Josh Groban shares how recording album 'Harmony' amid pandemic was therapeutic

The global superstar made sure fans felt the love on Valentine's Day with his streaming concert, and he tells "The View" how he's delivering more with the release of the deluxe edition of his album.
6:58 | 02/15/21

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Transcript for Josh Groban shares how recording album 'Harmony' amid pandemic was therapeutic
and amazing Josh groban. Hello, Josh groban. Hello. Hi, whoopi. Hi, everybody. Thanks for having me. Now this time last year you were performing at radio city music hall, and this time Valentine's days a little bit different, but you still found a way to put on a show for folks at home. Tell us about this, please. I mean, talk about a juxtaposition. This time last year we were, of course, as you mentioned at the iconic radio city music hall. It was a wild and fun and enormous night for all of us. We had 6,000, you know, couples in the audience. Yeah. And, you know, Dr. Ruth. It was really a lot of fun. So many songs, and this year of course, you know, we're all trying to connect in every way that we can, and in some ways, it feels even more necessary to do concerts when people are feeling so isolated, so alone, especially on days like Valentine's day to be able to sing these songs that I have loved so much, is both therapeutic for me and hopefully for those that are watching as And music is such a connecting force. Yesterday was Valentine's day, and your music has been the romantic sound track to more than a few couples' relationships. Some fans have even gotten engaged during your concerts. True. Do you enjoy being this involved in their love lives? Oh, it's a really fun surprise when you are doing a this is one of many things I miss about the live shows, is sometimes people will just stop your show and get down on one knee, and just propose in the aisle or, you know, people will say they met at a meet and greet and then they'll show you, you know, the next concert, they'll show you their little baby. Little joshy. Joshy junior. Exactly. No, it's true. So many people have met -- when you do this for, you know, 20 years, you wind up hearing so many incredible stories of people that have connected and met through the concerts and through, you know, even online, though messageboards and things like that. So that's a really cool part of what I do. Now you've said you're a romantic at heart. Do you ever, like, set the mood with your own music, like, tap it on and be, like, oh? You wake me up Absolutely not. No. I could think of nothing worse. I, you know, I'm very lucky that I get to sing to express myself. It's far easier for me to express myself through music than it is through speaking. That said, I think that if you are lucky enough to be in this business and have music, it should be an unwritten rule that you don't use your own music to set the tone unless you're Kanye maybe. I feel like there are certain people that can probably get away with it and love it. I am not one of those people. I need to -- need to think of music very, very people. You're fine. Use someone else's music. Always. That's always a great idea. Yeah, but who? But who? Now you've got us thinking who? Who do you listen to when you are in that mood? Come on. Oh, well -- I mean, I listen to, you know, jazz. I listen to, you know, I feel like people like Tony Bennett are incredible. Also bands in the '90s, I feel like there were great bands in the '90s like radio head and all the bands with head at the end of it were good. I say, yeah. I would go to the next question. Let's move on. Go ahead, joy. All right. By the way, Sara is having an out of body experience because you look like her husband so just ignore her. You're about to release a new deluxe edition of your album "Harmony" which you mostly recorded during the pandemic. It's a mix of classic and original songs that you say were therapeutic for you. So tell us about that. You know, it's a stressful thing to take on classic songs because, you know, in some ways, it's even more nerve-racking because these are songs that people have loved for so many decades, and they have been the sound track to our lives and you think to yourself, what can I possibly add to this group of incredible songs, but these are songs that felt very, very relevant. Sometimes 40, 50, 60 years old, and they felt just absolutely fresh and so much fun and beautiful to sing, and we had so many songs that we wanted to sing that didn't make it on the original release of this album that we wanted to -- we wanted to rerelease it as a deluxe and put even more songs on it as so -- so there's just -- there's just so many classic covers that I wanted to do. Fans have requested. Some we've tried out on stage a couple of times on tour, and like I said, it's a good time for people to have these songs because they mean a lot. You know, Josh, I watched the David foster documentary, and one of the best parts in it is your start when you get your start opening up the grammys I believe with Celine Dion. I'm a huge fan of both of yours. What was it about that time, and was it weird to see it revisited in that documentary? Yeah. I thought it was a really, really good documentary. I've known David for, you know, my entire adult life, and I was it was a really great and honest portrayal of David the human being, and also David the genius, and I was so fortunate at that young age to -- to have been mentored and to have been discovered by him. He's discovered so many singers that I love to listen to. Celine of course being somebody he's worked with a lot. As a kid being taken onto the grammy stage, nothing can prepare you for being shot out of the cannon like that, and you say it to yourself, take it note by note. Try to get through it and try not to shake too much, and then go back to history class, and I, you know, I went from the grammy stage right back into my dad's car and I went right back to class. I thought, well, this will be something to tell my kids and grandkids about someday, but I was never expecting it would lead to anything. So sometimes you just don't know when that door swings open. That's right. Well, Josh, you know that it's quite amazing when you look back really at the length of your relationship with him and all of the things from hearing about you as a little kid which is when I first heard about you when you were a little, little kid. I know. I know, whoopi. We go way back. Yeah. We go way, way back, and it just -- I just always think how smart he was to hear what you would be, you know, in your future, and it's just magnificent to see you today, and hear you talk, and I have to tell people that the brand-new deluxe album "Harmony" will be available on February 26th, and for more information on how to get tickets to his latest livestream concert, "A night in with Josh groban," you can go to our website. Go to our website, and we'll tell you everything. We know everything. Good to see you, Josh groban. Thank you so much for the kindness. Always a pleasure. Announcer: Sherri shepherd a

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{"duration":"6:58","description":"The global superstar made sure fans felt the love on Valentine's Day with his streaming concert, and he tells \"The View\" how he's delivering more with the release of the deluxe edition of his album.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"75908415","title":"Josh Groban shares how recording album 'Harmony' amid pandemic was therapeutic ","url":"/theview/video/josh-groban-shares-recording-album-harmony-amid-pandemic-75908415"}