Mariska Hargitay on ending backlog of untested rape kits

Hargitay talks working on new documentary "I Am Evidence" to advocate for victims of sexual violence.
2:36 | 04/16/18

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Transcript for Mariska Hargitay on ending backlog of untested rape kits
Important documentary called I am evidence and it's all about untested rape kits in this country. You actually visited dilapidated warehouse in Detroit where 111000. About more stored take a look. So do we know exactly how long that it. The kids verse stored here. We know they would come out with the hottest I don't mind. We know how many. We are here all of the all of them now. Philip but in a possible carried them. Now the woman you just saw with Mariska in the clip Wayne county prosecutor Kym Worthy who went to my law school Notre Dame. Is leading the charge to and the backlog of rape kits in new York and she's here anybody today it demonstrated during. Hello can carry out I was just shocked that what rich Digisette by some estimates hundreds of thousands of rape kits are on process how is that possible. Well the biggest reasons the culture at the complain. And these women who would just a very briefly encourage us to go to a news agency reported. Would either shut ushered the door they were were written police report Deborah Kolb. You know Beason H is because they deign to come and report it and they just were ignored and top at a prosecuting. And so they blame the victim and a walk to that it was not about them. It's about the defended it should be but it's not. It blamed them number as well as please are properly trained. There are no resource at their myriad of reasons why but mainly is typical of the victim blaming. And victims shaming culture and what progress have you make they heard somebody stats and there is hope here. Areas we just sense we had over 111341. B Jeff sent. Are less 600 to the lab to be processed yeah. Fact Mike still has to be done. Well we still have to investigate and prosecute testing with a very important step but with duct investigate them prosecute. And prosecute them just like any other cold case we would talk on homicide he would never be talking about all these bottom case that word up prosecuted. But we have to do that we have the fund the victim that the find the defendant we didn't mask the case and investigate it just like any other case the should have been done in our case these cases go back 45 years. This is an incredible thing that you're doing I think rob yeah. I would love having so much respect continued success on S NATO and thank you ascent submerged targets say and hit.

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{"id":54505822,"title":"Mariska Hargitay on ending backlog of untested rape kits","duration":"2:36","description":"Hargitay talks working on new documentary \"I Am Evidence\" to advocate for victims of sexual violence.","url":"/theview/video/mariska-hargitay-ending-backlog-untested-rape-kits-54505822","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}