Meghan Markle backlash over Wimbledon privacy request

"The View" co-hosts react to criticism the Duchess of Sussex faced over tight security that appeared to surround her as she watched her friend Serena Williams play at Wimbledon, including reportedly s
3:48 | 07/10/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meghan Markle backlash over Wimbledon privacy request
That move duchess of suspects and Megan Markel has been criticized for requesting privacy. When she attended Wimbledon lastly not her camp said she was there and a private capacity. And as that people can't refrain from taking pictures. So what seemed being a diva auditioning one and just I would have friends that a little privacy like most of the people also she was criticized for wearing and see it's. Two. At Wimbledon. Which is not sort of my usual so I have to because when we go well but fled now they are dressed in tennis standards address something. Press here went meant what is have been you Indo US open England gene is halter top so she has a different capacity but people what jacket. Kicked it up but about this let's have a right to second act of what my friends if a little bit. She has the right but it's unrealistic to think that they will allow that aunt of Diana and they take picture is in now they show the baby and I sand that out well remembered. She's not saying that you can't take pictures she doesn't want to have to engage in conversation which almost is over yet give a she's got a lot of famous friends that scar on American and English and they're gonna be. Don't stop and she's going to be visiting them and yes I that is not the other problem that's another issue here but so does she have the right to say can I just finished at. I am I love car bomb. But I feel like Wimbledon is a public. Venue. And she is now the duchess and she's a public person and I don't know that in a public venue. You can say I'm on my private time don't take a picture of me I don't think she said that yes he's this is usually don't ask don't page at majors and that's what melodic can't do that I don't think you can. I think it over her battle with ex protect her privacy she's little such a target and there's so much unnecessary and unwarranted heat after. Her and I think it's just a bunch of haters who are angry that a hot American actress landed their clients what are that I make it. It's hot down against his half black yes there very may get there Berry are talking about the depressed statement about the all the racists yeah autism I have to do is bitter being embarrassed to ask about partisans and maybe she doesn't want her head take him from an is to Graham thank you put on something else may be that's been happening. I have to say there are times when I was saved you could I just. As well hang. I don't want to say hello and swan. Because some of the criticism. That she got someone presents at what I wanted to be one like died at. Yes that was Allbaugh the high in the cow yeah. I'd paint and New England Nielsen that night. What is legitimate and it got to do it this I think it's I don't and so I thought why do what she was not rich kids tennis player he's married to tennis player. A parent who who deliberately shields on the Haslett was yeah. That's right I mean is that Heidi lays out her but I I think that a lot of people remember Diana was. This just incredibly. To have they autorad flirt around now and they hounded her dad asked her dad literally and maybe maybe I was suspect in the you know. Prince Harry Harry well I was suspect he doesn't want what do you make it he hounded by photographers would talk. As far as go crazy when they see them because it's money in their pockets it means it's now it's how they make their living under its wrapped. And that's how they make it really they're living in and take your pick and a I think. If you're used to you know walking through and you know people are taking pictures that's one thing. What tends to happen to people is someone will come from all of their konduz I never do this potentially self he would BO. And then you let them right yeah and they think they're the only one who has had the idea right now. Fifty up the middle prominently everybody's coming and so I understand that act I think she's she's damned if she doesn't it there's ever break. Arab Harry giving her a hard on her game her umbrella.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts react to criticism the Duchess of Sussex faced over tight security that appeared to surround her as she watched her friend Serena Williams play at Wimbledon, including reportedly s","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"64246346","title":"Meghan Markle backlash over Wimbledon privacy request","url":"/theview/video/meghan-markle-backlash-wimbledon-privacy-request-64246346"}