Michael Avenatti charged for allegedly stealing from Stormy Daniels

"The View" co-hosts discuss accusations against the attorney and his claim that he's only "guilty of flying too close to the sun."
4:59 | 05/23/19

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Transcript for Michael Avenatti charged for allegedly stealing from Stormy Daniels
Talk about some come back to bite she went about half. At her pregnant you Michael Abbott not eight. Is making headlines warm very different reasons these days he's been charged with allegedly stealing 300 grand from his former client stormy Daniels. And his ex girlfriend told Vanity Fair that he allegedly engaged in a pattern of abuse where she lived in fear of his hair triggered Tampa. Not he denies everything but claims. That he if it. They should have. That he had to give Alessio flying too close to the sun. They've now when he sent. Like it or any fair article yes step his wings melted and I am yeah it is no major goes to the sun the bottom seriously man. That's that's how you're seeing they flew too close to. Also accused of ripping off a paraplegic. Man who won a lawsuit for four million dollars I know 300000 dollars from stormy but after me you know skis new book deal. Among all the other things his. How killings saying is it that you then you know you have all this do you and in the you know what's right and is little dust always blown out you know what's there and then he you can't talk much you gonna run for president yeah I. Don't really what we have that going on right now in the White House to its look what we've seen it happen. But now want to be on team but he's put himself in it. Equally. Crazy place he told me out all I have to admit I was full of the that I was fooled by trump to liked what he was not going to be as crazy as he is. I was fooled by yep John Edwards remember John Edwards I thorn oh yeah. And acquire. Open that can't worms and he was done and I was fullback Rodney the other day climbing as doesn't have rap. Luckily my husbands don't form and. I mean act for for meeting. You know it that. It's the worst thing that a lawyer can be it. Accused is. Commingling. Stealing from Diane of course but it's and also commingling back clients' funds with your funds and and for the American Bar Association. That is the worst offense I mean he will be disbarred. War for that if it's true and I'm just he hold me to yup and he would be jailed forever and I know he's been accused of three dozen crimes. And accused of you know trying to extort Nike and all of that but. As an attorney I think that is his worst offense he's he's in three hard years that's his worst offense stealing from stormy and he'll look I really sweet ideas. That's yeah. That's that's a tip on I think I just say not as serious note I guess we all oh stormy Daniels an apology in the media I mean I was toppled by him as a gift and be vomiting on air fake vomiting at the think he's saying that got you with a total con artist. From day one Elsa did understand the idea that a man should be speaking and telling a woman's story at a at a problem from it from day one eye patches more than capable of speaking for herself. What this woman has been put through she has had Moyer after lawyer took advantage of our men take advantage of her her story is still very valid. Her relationship with president trop it's one that we should now. And I think all of us in the meetings on CNN like 211 times we oath stormy Dale's the Paul what within a week. That I actually had somebody feeling. And while that was without your honor to our rent now they're white Wyoming and politics because we we put up of bronze star up what apparently played well we wheelbarrow which you know now. Well let me I literally I let's go from here pat him on the yellow watch her and this was her life now numbers it was seldom can we. She was fools Michelle is full and lots of people coming veteran I don't mind you did a great job yesterday in the bottom line in all of this is you don't notes that you know him that they don't know T enough and not good. This dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb man when you got pooped all all of you seats. You don't walk on a white me and it I'd probably yes and they don't I had him but people know and I don't mean I don't know that I am. But I don't know shows that if you hate promptly enough. That and media won't let you on a platform and I don't think that's necessarily be a reason to what you want he was he was on TV at a certain time -- return MTV. And add dressing room he is on MSNBC and CNN at the same time at me he was completely yeah I think the media for I was kind by the fact that he could talk his toughest trop. And an enemy of my enemy is my friend and it and there are a lot of people feel I and a heat and then he. I Allison would. Side I think stormy Daniels remains one of the most important witnesses and in this case OK I have a legal up. Have a knotty denied the fraud and identity theft charges ABC news saying that no monies relating to miss Daniels were ever misappropriated or mishandled. But again I think starting Daniels is is such an important witness and I hope she comes back on our show love and and and tells her story again.

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{"duration":"4:59","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss accusations against the attorney and his claim that he's only \"guilty of flying too close to the sun.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63235505","title":"Michael Avenatti charged for allegedly stealing from Stormy Daniels","url":"/theview/video/michael-avenatti-charged-allegedly-stealing-stormy-daniels-63235505"}