Kamala Harris exits 2020 race

“The View” co-hosts react to the California senator suspending her campaign and discuss what her next move could be.
8:42 | 12/04/19

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Transcript for Kamala Harris exits 2020 race
So the democratic playing field just lost another candidate senator come Mala Connell a Harris. Announced she is suspending her campaign in his which is said about it. It is with deep regret but also with deep gratitude that I am suspending our campaign today. But I want to be clear with you I am still very much in this fight and I will keep fighting every day. For what this campaign has been about. Justice for the people. All the people. So some people say she could never land on a consistent message that struck with voters. What do you think went wrong here. With she was tipped him any money that was one that than she said that she wasn't she got enough money to stay end. Back and monies that engine of the campaign so if you don't have money you can't keep going but I think the that the money part sort of a symptom of bigger problems I knew was dead in the water when that resignation letter came out the New York Times apiece on her left flailing campaign. And an aide to act the scent of resignation later saying this is my third presidential campaign I've never seen organization treated staff so poorly. I think he treated her staff were apparently according to discuss a topic that worked in her campaign and that that there were leadership problems might be easy she was her I didn't. Think she connected to voters as well she's good at that moment I brought some gifts that moment in the debates where she went after Joseph Biden. She thought that was her big moment in a lot of the media topic that is being a big moment for I thought that just totally fell flat. And if anything it did the opposite of what she was hoping it would not dead eventually Apple's little help I'm not surprised at all by this frankly do not when your home state you brought shouldn't be when the president. They didn't fall flat. For me I think she spoke to a lot of the issues. That matter to me. I was disappointed actually that she. Dropped out and had to suspend her campaign and I I think that it you know there's no question that there are obviously problems with her. Campaign I think there are obviously financial problems but I don't think you can look at bats. Without also looking at the fact that as a woman of color. She also faced unprecedented sexism. Compounded by racism. As well as as a a female candidate of color and I think it's just surprising that there are people that are still in the race. I'm facing. Issues. There are still in the race because if you look at my ruling. For example a neon Klobuchar we have her on our show just this week she's pulling lower than Kabul Harris and she's a former prosecutor. So how do you explain that why she's still they aren't and Connell is not I I I I I was heard a statistical numbers our trending upwards and homelessness traveled to hobby actually it was that if it actually but if you look at if you look at the polling I thought it was all your everyday it was just has done yesterday Koppel. Hat 5% of the vote in national poll. It putter in sixth place any cult Klobuchar and Tulsa Gabbert had 2%. The poll had Andrew Yang at 4%. Even today. There's a poll that has her had Harris at 6% she's been steady actually not trending downward. And you know I like Sony are at less money by Amy and what does that deceit and lies for money if I finish please she may be there have left gram negative Natalie speaking but that's fine. Does she have less money then Amy then a concert and it would and a does. Also just point out one other point that. Against what you are making this country voted in a black president for two terms and then Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and to say this country has not proven. The opposite of what you're saying I think this is factually wrong. Wheeling overhead there's something in the balcony near sic pandas say you know what may be its meat may be kind struggling to connect the voters maybe I am not giving them what they want to hear. Well actually. Abby I I think that there's there's just no question. That we did have a black president twice and an eye I think that's wonderful but I think the election of president trump is. Is it may prove my point. It may prove my point because we're in a very divisive. Please I assure you when your enemy when you how a lot of trumpet of the fact that trump is it could be reaction to a black president yes think that's that's that's the point I think that's. Far fetched really get really I. No I think it's comes back if you're on the democratic side to run for president I think you have one thing you're supposed to do that is convinced the voters to vote for you. I think that is what a continuance to Wyatt I'm not sure got a lump has to do with two point sunny all of the front runners have one thing in common they all white yes. So. You get everybody says that you cannot get that democratic nomination without the black vote now. So what's gonna happen to the Democrats now that we have a little white faces up there well a life. Think when you when you look behind the numbers for black voters one of the things that that it is going on is that black voters think that there was a back up. I once before all black voters but and looking at the statistics and looking at some of the reporting. Black voters don't think of that someone like Koppel Harris had a good chance. Of electability had a good chance of winning and I have ice there are some people note is there nodding. And so the fact that there could be a Joseph Biden there could be Elizabeth Warren that there there could be a piece -- judge they think that that person. More electable night's final Harry what is Edmonton. Will act when I'm gonna say as probably unpopular. You know what I honestly I I grew up on campaigns literally laid out mother was pregnant with me at 84 convention with ray again and a lot of this has to do with ground game. And she ran a really bad campaign she started out calm and I was talking about trending as she. Opens up huge 20000 people at inner homes stayed in her hometown cheating credible and the first aids she had a lot of trending upwards and then she really stumbled. When it came to her messaging and we came to her record prosecutorial leaks. And when it came to her attack on Joseph Biden and she seemed to flounder are eight in the moment in a debate where at Tulsa Gabbert asked her about. Her record on people being put into jail for smoking marijuana at. And I thought she was a very formidable candidate by most political analysts she was a frontrunner for along yeah I was really all I affair and primary politics and I think what this shows me. Is date that we in the media can talk about identity politics ultimate long. But when it comes down to primary voters it's who resonate and I don't concede the fact that all black people are one monolithic unit that vote one way. It just isn't the fact black people when sacked Carolina gonna vote differently in backpack people in California and by the way white people women it's utter rot. And I think that's the problem and to me she ran a campaign for the media and for Twitter so much more than she ran a campaign for the base and I do think. Killing four words for whomever is chosen I actually thought her getting out so early and doing it any way that I thought was very classy with her video that she made. I actually think she's running for VP right now that was women like myself I think. I should make it. A pretty interesting one I think so I binge she saw the forest for the trees and by the way the campaign staff that wrote they gave those off the record and is the New York Times over Thanksgiving that is it dirty lowdown thing to do you do not attack your principal. Over Thanksgiving weekend. Campaigns are and that's they are it was a wonderful person as no it's not it was if you wait your and that's a little more than Dina vick's attorney wells and Arianna by John Martin him and who is eight incredible political reporter and when you have a Thanksgiving break model where your campaign is flailing as a woman was that this person I have -- that was one senator said a very popular in her home state doing as well she was in her home state. Add at its popularity I think I think she's going under. Under Andrew Yang statistically when it comes to primaries but what I will say is that. I think they should take culpability for this office staffers who I get that message to them that if they are dirty and I did you one of those staffers actually is is working for Michael Bloomberg now and and and that sad is that sabotage had that is something they're interested. I actually think the Kabul Harris would make a great attorney general. I I I. I was I didn't have a lot of I think that Lazio I'm out of here is for but I can connect but I button bury the hatchet because she did turn on him in the initial thought Tibet. I people did not like it and I don't think he liked it do you think that he could pick current hurt his candidate waist size is president. If he gets some relation has executed this yesterday it I think they will consider but paying in comparison to what some of the other candidates are doing like. Tom Dyer and Castro which I just think are completely tasteless fluid a bear running their campaigns I think the way that she did it right now what. It is again it is it classy way to access to the campaign and it's also looking forward if she's not BP it this way is someone who is deaf I don't have a press aren't finally we also got the in his response to gas or anybody's unless you can bet you can happen.

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