Joy Behar celebrates 20 years as co-host of 'The View'

The longtime co-host celebrated the milestone with the help of Meredith Vieira, Gloria Steinem, April Ryan, Brian Stelter, Susie Essman, Ann Coulter and Sarah Silverman.
9:32 | 11/29/18

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Transcript for Joy Behar celebrates 20 years as co-host of 'The View'
Downy Unstopables ??? ??? So, many congratulations to our friend, joy Behar, who just hit the historic 20-year milestone on "The view." Yes. Wait, god bless and keep you. That's the copy? God bless and keep you. God bless and keep you. All right. Did you write that, joy? No. ??? God bless and keep you ??? We asked her what the ride has been like so far, and with some help from her friends and people who know her best. Check it out. ??? ??? I love that top. On a show like this, you can say whatever you want. Being a talk show host comes naturally to me because I'm a natural blabbermouth. I grew up in a ten ameant. My parents are working class people. I was never told in my family to shut up, and I took them quite seriously, not literally but seriously. I was successful late in life. I mean, I did not start my career in showbiz until I was about 39. This is a show that I have always wanted to do. The original audition for "The view" was held in a hotel room and the first team of people were me, Debbie mat Nop lis, Meredith Vieira and star Jones. Barbara was watching us through the see-through mirror or something like they have on law and order. Let's talk about the oscars. Speaking of plastic surgery? In a way it does. It's like the night of 100 scars, okay? Barbara to me is LE a magician. We just clicked immediately. It's very hard to create and spark and she did it. My name is joy Behar. You're learning much more about her in the years to come. Barbara Walters was the draw because I was poised to be in a sitcom and other things were happening for me at that time and then I got a call for this job. The other jobs paid a lot more so you would think I would take those but I didn't because I thought Barbara Walters is not going to have a stupid show. ??? Let's go crazy ??? In the early years they had me jumping through hoops on this show. I had to go out west and ride a horse. Whoopi pushed me up a pole one time. I did line dancing in Texas. They had me doing all sorts of crazy stuff. You know, she's sort of this I don't give a damn type of person which is ironic because she does give a damn about everything except how people perceive her. You know that she's honest about herself and honest about you. She's not going to sell you out for a laugh. Joy is consistent in what she does and who she is. She doesn't mince words, and that's the great thing about her. That was total bs and you know it. You're too smart not to know that. She makes you know what she feels. That makes me mad. And she will challenge you if you come at her again. And she will win. She will win. Why not just find another person who had none of this ambiguity? There are many judges out there who are quite capable of job. I basically talk to everybody the same way. I don't talk to presidents different from what I talk to gamade Angela. Who is that? She's an old Italian lady I grew up with. She's dead now. What's the controversial sex book on millions of women's bedside tables? He doesn't know that. I don't know it. Okay, next. I'll ask Michelle when I get home. Joy is the person that says what almost everybody else is thinking but might be afraid to say. Right here you're being delusional. No, I'm not. I'm not being delusional. Is the media supposed to not report on the fact that 95% of what he says is a lie? I love to have a politician in the hot seat. I've met you before. You've always been charming. "Meet the press" is easy. You guys are tough. She was asking me my ESPN. This is called "The view" so we all give our opinions here. People forget that she's a comedian and she's get in trouble for stuff and it's just like, she's a comedian, leave her alone, she's just being funny. We're just comedians. I don't go to horror movies. After this election I've had enough nightmares. We see things in a twisted, comedic way and it's not always politically correct. Just say I am not a crook, do it. You have the hair for it and everything. Come on. Do it like this, I am not a crook. Come on. I have something for you. My birth certificate. Ah. Thank you. You opened it, then you closed it. Then you opened it, then you closed it. Is it fair to say you suffer from premature interpretation. I like sparring with joy because I know she isn't going to get angry with me. What do you think? I think it's very healthy to have debates with joy, to have Republicans having debates with joy, particularly this Republican. I'm a little disappointed with the congressional Republicans. She's kidding, she's a comedian. No, I totally doochlt. The thing with O'Reilly was very unusual. I have not walked off on shows. I don't do that, but that particular day he was really, really being an . You agree? No, I'm an American. Let me break this to you. He was just saying things that were completely not true, and he wouldn't really let you argue with him. What are you talking about. -- On 9/11. No! Oh, my god! I suddenly felt my body rising from my chair. It was like not a conscious thing. I almost felt like I can't sit here and I just walked off and whoopi did. I said come on, whoopi, and she followed me and we left. Joy's going to tell it like it is and she's going to tell the truth. If you don't like it, fine, but you know it's going to be her truth. A mime is my ideal lover, a mime. With joy you're getting the real person. She tells the story of her life through the show, warts and all. My father totally ignored me so let's move on. That's why she's had such an incredible career on the program. When I was young and I was a virgin I wanted to make it special, it wasn't that friggin special. She's smart. She's easy on the eyes. She carries a bold lip like no one I've ever seen. I can disagree with Meghan. It doesn't mean I want to sleep with her. That's the thing, yeah. She allows us to know that we can be our own, authentic, funny, smart people. Joy has certainly moved the needle on feminism by being herself, by being on camera, by representing honesty. She has been very much a part of the advancement. For me she's been an amazing role model. She's like the Joan of arc in spanx, you know. I see her as this woman who's just fierce. She's very funny. She is a comedian first. Joy is the only woman that I kiss where I could have gone back for more. Very soft lips, very come hither. She's just always been supportive. Like, I don't think she's ever called me toots, but I feel like she's called my toots. Does that make sense at all? Welcome back. 20 years did not go by that fast. Usually when you're enjoying yourself which I have been, it goes by like that. This one didn't. Why is that? I've met presidents, movie stars, musicians. I've sung songs with Carly Simon. ??? You're so vain ??? I've met all these people and that's why it didn't go by that fast. It's incredible really and I'm very thankful for that. Have a good weekend, take a little time to enjoy the view. Bye. It's a wrap. Thank you, joy. Good-bye. Thank you. Well that's -- that's something. I have to thank robin Hamel. She's like the Ken burns of "The view." So good. That was like a documentary. And it's interesting that I've met all those people, that I've been here. It's true when I said it didn't go by fast. The past 20 years feel like 40 years for some reason. Is that good or bad? Because it's been interesting. It depends on the day. Some days it goes by way too fast and some days it crawls by. I remember during my 20s when I had nothing going on. I was just married. And you know, I'd have a little job or something and I'd come home. Those years went by fast because there was nothing in the day. So the secret to aging, I think, and being happy is that you fill the days up with a lot of stuff that you love, and then you're okay. Otherwise it feels like, you know -- I know you're being deep and truthful right now because you think it's done. It's not done? That's enough. We have a lot more celebrating for madam Behar when we come back.

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{"duration":"9:32","description":"The longtime co-host celebrated the milestone with the help of Meredith Vieira, Gloria Steinem, April Ryan, Brian Stelter, Susie Essman, Ann Coulter and Sarah Silverman.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"59500097","title":"Joy Behar celebrates 20 years as co-host of 'The View'","url":"/theview/video/joy-behar-celebrates-20-years-host-view-59500097"}