Mark Cuban explains how ‘Shark Tank’ taped a new season during a pandemic

The entrepreneur tells “The View” how the show has handled the COVID-19 pandemic, and why the show is more important than ever.
4:33 | 10/16/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mark Cuban explains how ‘Shark Tank’ taped a new season during a pandemic
Let's catch you have in the bank free app knowing. Well hope and why are you here. I'm here because I would like to take this product this brand into sports like the worst excuse do ever. To be here. How they loved that show how and where about who Mark Cuban and that was a clip from shark tank which kicks off its new season tonight so. Lock season twelve right can you believe I mean and as shocked as one. In and this season in Las Vegas and some kind of a bubble of safety how did you figure that out what did you down. We got a lot from what we learned that the NBA bubble and work with the Venetian Hotel in Vegas. And it was an incredible job that everybody Indonesians did and all the star Sargent production staff did I mean literally it was far stricter bubble in the NBA we knew we were told where walker went to watch how OIQ there what to Wear it was crazy but it worked. Yet there has been a lot of buzz about that and eat bubble that you guys created so that teens could have a seeded. You are the owner of the Dallas Mavericks still what are some of the other differences between the shark tank bubble and. All you world Adelaide there you go fish seemed to go bowling. Literally we walk. I had an escort through a specific call down a specific elevator across the specific call with tape marking our path. Go to her make up. Hazmat suits go does that with the monitor their make sure that went all the sharks kept their distance the entire time. Youngster doors were on all of the other side on the carpet and we didn't end we didn't come close at all like we did a previous seasons I mean dead we've finished shooting at 7 PM went back to our rooms Judy's acts sleeping again there are people who didn't see sunlight for nineteen days. Who while all marked with the economic downturn it seems like shark tank is more relevant than ever. Do you feel that way also I love the show. Know what. Preceded absolutely I mean look. There's so many small business is going through hardship they're so many people have been laid off from their jobs and try to determine should they start their own small business and the answer yes and I did a good job of educating people. Book to understand what entrepreneurship is all about. And you know one of my favorites aids is one thing that separates the American united state America from. Every other country in the world is our sense of entrepreneurship are entrepreneurial spirit and that's a quote from that Joseph Biden gave you one of the bad and I it's so true and it's even more important day that's who we are as a country we are country bonds ignores that shark tank inspire people young and old in the middle to go out starts culprits are companies are so proud be part of it. I don't there's until mark anybody would be a better president. Tell us if there are there any special guests on this upcoming season. Oh yeah I had the best he's started armed Thai bar we have late McCloskey. Started Toms shoes we have Kendrick Scott up her namesake concrete company kind of sky we have Alex rocked Alex. A-Rod a fight. I mean we got out rate crew of special guest end I gotta tell you the Eagles are incredible why didn't more deals this season than any other year before. And the Oxford nor is word intense he sold one clip but only tenth outlets. But they also have to quarantine so by the time they got on that there were ready to go and you know. Did it was just so much at stake we knew that we were setting an example for America. That really get people excited about starting companies because. It's guys are the guys I think when we look back in twenty years at this pandemic 20/20. Won't find out that. Some kids from knows where started a major companies that become world class companies and if we can inspire those kids to go out and do that. I mean who want want to be part of that he's. Well it's all about that. While always a pleasure to have you unmarked on the show how. I would let go when you are running for president may he'll do within the next cycle yeah we'll. I got okay but this we don't have been very well. Unsure at any time this season twelve premiere shark tank airs tonight. At 8 PM right here on May be saved.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"The entrepreneur tells “The View” how the show has handled the COVID-19 pandemic, and why the show is more important than ever.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73658324","title":"Mark Cuban explains how ‘Shark Tank’ taped a new season during a pandemic","url":"/theview/video/mark-cuban-explains-shark-tank-taped-season-pandemic-73658324"}