Mary Trump says it’s ‘impossible’ for Donald Trump ‘to believe that he lost’

President Donald Trump’s niece tells “The View” her uncle is “doing serious damage to our democracy” by not conceding the election.
6:58 | 12/03/20

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Transcript for Mary Trump says it’s ‘impossible’ for Donald Trump ‘to believe that he lost’
The bombshell book "Too much and never enough: How my family created the world's most dangerous man" has firsthand insight into how you-know-who ended up the way he I now. And joining us with what he might be planning next, please welcome clal psychologist, best-selling author and you-know-whose niece, the fabulous Mary trump. Good morning, and welcome back to "The view." Welcome. Thanks. It's great to be here. Sara has the first question. Yesterday, president trump released a prerecorded speech where he made unsubstantiated claims about how he won, all while tweeting lies and conspiracy theories that include firing senior officials he thinks are disloyal. Now you grew up with him. Where is his head at right now, and what are we seeing? We're seeing a very desperate man. Somebody who knows that his best option is to cling to power no matter who gets hurt in the process. Obviously there really isn't any way for him to do that legitimately. So he's going to pursue whatever illegitimate means that he has at his disposal, and, you know, it's Rea troubling because it's not just that Donald is hurting himself, which he is doing by continuing to play this out to these absurd lengths. He's doing serious damage to our democracy, to people faith in the American electoral process, and he's also undermining the legitimacy of the incoming administration which is going to make -- make it that much harder for president Biden and vice president Harris to get us out of these interconnected crises that we're all suffering from right now. Mary, I've got to tell you you're literally the only adult trump that I can stand watching on TV right now. Everybody else, I mute, but you write about growing up as a trump in your best-selling book, "Too much and never enough," and I think about you all the time. How has your life changed? You used to visit with your aunt and you used to talk to some of these people. Are there still members of the family you speak with even after the book was released? If you are talking about my dad's family, no, but that was honestly the case before the book came out for reasons I don't completely understand. My aunt stopped communicating with me, so that had nothing to do with the book at all, and after 2000 which is when we settled the lawsuit about my grandfather's estate, I really wasn't in touch with anybody other than my aunt. So in terms of my family, nothing's changed at all actually. So the only thing that's changed is that I get to be on shows like this in my living room. Well, Mary, president trump continues to publicly claim that he won the election, even saying that his own FBI and doj departments may be involved in a ploy to rig the election. Which attorney general Barr said isn't true at all. Do you believe that president trump really believes he won this, and is being cheated out of something, or is something else going on? It's a great question, and it's pretty complicated because on the one hand, it is impossible for Donald to believe that he lost. You know, he's lost before in his life, but he's never had to be in a situation in which he can't somehow turn that loss into a either through cheating or buying his way out of a jam or using somebody else's connections and power. There's literally nothing he can do about this, so it's sort of unfathomable because in my family, losing was literally the worst thing you could do. So it's putting enormous amounts of pressure on him. So on the one hand, he can't admit it to himself because that would suggest that there's no way for him to get out of this mess. So he's going to continue to undermine people's faith in our government and our institutions, and again, it's just another 48 days he has to keep, you know, taking a wrecking ball to the United States government. This as a saving grace for him, like to pretend he won, to get all this money and destroy the institutions. You said a moment ago he's hurting himself also. Before I ask my question, I wanted to follow up on that. How is he hurting himself in your mind? Well, he's -- he's making himself look like a sore loser. He's behaving like an immature bully who all -- the only thing he has left right now is his grievance, and I think yes. There are some people for whom that won't change anything, you know, his most, you know, his most ardent supporters aren't going to be bothered by that at all, but I think -- Yeah. -- It does two things. It is going to increase his irrelevance after the inauguration, and -- I see. -- I think it increases the urgency for holding him accountable when he no longer has the protection of the oval office. That's right. Okay. That's very -- that's right. Okay. So now let me ask you this question because one of trump's most trusted advisers is Sean hannity, andnity says that his next move should be pardoning himself and his family to stop the so-called witch hunt that will follow. A-ha. Do you see that as a real option for him and the family? Can he even do it? Well, whether or not he can do it is not a settled question, you know, and there are certainly people far more qualified than I am to speak to that, but he certainly will. I think it's much more likely that Donald will try to pardon himself that it is he'll resign let Mike pence be president for five minutes and have pence pardon him. Whether or not he can get away with that, is an open question, but I'm pretty sure he can do that for his kids, but why would they want that? On the one hand, it just makes them look terrible. Although I get the logic behind making it seem like, you know, anything that happens after the inauguration would be a deep state witch hunt, but it also does not get them out of any state charges that might be pending. So what's really the point?

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{"duration":"6:58","description":"President Donald Trump’s niece tells “The View” her uncle is “doing serious damage to our democracy” by not conceding the election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"74520619","title":"Mary Trump says it’s ‘impossible’ for Donald Trump ‘to believe that he lost’","url":"/theview/video/mary-trump-impossible-donald-trump-lost-74520619"}