Lewandowski stonewalls house Democrats during testimony

“The View” co-hosts react to Trump’s former campaign manager’s refusal to answer questions on his conversations with the president.
5:14 | 09/18/19

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Transcript for Lewandowski stonewalls house Democrats during testimony
You know roll his former campaign manager core and. Let douse the it was supposed testified to congressional committee about possible obstruction of justice from his former boss but he talked about. Anything took a look. Did you tell the special counsel the president quote ask you to deliver a message to sessions I'm a look and that reference on page 91 congressman. You not have an independent recollection. No look at mr. guys I'm trying to adhere to the White House's request saying answer questions and provide in the Muller report only. Are you the hit man the bag brand the look out all of the above. I think on the good looking man actually that would you saying on MSNBC. You don't ever remember the president ever asking you to get involved with Jeff Sessions or the Department of Justice in any. Way shape or form. That wasn't true was it's her. I've no obligation be arson Regis because there's just as dishonest as anybody else. Fiat. Got a question a five minute break where he then tweeted that he's looking at to a 20/20 you senate rotten. So clearly things on Larry house. I don't I don't. I asked that in this country gap in this country I visit planned ahead. But theme he believes I think he believes he's he's protect it. So that this is how everything gulls have that there is no respect for the law that. We don't respond to subpoenas you didn't do anything in that in the White House that would. Make him 12. Adhered to Wilkes is an executive privilege you don't did executive privilege. It's I didn't think he got a technology but but he is claiming executive privilege any claims that the White House has instructed him that he cannot. I'm provide certain answers. To congress wouldn't kind of shocking to me because executive privilege is supposed to be for aids that worked for him in the wiped out and the White House is now claiming sort of a blanket privilege. For anyone when it relates to this investigation of the Muller reports. Yeah that is that should be bled us at least where other people couldn't stand watching handle the sainthood on the radio is the snacking as I have to collect. Juvenile delinquents who want more respectful down in a class right about this and this guy didn't Kavanagh remember Kavanagh. And others who were in this administration who are working for trap. I've had kids aware of what murder isn't pimps who behave better than that stamp. You all of brother Uday and it's actually and out there used to be a respect for our institutions the power. And that's what I think saddest part of of what's going on right now is time after time these hearings if if Democrats too are hoping to boost. Just this effort to impeach the present heavy series I don't want any more of what I saw yesterday because that was just a total embarrassment for democracy. The what did you expect from Portland ASCII ME if you watch the sky and television is he's an audience of want. He I guarantee spoke with the present before going out there and got advice and the president watched him in tweeted saying beautiful job Kory. He's not doing it to give back Saturday trying get to have a better resolution to the country can't is to please the president but I'm sorry. I just keep thinking of all the folks that have you know been presidential and you know what's gotten into some hot what do like Clinton or even now. Nixon yeah. Bank could you know they couldn't say no we're not glued to not we'll let our people doesn't win not to you know you have no bigger okay. This is a guy that I signed a petition in years ago with many other conservative women in media. Because he assaulted on the shelf fields on the campaign trail do let's not let that balloting of the grants or not is video of it that I haven't looked up at him I was one of the people are number going on air I believe that fox and saying this mission have a platform anywhere let alone be working for any candidate or so years ago he's and they actually found shout. Also don't Brooke but we'll forget he's the ad so upset by that they heat. Knocked an immigrant child with Down syndrome have a number of fast didn't hit her this 800 attitude Agnes I die why this man. Is allow my. To break the law I'm so I am glad to say I might think but the president will and that's why did nothing is happening and I think that people could symbol why don't the Democrats do something because they don't have the power that's right now they don't have the votes and they know what's. But he's I have to be your sister was its media I highly call that he was part of the media about what must they did have a show on CNN at like when he was hired as a contributor at CNN why I accurately without I think it was a what was strange to me is is that he damning testimony. Mean he basically said that the president asked him to meet. With Jeff Sessions. And ask Jeff Sessions to limit. Minnesota recused himself to recuse himself little two on recused himself rather but also in an effort to limit the Russian what they're not support already there wasn't that not that I get him saying it wasn't some pain and and that's obstruction and he said that he was out of town he didn't say he didn't want to do the job daddy just wasn't there are we know they're making me say that fed battery charges that he -- later dropped but. You can look at up your me so I can't remember that.

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{"duration":"5:14","description":"“The View” co-hosts react to Trump’s former campaign manager’s refusal to answer questions on his conversations with the president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65696519","title":"Lewandowski stonewalls house Democrats during testimony","url":"/theview/video/lewandowski-stonewalls-house-democrats-testimony-65696519"}