Liam Neeson confronts his controversial remarks on race

"The View" co-hosts discuss the actor's controversial comments.
11:03 | 02/05/19

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Transcript for Liam Neeson confronts his controversial remarks on race
It called for sit in was asked where he chooses for ration for his character seeker of friends from and here's how he answered the question. I asked this you know who are now. What color. She showed for the simpler version. I don't know its own experience with a crush cool and I'm pretty approached us and I'm ashamed to say I just for maybe a week opened some. Black. We're come. Quote so yeah so I could kill. Do you sometimes just scratched the surface and you discovered this gracious and racism. Aunts bigotry and its failure. Of assessed primal. Pool. He tripped I guess. That really really shocked me and I eventually Kim done to her. So. I do you feel about the excellent. It's not good well. Okay eyewitness. I love it Leah might feel bad that this happened you know this whole thing but to me it's like. You know people have prejudices and and then big trees in themselves as a mean they have to express them constantly. You know this is whole movement that every so what that you have has to come out. You know I'm I I think it is such an ugly thing to be racist or to be bigoted or to have these type of feelings it yourself. Keep them to yourself you know this morning I was looking to work here and it was a dead rat in the street a dead rat nap which my husband said whenever walking on the street again. I thought the reason that dead rat is there is because they're doing excavation. Usually rats are under the building and you don't see that's where these things belong in my opinion. Then there's something has been ignited in this country and around the world that people just feel free to say these horrible things to each other. And I think it's better it keep your big mouth shot. If it was a comes I'm not against her conversation about race I I will go there. And but I think it's difference between two Harvard professors or people who are intelligent people having conversation about the subject. That's is instructive but to just. Then it's your Manhattan in your hatred. And he was neat Bible given this the guy was stressed out and probably in a very strange state of mind. Because of what happened to him you know his wife was kick went died unexpectedly applicants not that it's not it's not as did not I'm. I know I'm just making sure everybody realizes yeah. What he says happened as he came let's be clear right came back. And someone who was very very dear to him told him that she had been raped and asked a whole bunch of questions may also asked her what the guy look like. He won out men and in his let me and it was a black man and in his rage and anger he went out to try to stock pot. That was the story he told now this wasn't last month this wasn't a year Gulbis is thirty years ago he's talking about so. I I hear what you're saying but what he was doing was explaining. Where he got his. Ability to exit activities when using benefit but the that it is when that what his process less so he was not saying that. Listen I'm just explain because I want to make sure they. It doesn't sound like you're calling him a racist. Not dawn and dusk when Matt Dillon particular hello and about people venting these prejudices that are look that live their dorm at play. And then everybody feels it's open season on same terrible things about a job that actually found out I don't why I'm glad I didn't cancel his appearance went to admit it was easily could have been to shied away from and he didn't and. He he addressed it and I actually had a different reaction than you do and I I found what he said. Refreshing in away and so not PC at a time when maybe the conversation doesn't need to be PC because he admitted that he had problems he admitted that he had a look at stocks that were bad. And that he regretted that he said he got helpful yes and I think it's in these conversations and make use of this yesterday about just what the FLs going through. It's the lack of these types of conversations that don't get us anywhere and so seeing him out there on the morning show saying. I I admit I II struggles and I had these dark thoughts that you never want to admit publicly but he was there admitting it and say I I didn't. I was wrong to feel that way right actually found that it at a time or in. To not be peace yet I found that helpful and maybe we can move the conversation to a better place. I I don't want to start the conversation because I'm so confused by what I heard and what ice caucus he was talking about. How he will how he processes. His acting and how he. Taps into this rage any taps into this rage by going back to this feeling that he had when he found out. That at dear friend of his was raped by a black man and how he went searching through this the black areas of Ireland's. Since seek out a black man to harm. And I understand very well I face how you would feel if a loved one was harmed. And how you would want to harm the person that did back. To bend the person that defend them what I can't understand. Is how you would go out. And seek. A random person of the same race and to harm that's tough because that for me it feels like a modern day lynching. And that's what happens to black men in this country. By white men somehow trying to be righteous about a white woman's virtue. Fat. Like my father could be walking down the street as someone with just. Attack kept right. And IN and first lead him to still be using bat. Experience as his inspiration to tap into town to talk about it all is loading a move I didn't understand I still on the I think it's but what it is is it's a lot if he had acted on it it's a modern day heat cramps and yeah in the definition of a hate crime as a criminal offense against a person or property. Motivated in whole or part by an offers bias against it race religion disability sexual orientation ethnicity gender or gender identity so that. If he had acted on it would be present would committed a hate crime Knight a first reason on the I thought Matthew Shepard in Laramie Wyoming. Which is a hate crime against young gay. It's it is really. Horrific violence crime again. Again mandate is is is terribly graphic and he was a target because it is day and it happened in 1998 and I think. Sometimes. When we're walking around we think they act as you've are all planning out. Very well face. Race is then and bigotry and homophobia. Is something of the past and I think we're sitting here today realizing that. Maybe we haven't come as part culturally not only in our country he's not an American and again it's it's hits in his country as well in an inning in Europe and England. And dates. I think it's important to have conversation and I also think it's important to recognize it for what it is how he acted on it it would have been a hate crime mapping sad. I likely am Neeson and this also Sonny. I do you think of him in a little bit of a different way like I'm sorry none of making aren't gonna. Go to an open by no means. Yes sorry. I'm glad we have only about half are. We're speaking about the amused and and it comments and I was saying today. He didn't he elbow he was seeking out to act on that on this he did not committee it cracked and it is good that he recognizes. The deep. Darkness an offense and bigotry that was incitement that moment and sought help and didn't they got act on its parent and that. I mean listen I. I'm not allowed there have been times when things have happened and not gone to Wrigley to what some illness. Someone whether you drop in the car and you look what while in the old days when actors don't drive. Get out. If you look like somebody that's in the bay dropped Mac question route as that person and when people walk around sometimes when race. That's what happens is he a big get no I'm not I'm a pretty long time I think that would recognize that their brand a lot of real bigots. You know so I I can say this man is is not one but let's remember back 1984 do you remember. Bernard Goetz yes you know. People calling them police to congratulate the so wave vigilante. And so let us not forget that we. We've seen this in other people and perhaps an ourselves you know so you can't be surprised that somebody lose loved one. Is attacked is angry wants to go out and attacked what he did this go on to say which we didn't show you aren't GMA. Is that he realized that it was too dark for him he went got himself out and he's. Send him. Bottoms up talking about this in a way that he was surprised to fly because it wasn't something that. He's not well this is the middle of the conversation you'd tell the story does someone ended its in the think so unless provoked a conversation at this tape that was an audit president I Mott. I I want to reiterate that I believe in constructive conversations about race at no time I just don't think people should spew that's might issue it there's a reason why people. Don't say those things in front of me because they know why we're not either not like that I will not go there and so good keep quiet I don't want to hear it. That's ramat. Well if someone yes if someone comes up to you it says something that's kind of up but what you do it you did something in your past what do you do. If you say here this is what I did so now. Do you not say this is where I got to win and I got myself out of it does is that helpful I never know because you know. I walk a very crooked line sometimes and you know I don't. Because I'm not perfect S I was out I say stuff sometimes I'm just up amassed what happens and I coherent when I do it on and don't forget any but there I actually I mean how apt that they have nearly and that is up today that. I kidding it's very important. To have conversations and there's another example is there's a math man who's a member of I believe the kkk who reformed himself and now I additional apps in speeches speeches he's in the on. How he was sort of mentally taken to the place where he could commit the kind of actions he could and I do think people can atoning people can reform and I actually think they. Having open dialogue and not being scared to actually many Arab your way yeah is important asset any you know. The grace of god no longer. So you know what. Shave it all back. Noted she will be better. Whenever you make yourself better.

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