Leslie Jones reacts to final debate and discusses hosting ABC's ‘Supermarket Sweep’

The comedian and host of “Supermarket Sweep” reacted to President Trump’s “least racist” claim at the debate and how quarantine has been for her.
6:27 | 10/23/20

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Transcript for Leslie Jones reacts to final debate and discusses hosting ABC's ‘Supermarket Sweep’
You know, this woman coming up is all that. She is right in the midst of a wonderful career that she's having, and I -- I just love her, you know, and she is going to talk to us and have some fun with us because she is all that. Leslie Jones. She has a new game show, the classic game show "Supermarket sweep", and this is a peep. I'm watching you, shoppers. Do you like scary movies? I'm calling you from inside the supermarket. Team time, you are up first. On your carts, get set, go. All right. Leslie Jones, welcome back. You are doing your thing. You are having fun. You are kicking butt and taking names, child. You just -- welcome back to "The view." Yeah, girl. Sunny? Sunny? It's so good to see you, Leslie. Did you watch the presidential debate last night, and if you did, what are your thoughts? I watched a little bit of it, and basically the man is answering himself. It just -- it's awful. It's absolutely -- at this point I don't understand how it's not obvious that this man cannot run the country. How is this not obvious at this point? And it was so upsetting because he wasn't answering none of the questions. He was just, like, well, you know, Obama and you know Biden and it just -- at this point now you look like an insecure teenager. Well, he's getting a lot of -- president trump is getting some attention for a few things he said including that he was, quote, the least racist person in the room. What was your reaction to that? Oh, I laughed so hard. Oh, that was the best, you know, I was, like, oh, trump is doing comedy now. This is great. It's a standup comedian. Oh my god. This is insane. That's the best punch line I've ever heard, and then when he brought up Abraham Lincoln, I was, like, oh wow. Lincoln. And when he said, when he said, I'm the least racist man in the room. Oh, in that room, right? There's nobody in that room. Just you and the mediator and Biden, so -- Who was black. Thank you! Then he says, oh, it's dark. I can't see out there. So what are you trying to say, trump? What are you trying to say? It was so dark you can't see. He just -- and then he was, like, the other side, and what did he say AOC plus three? Who is that? Is that a singing group? What is wrong with this man? Does he think AOC is part of a singing group? Okay. Ana? Leslie, you made something great and happy happen in 2020. Thank you. You brought back "Supermarket sweep." Yes. I love that show. I was watching it last week. I was rooting for team collard greens. I thought team wings was a little weird, but okay. You are the host and executive producer, and this new version -- Yes. Tell me what is your favorite thing about it so far? And by the way, I want to go in and compete with sunny as a team. Yeah. That could be fun. I'll do it. That could be fun. I'll do it. I'll do a celebrity version. I would love to have a celebrity version where whoopi is actually the host, and then I would run with someone. I'll run with you, Leslie. Do it. Do it. Why can't we run together? I was kind of thinking about you and I running together. Okay. We can run together, but, you know, I want to do the sweep. I got bad knees. You ain't going to run, so -- That's true. That's no lie. That is no lie. Go ahead, sunny. Hams in that cart. The only thing you going to do is go to the front shelf and grab two coffees and be, like, come on, man. That's it, and a bag of potato chips. You know. So true. Go ahead. Leslie, we're seven months into living with the pandemic, and we have all been through the different stages of quarantine, and there was the bread-baking stage I think, the bingeing "Tiger king" stage. What's it been like for you? See, that's the thing. I live pandemic. That's my life. I'm always at home by myself. If I'm not working, I'm at home, so when people was going crazy, I was, like, y'all need to learn how to live with yourself, okay? Be happy with yourself. You wouldn't have to bake no bread if you like yourself. You know what I'm saying? You wouldn't try to -- you know what I'm saying? You're taking up stuff that you know you don't like. Are you that boring? Like yourself. Start liking who you are as a person so then you can stand being by yourself. That's the problem. Everybody trying to break out the apartment because they don't like themselves. I overpaid my therapist for that, Leslie. Thank you. You really did though. But you really did though. I just watched the TV and slept and did all the things that the pandemic brings. I want to ask you more about that, but I'm afraid. Listen. We love when you come here. So please make it -- come back often please because it's always fun with you. I'll try. "Supermarket sweep" airs Sundays 8:00, 7:00 central right here on ABC, and Leslie Jones is making it happen.

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{"duration":"6:27","description":"The comedian and host of “Supermarket Sweep” reacted to President Trump’s “least racist” claim at the debate and how quarantine has been for her.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73790371","title":"Leslie Jones reacts to final debate and discusses hosting ABC's ‘Supermarket Sweep’","url":"/theview/video/leslie-jones-reacts-final-debate-discusses-hosting-abcs-73790371"}