Lawmakers reach tentative 'agreement' to avoid possible government shutdown

"The View" co-hosts discuss whether President Trump will avoid a second shutdown by signing a new border deal.
8:35 | 02/12/19

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Transcript for Lawmakers reach tentative 'agreement' to avoid possible government shutdown
Boor if I recall has pneumonia. With just days to go before another government shutdown, a bipartisan deal has been reached in prips. . Um -- it would give trump $1.3 billion for border fencing, far short of the $5.7 billion he wants for his wall. He didn't want to hear specifics before his rally at the border last night. The vibe would be destroyed, you know? Here's what he said. Watch. They said that -- progress is being made with this committee. Just so you know, we're building the wall any way. They say that progress has been made. Okay. This morning, the -- this is to avoid the shutdown. Remember that. The white house said, acknowledged that he read the deal but he hasn't made a decision yet. But you just heard him promise his base a wall. One of his biggest advisers, fox News host Sean hannity condemned the compromise last night. Said it was garbage. Last time this happened, he was listening to president Coulter and president Limbaugh. Now, president hanty. Is this happening or not? I'm not sure. Friday the 15th is the deadline. With the swoop of a pen he can sign it into law, I guess. It has to be written in legislation, pass both chambers of congress and it has to get his approval before Friday. That's a lot of hoops to jump through. The bottom line is he can sign it or not. I don't know. He's sort of moody and mercurial. If he decides after all that, I ain't gonna sign it, it won't happen. Besides the people who will suffer again from losing money. Which party will suffer more? With the shutdown? I think the country suffers. Those are the people. When I was at the white house last week, I did sense that they were very aware of the pain. They haven't always articulated it, as well. My guess is that he would sign this. But continue the same rhetoric of sh don't worry, I'm still going to build you this wall. What I saw last night was that his base is still very alive and well. And I saw more hispanics there than I have seen at any other of his rallies. His approval among hispanics, according to one poll, sup to 50%. And his overall approval ratings are the highest they have been. 52%. There's always a bump after the state of right? But it was after a shutdown. His numbers among hispanics don't seem to move. He won't want a shutdown. That would be my guess. The question you need to ask, too, is he going to call a state of emergency? Which, for me, is the big question mark on all of this. If he does that, it will set the precedent that when Republican aredo de emergencia? Inevitably out of power, which politics are cyclical. Parties tepid to switch. What could happen is, in a theoretical situation like that, Democrats could say, our new green deal is a state of emergency. Now we need to Shu down everything because we think this is a sense of emergency. And I think the pres den being se is incredibly pliically dangerous for a variety of reasons. And I think once you open that Pandora's box, that scares me the most about all of this. Yes, hi ratings are up. I thought his speech at the wall was -- it's playing to his base, as you know. You be I do think if Democrats take thee of, we're going to eliminate I.C.E. We want open borders. Beto said anyone who is for a wall is someone that, is -- it's -- I'm paraphrasing, but it's inhumane. I think it depends how left and how extreme Democrats go on this. Where or not people -- I was surprised they gave him anything. Nancy Pelosi said a wall is immoral. They're building fencing WHE there already was. She said it was immoral. This is bipartisan. I don't know that anyone is for open borders. This lookses like barrier funding. Candidates running. It looks like a truly bipartisan agreement. That's because most of the country, I think, is in favor of security. 40% wants an actual wall. That number jumped, I think from a year before. That shows you -- I had a conversation over the weekend about this. I think most Americans on the left and right are for hard-line border security. Coming from a border state, the jojic of it, I never really upds stood it. You can't put a wall on the Rio grande. There's terrain issues. Legal issues with people who own property on the border. Like cattle ranchers. There's a lot of issues at play. I don't think it's the most effective way to get border security. I was talking to a friend who is for the wall. They said there were so many promises that were made over time that Republicans didn't keep. Meaning president bush, the Republicans in power, they didn't go hard line. The example was used, people like me wanted DACA, comprehensive immigration reform. There's a swath of the country that wants the hardest hardline immigration possible. Thinks that people are coming here to take our job. However you feel about it, it is a strong, intense, palpable part of the country that will accept nothing less. If you take the base out of the conversation. They want him to keep screaming about the wall. If you're an independent, you say I don't like trump's style. You watched that speech. He drew a clear line in the stand. He talked about abortion. Where members of the democratic party have gone really left recently. The Greep deal. If he can say this is where they are, this is WHE I am, I think he scares people. I think if the election was held right now, he's effective in that strategy. What does abortion and the green deal have to do with the wall? He's there talking about the wall. It was a campaign rally, really. It was fear mongering. You talk about the wall, do border walls work? Is the question. I think the studies are pretty clear that they don't necessarily work. In terms of stopping smuggling. Smuggling goes through legal points of entry. We though that. I think a part of the wall where they're building it, they've found something like miles and miles of tunnels that have been built. So it's clear that that part doesn't work. Sunny, violent crime ticked up during the border fence's con instruction in El Paso. It was going down before they built it. It ticked up. I believe the major said it doesn't work. Illegal drugs often go through the legal ports of openry. Last night, he talked about another way he's breaking tradition by being the first president in 120 years to not have a dog at the white house. Watch. How would I look walking a dog on the white house lawn? Would that be -- Right? Sort of not -- I don't know. It doesn't -- I don't feel good. Feels a little phony. Phony to me. How about a Russian wolf hound? That would work. You know, to be a dog lover, owner, you have to give a little bit. You know, you can't have a narcissistic disorder and take care of a thing, a human, to me, it's human, almost. A doggie who needs you. A fur baby. To feed them, to play with them, to walk them. To make out with them every morning. Or is that just me? I don't think he's capable of that any way. So good. When he was married to Ivana, they had a dog named choppy. Ivana wrote in her book, choppy didn't like him. He didn't like choppy. At least he was being authentic. It would be a phony. Like this would be the first time. Didn't he put his dog on the roof at up with point? This is part of the reason that trump got elected. It's moment like, I'm not a dog person. Don't. Someone that doesn't like animals. I mean, someone that doesn't like chickens, that makes me concerned. Personally. Black history.

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{"duration":"8:35","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss whether President Trump will avoid a second shutdown by signing a new border deal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61024239","title":"Lawmakers reach tentative 'agreement' to avoid possible government shutdown","url":"/theview/video/lawmakers-reach-tentative-agreement-principle-avoid-government-shutdown-61024239"}