Kofi Siriboe on working with his childhood crush Jada Pinkett Smith

The "Queen Sugar" actor talks about his New Year's resolution to find Mrs. Right.
4:47 | 07/23/19

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Transcript for Kofi Siriboe on working with his childhood crush Jada Pinkett Smith
ladies, we have to interview him. Yes. They know who he is. But he's been acting since he was five years old. Can you imagine? But a lot of people know you from that infamous grapefruit scene in "Girls trip." This is a daytime show so I'm not even allowed to elaborate on what happens in that scene. We can't even show any of it. But you played Jada Pinkett Smith's love interest in the movie. She's getting herself some cougar love. That's what I'll say. Apparently that was a full circle moment for you because you had a crush on her growing up. I mean, who doesn't? Who didn't? Right, I know. Ah, feels like ages ago. I mean, I saw her in "Jason's lyric" and I just fell in love. I mean, I have so much respect for Will Smith and like for them to like -- you know, they just represent black people and that family just -- they just have always represented, you know, everything. Jada is beautiful. She's beautiful. She's confident. She's charming. She's funny. She's sexy. She's just -- she's everything. She's what my wife will be one oh! . Oh, wow. You know, you had to strip down basically to your birthday suit, alluded to. Yeah. My body, just skin. It was just skin. The whole bit. Oh yeah. Okay. Two things about that. Number one, I read that when you were a kid you grew up, you said you were a chubby child, a middle child that used to wear your shirt to go swimming. How did you overcome those feelings of insecurity to become the, you know, god that you are today? I mean, to be very honest, I feel like my art is the vehicle for those I guess sheddings. Doing things like "Girls trip" helps me realize that I'm not that kid anymore, you know. Like my mom watches that and I'm like, mom, I don't think -- Ten times she saw it. She's seen it like 15 times but like to her that's her baby. It's not grapefruit guy, you know what I'm saying? That's her son. But like for me it's just I'm still -- I still get over there. I still some days I see myself as that same kid, but you know, I get the love and I see everybody, you know, and I'm on "The view" and I'm like, ah. It's all good. Yeah, it's all good, yeah, yeah. You're also currently starring on the hit show "Queen sugar" which is in its fourth season. It was created by ava duvernay -- Which just got like 16 nominations. Yes. What's it been like working with this female-driven set? It's like college, like female college. I'm just learning about every type of, you know, woman, you know, and there's so many facets, so many types of women, so many age ranges. We have 20-some-year-old directors, 40-some, white, black, Asian, straight. It's college. I'm just getting a full experience and I get to see women in a different light, you know, which I always, you know, wished for. I learned this in preparing for this segment. Your fans have nicknamed you siri Bae and ko-fine. So clever. "People" magazine named you one of their sexiest men alive in 2017. And you share a lot of your feelings on Twitter, and this past new year's eve you wrote this, maybe my wife will reveal herself to me this year. Maybe I'll become the man I've always wanted to be. You see her face. Yes. There's a lot of ladies in here. The question is, are you still looking for miss right? Maybe she's here in the audience. I see husbands in the audience, hold up. Over here, these are all single women in the front here. They are single. And they're reviewing themselves to you. I'll put it this way, everybody took that tweet a little -- it can be misconstrued. And you did it on new year's eve. What I meant by that is like I've been in relationships. I've been with amazing women but I realized those relationships all have a ceiling until I become who I need to be so my wife will reveal herself -- it's not saying that woman isn't already my friend but maybe she'll reveal herself to me. Maybe she'll become the woman that aligns with the man that I want to be. You learned a lot on that "Queen sugar" set.

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"The \"Queen Sugar\" actor talks about his New Year's resolution to find Mrs. Right.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"64515041","title":"Kofi Siriboe on working with his childhood crush Jada Pinkett Smith","url":"/theview/video/kofi-siriboe-working-childhood-crush-jada-pinkett-smith-64515041"}