Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Gurira talk 'Black Panther' success

Nyong'o and Gurira discuss the significance of the role of women in the film.
6:56 | 02/19/18

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Transcript for Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Gurira talk 'Black Panther' success
??? So for me, I've been waiting for this movie for over 25 years to happen. But I don't think it could have happened in any other way. It had to be you all. It had to be this cast and it's breaking box office records everywhere. Now, y'all are not surprised are you? A part of me really isn't. I've been yearning for it forever as well. I just never believed the myth that things don't sell from certain perspectives. I never believed that. You create excellence it will be responded to. I'm thankful that Mr. Kugler and marvel got together and created excellence. It makes sense to me. I think we have been yearning for it. Right. Yeah. Ditto. I think that one of the most important things about the movie is that "Black panther" is surrounded by all these incredible powerful women am I right? Strong women. Strong and powerful. And women, you don't need a man to save them I might add. Well, I think what's really special about this film is that we see an idealic society that has figured out its gender dynamics. Women are allowed to realize their full potential and the men are not threatened so they can be of support to each other which is the world we want to see. Yeah. That's right. Is that the message that you would like young girls to take away. Yeah. Absolutely. What I love is that these women are also allowed to be fully feminine and fierce and there's no question. There's no compromise. There's not even a thought of compromise because the country understands in order to work at its best you want women at their fullest potential and you celebrate that. So the idea that this might -- also the character in the movie who is the amazing young scientist and the idea that young girls could even in any way shape or form find more validation, more worth and understanding themselves and knowledge that we can be fearless and we should be. That will be everything for us to have that out there. Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, when I first saw this movie, I've seen it twice now, I wanted to move to aconda. If this is what the world could look like this is what I want to do. It takes place in a fictional African country but the language is actually an African language from where? Nelson Mandela? Yeah. The very southern most point of the continent, the cape region where Nelson Mandela is from. It's very, very African. Lupita you grew up in Kenya, danai you grew up in zembobya. We come from a continent of great wealth and assaulted and abused very often. And exploited. And exploited. Often times what it did is that it rewrote our history. You know, changed our narrative. Our global narrative is one of poverty and strife and the wealth of the continent is very seldom seen on such a global scale. What the film does, it looks futuristic but drawing from ancient cultures on the continue net. The diversity is specifically from the continent and and it's special because it was never colonized. It's a reimagining of what had been possible if Africa been allowed to realize itself for itself. You know. Uh-huh. That's a beautiful -- Yeah. Yeah. Now, one of the things that I love because I'm a shavin' head kind of girl, they won't let me take it all off here. I have tried. You had to shave your head for this part. Were you nervous. You know, I was. In theory I loved it. You know, I was like in theory, it sounded amazing. I knew exactly how the current version where you see my army with beautifully shaven heads and the at thes and I was like that's amazing. I have to do that? I wasn't sure about it. I was working it and then they called me like we're doing it tomorrow. I was like what? I thought I had a couple weeks. You know initially it was a little -- you go like dolphins -- you know, but it's a whole other thing. Lupita you're both incredibly accomplished actors and writers but you said I know this industry was not made for me but I'm not going to apologize for being here. What did you mean by that? Well, I think, you know, the history of Hollywood didn't look like me. You know, the people who are writing and creating films historically have not looked like me. Sidney porterie broke barriers and we are still breaking barriers. That's why we have "Black panther," the first black superhero in the marvel cinematic universe. I'm aware of most people in the industry don't look like me and may not be thinking for me, thinking about me. Of you, yeah. Thinking of me when they're writing this stuff but what me and dana believe, I know, is that you work with what you have and I've been given such an incredible platform with 12 years of slave and everything that followed it and I want to work with what I have, I work with my sister, Ryan coogler, I make my way with what I have without having to apologize for the fact that the status quo does not respond -- does not necessarily respond to me. Uh-huh. The craziest thing ise're still having these conversations. I know. I thought the same way. It's building up. You did that. You were a great example of that. It's crazy. Open doors. You completely opened doors. Seeing that is we do have to build and have to keep building and capable of creating narrative. People say will they let this happen again. I'm like who is they? We are they. We are they now. We are they now. Our thanks to Lupita nyong'o and dana gurira. "Black panther," now listen to me, "Black panther" is in theaters right now. When you are done watching the show, go see the movie. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"6:56","description":"Nyong'o and Gurira discuss the significance of the role of women in the film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53201601","title":"Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Gurira talk 'Black Panther' success","url":"/theview/video/lupita-nyongo-danai-gurira-talk-black-panther-success-53201601"}