Kamala Harris grills DHS Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen on Trump's reported 's---hole' remark

"The View" co-hosts discuss Nielsen's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
3:18 | 01/17/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kamala Harris grills DHS Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen on Trump's reported 's---hole' remark
Homeland security kirstjen Nielsen was grilled by the senate about what was said at the immigration meeting. She was asked about reports of you know who and how he felt about immigrants from Norway rather than places like Haiti and Africa. Take a look. What does he mean when he says he wants more immigrants from Norway? I don't believe he said that specifically. What he was saying was he was using Norway as an example of a country that is what he was specifically referring to was the prime minister were telling him the people of Norway work very hard. Norway is a predominantly white country, isn't it? I -- I do not know that, sir, but I imagine that is the case. I -- I -- ah! The senator brought up the most troubling part of all this when she took the Mike. Take a look. You run the department of homeland security and when you say you don't know if Norway is predominantly white when asked by a member of the United States senate, that causes me concern about your ability to understand the scope of your responsibilities. And the impact of your words much less the policies that you promulgate in that very important department. You go, girl! Wonderful. I mean, you kind of have to know that there might not be a lot of black people or people of color in Norway because he wasn't inviting them to come. You see, if there had been a lot of people in Cole or in Norway he probably would have put those in the other basket. You know that people in China are Asian? Does she realize that. She's a liar obviously. It's not she doesn't know people are white in Norway. She's a liar. It's like her boss. I was really struck by her sort of juvenile temperament. This is a woman rolling her eyes at senator booker who said your silence and your amnesia is complicity and I agree. She was testifying under oath before the senate judiciary committee and she didn't recall the words that were used from her commander in chief. That was striking to me. And the words matter but so does the idea that's underneath the words. And the fact we're talking about real people's lives. Just in the last few days there was an immigrant who was deported to Mexico. This is a 39-year-old man who has lived in the United States for the last 30 years. Tonight I get to go home to my daughter. His U.S. Citizen children are going to bed tonight without their dad. That can't be the type of country we live in. He has four children and he was deported to Mexico. They also did not -- he didn't meet the age criteria for DACA. Because he was too old. But the point is he's never lived in Mexico in his mind. No. He doesn't know anything about them but it's a little crazy. But we will have more conversations because senator dick Durbin is going to be with us via satellite. We'll be right back. Cally.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Nielsen's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"52410757","title":"Kamala Harris grills DHS Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen on Trump's reported 's---hole' remark","url":"/theview/video/kamala-harris-grills-dhs-sec-kirstjen-nielsen-trumps-52410757"}