose. I was, like, not that one. That's been a good luck venue for me for a long time. My first concerts in New York, and I got to co-host the tonies. It's large, but you can make it intimate. For those of you who come to my shows in the past, the most important moments are the ones you don't expect. They made the huge mistake, or gave me the huge honor of giving me the venue to sing stuff I have never done, sing stuff people love, and have duet partners and we have been filming around New York getting stuff ready. That sounds great. We have got three, and they're sold out. You have an announcement, right? I have been so overwhelmed by the response to this. I didn't know if we would even sell one because it's such a zany idea, but we're releasing a fourth show today. Wow. Wonderful. That will be in September. You know what I thought was great is you opened up recently about your struggles with anxiety and depression. Sure. You even wrote a song about it, "River." "River." Yeah. You said you were really hesitant to reveal that part of yourself. Why? It goes back to that kid and I think a lot of people saw a really poised, professional kid singing for a much older audience, and inside I was dealing with tons of doubt and anxiety, and I have been battling depression since I was a kid, and now in the public eye, there's a pressure to keep the filter and the hashtag everything has to be perfect, and you're always swiping and you have to say, I have to present the best side of myself. This is business. When you write a song that represents the not so great sides, and the things that have held you back and the things that have cause those darker moments in your life, yes, of course, you look at it in hindsight, and you say, you're reaching out, but the responses I have gotten to a song like "River," and not just on social media, but at a meet and greet. Like someone I don't expect. In 20 seconds, that advice you would give to the 16-year-old looking at you thinking, I wish I could be that one day? It was good to keep my head down, and stay humble, and not get involved in the hype of it all. Be kind to others, and be Kinder to myself. Stop and just enjoy. Slow down time and take in those moments because it happens very, very quickly. So fast.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"The Grammy-nominated artist dishes about his Radio City Music Hall residency and how he got his start in music.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67523904","title":"Josh Groban opens up about how he handled his anxiety","url":"/theview/video/josh-groban-opens-handled-anxiety-67523904"}