Loni Love discusses her new book ‘I Tried to Change So You Don’t Have To’

“The Real” co-host opens up about her arrest and how racism impacted her upbringing.
7:28 | 06/23/20

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Transcript for Loni Love discusses her new book ‘I Tried to Change So You Don’t Have To’
You just gave the commencement speech. Four you are school Cass tech ranked the high school your alma Mata in Detroit. We are in crazy times now what did you tell them. You know I just tried not to sock. 'cause I know bed is the best time for example they didn't get robbed they didn't get a command Smit and so I doesn't have my little video and I tried not to make it look like a hostage video but it. The lighting wasn't right. But the message with -- and not end the heart was there and it was well received and I basically told them that you now and live things happen and you have to make adjustments. And it was well received I was happy to. Go back to my Mike town and I hope to be able to go back in person as he all the students and congratulate says Katz tick. 520. And you made it through a pandemic as a great being. Estranged son loved during quarantine you've had bodies some great conversations on your answer Graham lives. Including ones about black lives matter and George Floyd and we've been talking about the black lives matter movement and stories tragically similar to mr. Floyd's far far too long here on the view but. The reaction of the nation is having now feels different to me do you I think we might see some real change. This funny. You know let's study I believe that look at you just had bubble while the saw. And look at the change that want hers that lag baba speaking out can do. And the protests be big young people I want to say thank you to all of the grass roots activists because they are actually making changes in making people scared that. See what is actually happening. And the protesting is good. But the voting. Is really got to make lasting changes so I am part of a great organization called when we gobble. Is co chaired by Michelle Obama in great people like Tom Hanks and sound of crimes. And what we're trying to do. Is make sure that every American has their right to have a fair vote what you see happening bike what happened last week in Georgia with a long line. That's just a posture risk. And we don't need to have bet so as all Americans we want to make lasting change we have to make voting fair and legal. For all Americans and that will help to make it tanked but I'm proud of this country I think people are starting to listen. And that's what you feel that difference that you see and is because people are really starting to be aware that we're not just talking. You know black poles and not just complaining is actually happening and when you stop on tape. George Floyd wheels his life and call out for his mama. Cult that may people really dual wake up call is that what made means things are really happening. Yeah I agree an and you know in your new book which by the way is just it's just fantastic it really issue. Through all the moments of your life. You write about nine college when you and a friend were arrested and she was caught stealing the soda and you tried to stand up for her and you say growing up the effects of racism were all around me. But I didn't feel racism sat me in the face until that night. What you talk about what you write about. Definitely I grew up in the Brewster projects and even though I broke the net and in the projects. The police was never it was never like the community policing or anything like that cell and I never got a top from my mother about how to. Conduct myself with what the cops. Sultan when I was in college I was about nineteen years old. Me and my friend we just got off work doing and I little grocery store us out. Clark and then we went to the club's annual when he got something to eat. And there was a cafeteria style com restaurant that we went to and I Tarrant and I'd look I just saw this big huge cop grabbing her and liked my. Entire he took an attentive so I all of our. And immediately he's handcuffed Bihari he's yelling his cut think. And he looks at me and he says you're rested too but will go first about what she arrest deport he said she put soda and award a cup. And I was like are you serious and he's in Europe respite and I so what are arrested fourteen separate trespassing. Have a trust that things that you step in the kitchen. Now hindsight when I look back I'm glad that I went with her because. He can't cut it does he caught some other cops the ability to mean cops in and it's like agony I can think about it I'm being a pilot when I was. Nineteenth how scary it was and I'm glad I was with power because what she would allow I don't know where they would have taken higher. So of course I'm the big girl so I love your cousin and bus and in everything and they took us straight to the booking agent the booking plates. And once we got booked. It was. It does open my eyes because one she was a calm under a petty crime which was the nit misdemeanor. Because I was trespassing. It was called a felony so obeyed. He put her in a misdemeanor sex it they put me in the sex and not a murderers and the rapists and people like that I'm nineteen years old when my club Lullabot. So I write all about it in the book I talk about it but the thing is. UW would he get to the bare all about it. It we would still white girls nineteen years though and that would have happened I'm pretty sure he wouldn't say it either pay for the soda or don't do that. And what you at a realizes that that changed my life. Because I had to I had to scrape up bail I'm still in college would no money. My free and she didn't have anybody help are out. Thank goodness I had my subordinates as has been helped bail me out and get the money she had to call her parents she was in jail for like two days that changes your life. So it's been like that that talk about that really made me open my eyes to the criminal justice system and how -- theory is an all black people are asking for this countries to be treated equally. That's all we're asking for and that's what you're seeing is looked at saint and that's what this book is about this book is trying to give holt to people. And give us for racing and a few labs as whale but is a very devastating experience and that's happened twenty years ago this it's still happening today. So we have to keep talking about it. We have to keep protesting and demanding change and fairness in the criminal justice system. A low body that sent a horrific story I have a question for you but they also just want to. I save a big fan of the real and all the work that all of you ladies do every day this is day. A rough day again doing at daytime talk every day and I just am such a big fan of all. The work all of you guys deal but we have a question so that your book obviously is incredibly compelling and he just told that story but what is the biggest lasts and that you took away from your book that you would like. You know everyone watching Americans now rate. Now. Everybody in America to now. That this is a book that's going to give you indeed. In these times we need hope this is a book. Bob Hope it is an American story is my American story and that's what I want people to understand it pleased our giant a link. All of you out the air you have to tell your story this is my story so given to at all right down we live in historic times. Understand that this is my story and is about hope. Wonderful.

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{"duration":"7:28","description":"“The Real” co-host opens up about her arrest and how racism impacted her upbringing. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"71409349","title":"Loni Love discusses her new book ‘I Tried to Change So You Don’t Have To’","url":"/theview/video/loni-love-discusses-book-change-dont-71409349"}