Mary Wilson on breaking glass ceilings in music

The founding member of the iconic Supremes shares how it felt to represent the black community in the 1960s.
5:48 | 10/30/19

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Transcript for Mary Wilson on breaking glass ceilings in music
Ahead I. The office stated they smashed the glass ceiling broke down racial barriers. And help to find the moat around sound and style. Please welcome the author of the new ram why supreme glamour. The fabulous and legendary Mary Wilson. Song. Don cash and is the best I love it it's still gets weak dollar can't do I have 53. Yeah 83 year home yeah but I do have to say thank you very much for having me to follow the handsome. Her yeah. I'm not and I also want to. Let's say that he actually helped us pass one of the. One of my bills which is the modernization act which has that says that if you recorded music. After. So much does that mean to him that you view about the update but the deal helps those who recorded before four Debbi to get paid. Thank you I'm. Back. This is that you wrote this book a supreme dilemma about your labs where the reasons dream. And the game changing fashion doll and I am. I wrote the fun while we're at all or national. He had and I talk about you know you're seeing the all for the first time really am thinking wow. Wow I could you that I'm could be now I'm no you have I. Hannity and I don't went for it anyway it and income on the idea that there when these amazingly. Glamorous. Young women. Who would just all along the world was so. It's given me a so the question really is did you know. In the midst of that that you were literally knocking. Ceilings down and walls out and. Well I gagged I think we did because anything that we're talking about the sixties and this is when black was and beautiful yet what does free up cute it was brain wins Ralph yeah. I grew up now that Iraq get up and try to sell hard when we deal will we start becoming famous in the sixties is I think we did cause our pants that every time you walk out the door. You representing. The black community and as I've said that the civil rights bill hadn't tested so we knew. We knew when we were very proud to have been the face because first unless they TV yeah closet thing that really helped of it does not many women and men a black women who. Made prior to us are laid down and Carol yes. I mean don't they know warm but think TV wasn't as prominent as it is now. You get that we get the come into your homes every day. But back then we were not there it back I remembered imitate this what story can help we will work and had in rock hotel in Florida. Right and this lady came what we have to show just as I'm so proud to see you guys. I allow my family to step in what two and Ed Sullivan's story overnight. So I brother who was at war right. I wanna be blacked out but he says we should make you allow you to forget I love affair for the state. Why don't like that's the way it was wow it's and you Gaza very fortunate that you can go into any restaurant good regarding any water fountains. You can do whatever you want back then we guys how did you do so this is what my book is about house that's right. Killen it won't watch much on dancing with the start I know. Back. Let's get back out and again when he learned is that what it was like to get back I've never stopped yeah next I've been the. But 57 years I've been Duma owes them up my bad idea babies. The thing about Dancing With The Stars it gave you people a chance to see what. All of us in detain as though older and things do. I was still doing with it may not be on the top of the charts. But we're still out there tropical round the world for those guys Hewitt yeah. Step up. I had already save him out on television they think it dead at. If you did not I don't we are you still clinging to my coming up how you've got to get my opinion grandchildren. I say yeah I don't. I just wanna say also that. You know and the three of you flow Aladdin and Diana and you. You meant the world to so many of us in this work and watch. It is say thank you for everything you went there because it wasn't easy because you were traveling in tough times on. Com as I just want to say thank you thank you. Manhunt tell me we're running out of time all I've not talked so much I don't know it was me. I got married supreme exhibit at the Grammy museum experience in revenue potential sentence I'm Mayer's book glamour supreme glamour is available now and you know what members of our studio audience ever. I.

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"The founding member of the iconic Supremes shares how it felt to represent the black community in the 1960s.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"66639537","title":"Mary Wilson on breaking glass ceilings in music","url":"/theview/video/mary-wilson-breaking-glass-ceilings-music-66639537"}