Kevin Costner talks immigration crisis, latest project

Costner joins "The View" to discuss his new series, "Yellowstone."
8:16 | 06/19/18

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Transcript for Kevin Costner talks immigration crisis, latest project
bad. In the new series "Yellowstone," Oscar winner Kevin Costner plays one ornery Montana rancher at war with real estate developers trying to sweet talk him into a deal. Take a look. Talked about you yesterday. A friend of mine in Jackson whole was talking about that rodeo. Boseman doesn't have one, why not. Because nobody here cares about road Yoes. You're wrong, John. Everyone millionaire I know wants to be a cowboy. Authenticity is something that money can't buy. It would be good for bowsman. A great way to honor great men like you. It isn't an honor Dan, it's an insult. You want to build subdivisions, move to Dallas. I won't have them here. That's right. Nothing happens in this valley I don't know about. You know what, please welcome the fabulous, wonderful Kevin Costner. ??? So nice -- it's fun to have a real movie star on the show, really nice. Besides you, whoopi. No, I understand. You know what we mean. Yeah. Another movie star. Really put my foot in my mouth. How did I get in the middle of this one? When we do "Hot topics" here we talk a lot about what's going on in the world. I was wondering if you would like to talk about what's going on, that's gotten everybody upset, what's happening at the border with these kids. Yeah. You know, it's -- it doesn't start with that either but that's suddenly right between our eyes. You know, this is a hard thing to say but I don't ---- I'm not recognizing America right now. I don't recognize its voice -- I don't recognize any individual statements. I feel people are going with the flow and there's people right in the middle and I -- we're in really -- we're in a really weird spot and it takes a high level of compassion, empathy and intelligence to work our way out of this. Separating people with no plan when those children can't even speak English -- can you imagine the terror besides just being separated? We have to do better. We've been about more. We can be about more and right now we're acting really small. Yep. Very good. Happy belated father's day. It was on Sunday. We're a little late for that but were you able to spend it with your family? Yeah, yeah. It started early with a little hug that kind of scared me. It was my 8-year-old. You know, you get the great letters from them. I didn't have anything to really say about that but I did read the letters and I can see how they're evolving. Little grace who ended her letter with, your best child. We're going to talk about empathy and we're going to talk about perspective a little bit. All I'm seeing is Jay from "Revenge", one of my all-time favorite movies. Sorry, I'm fanning out. But you're a real outdoorsman. You don't just play on on TV or the movies. Do you share that with your kids? Yeah. It's a big country. There was a moment in time when America was essentially the garden of Eden and 300 years later this is where we are. The show I'm doing takes place in a bitter root valley. If you don't know what that is, Lewis and Clark, as they decided to reach -- go across the Mississippi to decide what America looked like, to see what it was, and so I find myself working, you know, right there. So that's one of the joys of getting to make movies. Sometimes you're in a courtroom -- I did "JFK" -- and sometimes I get to be on a horse. I was never an academic. I was a kid who liked recess a lot. There were many of us that liked recess that didn't turn it into what you did. Yeah. Let's talk about "Yellowstone" because the character, John Dutton, is owner of a mega ranch in Montana. Tell everybody what the show is about but why it was important to do. You know, for me, the eye of the needle, the things that have to come through for me to go away from home, there's no great example when they say why are you leaving but hopefully they'll look at something and they'll understand how I chose to make my living. I chase story. You know, I've made westerns, I've loved that, but this is a modern day rancher. Lest forget, that meat just doesn't arrive on your table. There have been people that have been doing this kind of work in this country for 200, 300 years. It's still primarily done on horseback. But in this instance, the trappings of what I have, there's helicopters and the atvs but it's a story of what's actually going on in America right now. Uses of land are really flashpoints for people. I'm really happy that as we deal with the idea of urbanization and more golf courses and EPA and rules and politics, we never lose sight of the native Americans. Their story runs right through the heart of "Yellowstone." If you want to see a dysfunctional family, I have one in this movie, but you'll also see a way of life that's actually going on. I think it's been drawn really well by Taylor Sheridan. Mr. Kostner, I know so much about this show because one of my best friends in in this show. They plays Danny Houston's wife, the guy we just saw. She was in Montana shooting all last year. I'm such a huge fan of Taylor Hanson's work. I think he makes great American television shows. Were you drawn to him because of that? Yeah. We've been talking a while about working together. When this made sense, I said yes to it. And Danny Houston, I mean, come on. That's wonderful to see. Sorry. Go ahead, baby. There are so many movies, different ones resonate with us. Got that one. Which one do fans mostly recall when they meet you? You know, that's the thing I'm actually happiest about, that my career hasn't drilled down to one movie. I really don't know what someone is going to say to me when they come up to me. It bounces around about 10 or 12 movies. It can be something as -- it can be "JFK". "Robin hood". Or it will be "Bodyguard." That's what I'm happiest about. I think if it was a single movie I'd think, hmm. You know what, man, it is really good to see you, not just good to see you on the screen, it's just good to see you. Come back. Our thanks to Kevin Costner. "Yellowstone" premieres tomorrow on the paramount network. Look it up. You'll find it.

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{"duration":"8:16","description":"Costner joins \"The View\" to discuss his new series, \"Yellowstone.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56006639","title":"Kevin Costner talks immigration crisis, latest project","url":"/theview/video/kevin-costner-talks-immigration-crisis-latest-project-56006639"}