Michael Bloomberg entering 2020 race?

“The View” co-hosts weigh in on how the former New York City mayor could change the crowded Democratic field.
5:23 | 11/08/19

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Transcript for Michael Bloomberg entering 2020 race?
the latest threat to trump's second term may be from a candidate who's a powerful businessman with real political experience and a real billionaire who can prove it in his tax returns. Reportedly Mike Bloomberg is about to join the presidential race. Trump was already on the white house lawn this morning calling him little Mike which means she's scared. That's all that means, Donald, and he's claiming that he doesn't have the trump magic to win. What is the trump magic? Is it in his hair? Where is it? Where is that magic? He's clearly already -- I always think about optics because sadly they really do matter in politics, and I don't think he's going to make it through a democratic pry marks Mary, but if he did, think about the debate stage. Bloomberg the. Think about Bloomberg and Donald Trump on a debate stage. He's a New York billionaire. He's a short man. He doesn't have a lot of charisma. He just doesn't, and so I think the combination of the two -- Yeah. This might be perfect timing for Mike Bloomberg, or this is just a terrible waste of his time. He's looking at the big picture of, he doesn't see anyone coming out to beat trump on the left, and he sees impeachment might weaken the president. He's thinking, there might be an opening for me, but my gut tells me, that will be a waste of his time. If I was Marco Rubio, I would be a little jealous he's recycling the little nickname on somebody else. You know, it feels -- we say there's a lot still to happen, and anything can happen. It feels a little late to the game, you know, there's a November debate a couple of weeks away. Not even that. There's a December debate which Bloomberg wouldn't qualify for, but, you know, there is part of me that loves the idea of thinking of, you know, trump for I'm rich. I'm really, really rich is such a big deal to be on the stage with a guy who is -- Really rich. Really, really, really, like, certifiably rich. $50 billion. $50 billion. And not because his daddy gave it to him. He has an incredible story. Politics aside, he's -- He's self-made. Yeah. He also ran the second hardest -- he had the secondest hardest job in the country as mayor of New York. He did it for three terms. I liked him very much. I thought he was brilliant. He's a lovely guy. He's really smart, and he cares about the country. He knows what he's talking about. I believe that the country needs a new manager. He left $2 billion surplus to this one who's there now, de Blas. Do you think he could beat trump? I think if people want a manager who's really smart, this guy is nothing to fool around He's pretty moderate. The fact he's shorter, he probably compensates like other men. He's somewhat moderate. He was a Republican, then an independent, and so I think he will attract some moderates. I think he certainly is good on climate change and good on gun control, but when you think about stop and frisk policies here with black and Latino men. Controversial. I was not a fan of those policies, and again, if you want to win the democratic primary, if you want to become the democratic president, you have got to win the black vote, and you have got to win the black female vote, and moms of black men did not like the stop and frisk policy. There was a lot of crime before he came in. A lot of crime. Mm-hmm. The fact that he was targeting blacks is wrong. It's a problem. I agree with that, if that's true. It's definitely true. Some people blame the police department for that. Some people blame him. I don't really know. All I know is crime stopped. He has also since defended that action, and he also sort of called into question the me too movement, and he called into question the sexual allegations made against Charlie rose at CBS. He did? Yes, and so sometimes he's a little off when it comes to his messaging in terms of issues that I think are important to a lot of Democrats. No one is perfect though. Everybody's imperfect. Everybody is imperfect, but it shows he thinks there's a lane that he doesn't think Biden and Warren isn't filling either. I saw Maggie Haberman on TV earlier. She has covered him her entire career, and he said, he has always had difficulty connecting with voters like you said. Never say never, but I think he has a lot of hurdles and it will get ugly very quickly. I agree. I think he's great for new yorkers, but I would pay good money to see Mike Bloomberg interact with somebody who makes $50,000 a year in Iowa, or less. I know him. He was one of my father's I disagree with him vehemently on many things. The idea that you can come in and you're a billionaire, and I'll pay for voters, it's not working for Tom Steyer. The primaries the TV caucus is February 27th. This will be locked and loaded by April. He spent his own millions to become a leading advocate on gun control. But you can't buy voters. Tom Steyer is actively trying to do that right now.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"“The View” co-hosts weigh in on how the former New York City mayor could change the crowded Democratic field.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"66854484","title":"Michael Bloomberg entering 2020 race?","url":"/theview/video/michael-bloomberg-entering-2020-race-66854484"}