Medal of Honor recipient Florent Groberg shares his incredible act of courage

The retired U.S. Army captain recounts his personal story and talks about the new Netflix series, "Medal of Honor."
7:16 | 11/09/18

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Transcript for Medal of Honor recipient Florent Groberg shares his incredible act of courage
Someone willing willingly puts his life on the line for his country. We're meeting one of them right now he's also profiled in the Netflix stock is serious about heroes were awarded the highest distinction an American soldier can earn. The medal of honor please welcome retired US army captain and medal of honor recipient Florie and well Burge. Another world. Now but. If that this for the great office. Part it's really such an honor to have you here at the table at last I understand you were born in France was what you moved to the cut this country at twelve became a citizen you're seventeen he joined the army after college. Why do you make that decision. Night it was personal obviously for many reasons my mother is French Algerian and she's Muslim and a lot of our families and Algeria console in 1986 that terrorists were his vision coated GIA. But coming in her late eighties early ninety's tried to go over the country. Going to kill my uncle. And they they shot on the B edit them and dismembered him and send back my family so it's I was probably thirteen years old at the time in that really. An impact on in my life. Then I was naturalized citizen and she doesn't want in February so he ran my new adopted country freshman in college in 9/11 happens and I rilya dog that point that. My duty as a new American into earned the right call myself American was to a fight for my country when we're attacked and so. Impressive accidents yes I'm an -- you also just received a medal the medal of honor for your bravery on August 8 to act when he twelfth for a so this is what they told me they UN Afghanistan leaving his security detail for a group of high ranking military officers to a weekly meeting. And then something that happened tell us what happened. Right so you know this being it happened every Wednesday for years and I've been deployed to a specific area two years prior and so we went to this meeting and we were targeted. Lincoln Madison two suicide bombers they waited for us to be about 700 meters until 11100 meter movement and they came out of some more cycles we have diversion. And that that's sometime an individual walked out of a sort of a building to our left and he was wearing a vast. I conceal weapon so I could not personally engaged who might my weapon. My personal weapon but I was a close a storm. And so that point I just started screaming adamant sprinted toward them and him. Across the chest realize he was wearing suicide vest my radio men ceremony called me. And I grabbed them yelled bomb and from as far away as possible as quickly as possible because I had one single mission a specific day it was protect commit you know Chris Arthur Griffin and an incoming guess RV IPs plus we had. What a few other VIPs in the patrol. I'm people ask why why you used to be such an act while you run towards dangers because our job. Took notes I mean it I had a responsibility and and I told combing his his wife that I would bring him home. Now on a specific date demand that I didn't come home and he did and so is Chris Thomas drew Griffin NASA did their work I gotta tell you. Do people. It's no. Yeah I feel self always. I'm to apply what they did I've never heard an actual hero brag about ladies and they never called and I look at my eyes I was my job is what he sent around them so incredibly humbled sitting next to you because your level of corporate courage and patriotism and service to country. There's just something that should make all of us proud. As an immigrant and particularly proud of you and I think it's important that people know that it's people like you can't make America great already. About cut knee injuries he sustained we'll tell you I know I look terrible. That's you know. In hindsight mangers are very minimal compared to. Of the thousands and of individuals when the wars I've had the opportunity to meet and see and talk to you but I lost it semi lower calf I've officially got the my left here. Which is a good thing in a bad thing little if but I'm in I had a pretty severe concussion which come at the mysterious part and I can in in the date when you can't. Counts when I was in hospital never get this far we three they brought in pictures overdraft and I just couldn't help. I knew it was but I couldn't tell the lady that this with a draft finished yes we look and they're being great at math but if you ask me how many quarters and a dollar. And I couldn't put that together now and sister because my brain in my mind wasn't working right but it fields my head to the that I had the best medical support. But you can never asked for I tell you what you know naval but does a Walter Reed hospital. Was there for me every step of the way come a point in us is too long. I was there in patient you know for almost six months and then I was spent about it you know a good year and a half. Just over that in and out the mosque role he would do it again. All I'm sent. And while I would do it again then I would try to be better. I think what I suffered through. And that Walter Reed is just self hate. Because I felt I felled in my opinion I mean I know medal everybody that. Command some under Griffin major great Reggie Kennedy and regular self but for my brother's name come home from obviously doesn't well. Yeah and so when I was in the hospital and you know we ought to medication and you receive in when you close the doors at night you know and it can think there was. You know what could have done better to bring a woman he wintry places. You didn't. Appreciate that. What. We're. If you hear featured in new Netflix stocky series called medal of honor. Which sells the stories of some of the most incredible medal of honor recipient since World War II. And you helped tell the story of Sylvester antilock why is his story something. We should all now except. Speech is silver serves a lock is the exact representation of what occurred is what and bureau is. Individual that is willing to put his life on the line over and over again to lead his men in a terrible situation. You're talking about war two you're talking about individual that was on a flat terrain and his they're pinned down by enemy. Fighting positions and the only way to get through that day. With students charged he's enemy positions. And he took. He took it and he got up and he sprinted and he took up the first enemy position got back up took up with no second when after being shot three times yeah three times 3000 knockdowns underground got back up by the second and position. His men follow them and went up again for the third one. And he was killed. On going for Lutheran fighting position. But that gave everyone around him the courage. To do what he did in together as a unit they went out then and defeated enemy into record terrain and he saved countless lives but he. Known to him it's about putting your life on the line for your Brothers sisters. Over and over again. Thank you so much I can listen to talk what they think they've got. About all. Eight seconds of play.

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{"duration":"7:16","description":"The retired U.S. Army captain recounts his personal story and talks about the new Netflix series, \"Medal of Honor.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"59089964","title":"Medal of Honor recipient Florent Groberg shares his incredible act of courage","url":"/theview/video/medal-honor-recipient-florent-groberg-shares-incredible-act-59089964"}