Leslie Mann on her new movie 'Welcome To Marwen'

The actress talks about how she was turned into a doll in her latest film.
7:26 | 12/14/18

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Transcript for Leslie Mann on her new movie 'Welcome To Marwen'
ur bones In the new movie "Welcome to marweneso-stars with Steve carell who sweeps her up in E fantasy rld he creates to escape trauma in his real lif take a look. A lot of weird stuff happens here marwen, a lot of stuff that N sense, like how you gothere. I just moved I across the stet. T's your name? Nicole, without thethe end, sheays. To be continued. Ah, that's sweet. Please wee an ??? He . So party. Thank you. I'm one of yourgefans. What a cre D, and what fami, "Knoc "The ear-old virgin". Theovie was C "Knocked up", not that she was. Eone knows that. Your care wasn't always ea you didn't have anyney. Have a particular story Abt a ca cat, yes. You have cats I It was off? It was off. I ouldn't hav because I couldn't ad eat myself. I was living -- I still had change from my M and had a mobile CD so I could eat at G station that W before gas station food was good. When I like -- When was th Lik gross tuna shesn Saran wrap sketchy saniches next the B cookiest the cash register. So my cat I were eating that most of thetime.and then splurged and got a burger and I broughtt Hom and cat was like, , like wan the burger. So I Splitt in half bause wanted to save half forlater, and then I split the with my cat. We ate that. Then I was going T work. I Hal O burger and I thought, I better put this burger away because N trusting this cat. So I put it up like a E sink in a cabin lik way up high because I didn't have a refrigerator. I left, cameback, a wrapper for the burger waon E oor, licked CL ran to the cabinet, the br was go the cat ate the burger, it washysically impossible for the cat toet up there.snake any sense. You don't Reali they have -- what happens is, Leslie, when you leave the house, they stand up ecially cats. They go like this and G their digits togetherse they get those thumbs and they go and they look through stuff he's LE, burger, yeah! He saiheing to get this. Was he there when Y gotback? Yes. Just sittinge? J sitting there. Just a littlefatter. Gassy. Andgassy. Yes. He W ss I know. Heas a gassy cat. I H a cat is also gassy. I've never liked , sorry. That is not making I any er,his story. But I love you daughter iris and ud an so ny your movies and I understand they're and6nd F those ofs who he seen them since ey weretle kids them? Mytle one, iris, is a tenthrader I high school, but my 20r-old is working. I don't know, just to work hard and be istent. You he doingthat. She complains a L a when she does I thin like, you have no idea. At leaou and a refrigerator. Like nicesheets. Let's talk about yourov which aw last night and I have so mast for you. It's called "Welcome marwen." You star it with Steve carell and it's basedherue story of mark Hogancamp who created a imaginy world with dolls T help him cope wit PTSD after being attack you worked with Steve before in "4year-old virgin", and I ar think he's become quit Yes. The first Tim I met him, it was LI, at thweet little man who looksd from the right angles. Then over the yea he's become -- Call. So sexy now. Rig? Sorry, I mean, he is He is. I don't know ift' to sayecause my brother is here B he's rally hot. Think there have been articles written about how he' this studil E have a photo. What makes him hot? Ithink, okay -- doese have a dad bod? No. He lksgood. You can't put your finger O it. What it is, you're used to eing him one way you're used to seeing him I characterndhey're ays the mostttering lookingguys, but whene's himself, this is what he looks like. 'S what STE carell actually looks like. Just saying. Oh. Ou wh good, whoopi. I'veeen around little that's what happens to me all the time. Go ahead,girl. So it directed by Robert zemeis and you turn into a doll Ork morph you into a doll in imagination. How did you do it She didn' do it. She wore T thing. Oh that's -- I looks there but it's made out of a very -- yeah,s ao really unatng, lik Ver thin polyester, light gray, youknow, marial that kind of ls in all the -- doesnd anything it's like the opposite of spanx. I was wonring how yid that. Thdod exactly the way you lo God, it's the magic of movies. It's amg. Is called perancapture. It's like a step up from motion ca W the capture the emot in your face as well and your voice. THA was FCI S a wonderful thing. . You know, I don't think you come here enough. I don't know last --hen was the last time you WRE? Aybe three years ago. Well don't be such a stranger. Okay."welcome tmarwen" is in theaters Dember 21. Do a favor, it's really kind of . Think you'll have a very interesting feeling aft

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{"duration":"7:26","description":"The actress talks about how she was turned into a doll in her latest film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"59825807","title":"Leslie Mann on her new movie 'Welcome To Marwen'","url":"/theview/video/leslie-mann-movie-marwen-59825807"}