Marchers protest against Puerto Rico's governor

As protesters call on Ricardo Rossello to resign, "The View" co-hosts discuss his decision to not seek reelection in November 2020 and his refusal to step down.
5:37 | 07/22/19

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Transcript for Marchers protest against Puerto Rico's governor
Laugh. Protests are grown in Puerto Rico for governor Rick Karr now. Let's say you all to step down get our goal way he. Yeah I'll believe texts of him locking heart came victims as well as sexist and homophobic slurs. He's still defiant saying united seek reelection. But he is it going to resign even now hundreds of thousands are expected to hit the streets today. Yet think he's gonna have to bow down until the presser. Yes a a I. I'm surprised that he hasn't resigned already actually getting the fact that he's saying I won't run for reelection tweets when he is not good enough of the fact that he's resigning from the new progressive party for which he is the leader. Is not good enough and the people have been protesting for several weeks now once you have lost. In the the people that you are supposedly governing you've lost the will of the people. Your ineffective. And you know Porter we go. Has you know these three political parties that the new progressive party the popular Democratic Party and the Puerto Rican independence party and it's really about. Whether or not Puerto Rico remains a commonwealth whether or not Puerto Rico is going to be independent or rather whether or not Puerto Rico's going to be a state. And he his party is for statehood. But she's lost that party who are so I don't understand why he wants to remain in power. Well. Our visit this thing is that he says that those horrible tweets and things of the above that messages right yeah tech some little thing at Oklahoma voted in is that it is misogynist he says that it was to relieve stress. I'd nobody is accountable for any behavior that they do now would see the locker room talk I didn't really say it was racist it's relieving stress it's just. Everywhere you go. Man in particular are lying about what they did and why they did it but it's and they and the gravity and nobody's accountable isn't really about corruption have a bachelor of course it's about that it's well but it's also blew out about the correct on NASA could. As you know this apparently there's also been ongoing crisis. Powerful Puerto Rican women according to journalist Sandra Guzman who says violence has been growing threat. And governor Russ ally has only made the climate wars so women in Puerto Rico you know maybe as strong as several went beyond just need to go in now. And get him out fit yeah just I'm just going and Conrad who got. You know I mean. At that what bush deceased she rain stuff this way because it's happening there's. Plays absent. In. New York where they arrested two wingers that one may know what is removed when he didn't have to leave until August so he decided when bully. In the instrument of the man was allowed to some may now have two mayors. And one is saying he's not gone when saying I'm not going into what is it we got this guy I'm Puerto legal. What's happening. Ginny is I mean yeah covers government in Virginia I guess out of those people are stepping down there's scandal upon scandal upon it'll Seawright is a trend now you have no matter what your behavior and crimes that people wolf Brazilian Wednesday in opposite Jay do you think it's something you can like sort of gay at least take some credit to president trump and we'll stay on. Prayer Rico has declared bankruptcy with a 120 forb. Billion dollars in debt it's the biggest government financial collapse and United States history so Puerto Rico has a lot of problems yes they were exacerbated. By the hurricane but I do think if you are hand Ricardo Harris fellows sitting there and you see that massive seas of pro testing. Outside your house or outside her op Ed. And you don't stepped down at. I do think that there should be a fear of violence because as we've seen historically protesting can sometimes lead to violence and for the good of your people you claim to wrap presents. Stepped down for a lot of different reasons things are not going well I think we've hit. I'd at least economically rock bottom and Puerto Rico and I I don't understand. Eakins that they're looking at it seems very very Third World to stoke. Ends me an audit took away what I do appreciate though is that 99%. Or more of the protests have been peaceful. Yes he's now organized. And we haven't seen much violence but violence that we have seen though. Seemingly in my eyes has come from the government we've seen well tear gassing of these protests are asked these peaceful protesters. And and that takes me back to the civil rights movement is say it's it's it's taking me back to. Charlottesville you know and and and this again he's lost the confident goes well it what are we can people's. I was now don't yell I go get him ladies and go home did have mattered and because not only way this is gonna happen is if the women say you know what. We know now why do you paid no attention. So what's been happening to license women here on the silent. I was sick of it and we want it taken into our own hands and won't put a woman and MSAs she can balance up 'cause we're sick that you yet tell them. What else but the main yeah. Now. About a want to but it's it's just you know it's it's crazy but this is a trend that I'm not really happy with because. You know remember we've had a couple of dictators come visit. And his eyes always gets sparkle in his original lack of I would like to be president for live. Track and a yet what kind of help OK you know what that's what we're gonna gonna have to go and get him out of there Friday how it all out you know I think it costs it.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"As protesters call on Ricardo Rossello to resign, \"The View\" co-hosts discuss his decision to not seek reelection in November 2020 and his refusal to step down.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"64490251","title":"Marchers protest against Puerto Rico's governor","url":"/theview/video/marchers-protest-puerto-ricos-governor-64490251"}