Meghan McCain responds to White House aide's remark about her father

"It is not how you die, it is how you live," McCain said about her father, Sen. John McCain, on "The View."
6:46 | 05/11/18

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Transcript for Meghan McCain responds to White House aide's remark about her father
As of Friday before Mother's Day we kind of thought we'd be talking about serious stuff and but we have to stop by and dressing. The insanely despicable. Comments made by this little White House and buys that Kelly Sadler. She responded to send it John McCain's objections to CIA direct ship direct to nominate you know hats well. By saying about math he's dying anyway. I'll pack. Does not give this to you. OK. Yeah I'm OK so first I just wanna say is. Don't feel bad for me for my family really strong there's so much more in love that and then re Eric. An amazing energy being generated towards us than anything negative at all. And I feel so blessed my dad's actually doing really well right now and I believe in the power of prayer. And I think it's helping so I want to thank all the positive that he of people if not go again the other thing you wanna say is that it's. How leave here's a little news splash news may be a bit intense for 11 o'clock in the morning on a Friday bet. We're all dying. I'm dying and dying world I think yeah I want to see that bombs easily data's been diagnosed the past it's almost eerie July 19 and I really feel like I understand the meaning of life. And it is not how you died it is highly land grant. There. Had something to believe it might apple about character and bipartisanship. Thing. And something greater than yourself and believing in this country in believing in the fact that we as Americans can still come together. And that's something that I grew up in and feeds me every day. And I'm not I'm not scared I'm not scared of death anymore I just not. And whatever you want to say. In this kind of environment that thing that surprises me most day is. We estimate this if you Joyce it. We eat I don't understand what kind of environment you're working in when that would be acceptable and then you come to work the next day and eleven to opt yeah and that's all I have to say about it and also. It was diagnosed a year now say almost it was like here and often since he was diagnosed he has shown himself to be more of a patriot. That a lot of people in his party yet so I would like to give that shout out to him because he is the example of American patriotism which we have very east. At a short chat short shrift out lately I've noticed may get it in this cut I admire the class I was not as classy when I heard it. I was that you may hearings I thought that I went. Mama kin on that TV if I'm right saddled I know what they normally do too but today no I I want I want to check. But I just wanna do you know like wit I think that when you watch someone and I also don't like when people used terms like so and so is dying. Having watched so many people fight disease yeah they're fighting the disease and they are not being dying from the disease so. I guess tended not like the language surrounding it all but. You would've been really impressed with Michael Caplan. I'm so there I can't get. So Kelly here's the thing. I guess the fish stinks from the head pneumonia because it's easy to say something like that. And not think that old. That is the wrong headed comment to make out loud to you think what you want but you don't say this kind of thing out lap but. Unfortunately. You you are under someone who does the acts and men. This was not the only despicable thing done. There was that fox should L Thomas Mackie. Who made these comments about half schools. Background in CIA torture programs tackle up. Well she can't use it anymore because it's the we have determined. The congress it is not legal effect is is John McCain it worked on job that's what it called songbird job. Mom. You know day yesterday here at yeah and you. You're a man in the service. And I don't understand why fox allow these things and this you know. We already know what John McCain actually did and because. In this last year are. We've had to prove it timing timing timing adds I don't understand why you all allow people continue to push this bulls bull for the full wouldn't. You know wanted to talk about unsure stopped you know socks 'cause one of them got even so he was not so now I didn't hear that some I was in my if you aren't yeah you panic while inherited. How happy and you know anchored and shut it down that backing common knowledge he did apologize that comment as you know may get it infuriated me I was I did use the words that you were thinking I was so angry about it because. Sit sit criticize your dad a man that he himself this this guy what's his name Matt Matt her nanny. Whatever he also served he served or tourism and Vietnam so he is supposed to be. Someone that supports your dad and to hear that from a service member I say shame on you shame on you for saying Matt. We'll get away. They know that he's like that it is a birth there he was the senate the greatest risk assets conspiracy shouldn't be given to platform what that's my point yet you know and fox you should you know let. It's it's a really ugly nickname times multiple we were making yesterday that at some point when your tortured everyone breaks. Never that is that is how it works and that's how you get false information and and again I just really want to emphasize lake. It was a hard day yesterday but I'm surrounded by I get coming to work with women night she genuinely asked a section four and respect. If so much love around my family my father's legacy is going to be talked about four hundreds and hundreds of eyes these people. Nothing burgers not happen now they are or else. That's not on the show it your data so lovely and I and end Donald Trump was saying you know McCain you better be afraid I turn to your dad and I said are you afraid event and he just laugh that I understand are you scared Britney just laugh because. He was you know a Prisoner of War for five and a half years of the bottom line is he's laugh and at that he's laughing and also you know and where did it goes to something. The sort of terrible in the country this this. I don't know we've lost all eyes seems like we've lost all sense of decoy.

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{"id":55098444,"title":"Meghan McCain responds to White House aide's remark about her father","duration":"6:46","description":"\"It is not how you die, it is how you live,\" McCain said about her father, Sen. John McCain, on \"The View.\"","url":"/theview/video/meghan-mccain-responds-white-house-aides-remark-father-55098444","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}