Michael Cohen to deliver testimony before Congress

"The View" co-hosts discuss if the testimony from the president's former lawyer will live up to the media's hype.
7:14 | 02/26/19

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Transcript for Michael Cohen to deliver testimony before Congress
It sounds like Christmas is coming very early this year. Former trump fixer Michael Cohen is testifying to congress about his former boss today. And tomorrow. And where is trump? He just got off a plane in Hanoi. It's nice to see his bone spurs didn't keep him out of Vietnam this time. Oh. You've been waiting for that one. Wait, where's the bell? I liked that one. Earth-shattering. Shocking testimony. Will it live up to the hype? What do you think, lawyer? I think so. He'll testify today behind closed doors. Tomorrow, publicly. For the first time. And then the next day, he's going to speak privately again to another house committee. I think we're going to hear act the fact that trump may have had ties to Russia. In terms of his -- He's not testifying about Russia, I thought? CHLT my upsing is he may testify about, um -- trump's contacts with Russia. Hush payments made before the '16 election. You're talking about the trump tower? Yes. How he manages his business. The emoluments clause in term of how he's getting money from the Washington hotel where people are staying. And he's still padding his coffers. I think we'll hear interesting I've heard he'll talk about racist statements trump has made. But what's new? Mgt we have heard the racist statements ourselves. We don't need him to tell us. We don't need to know about that. I think in terms of the money he's making while president. And perhaps the Russian tower stuff. ? And his taxes. I think that is an interesting Al Capone. No matter how many people he murdered, they got him on his taxes. It's true. When it comes to the taxes, they're nervous. I'm interested in the fact that he's testifying once before the not intelligence committee, privately. Once in front of the house sbel jeps committee privately. And then once with the house oversite committee, publicly. The Republicans will probably attack him on being a liar. He's been caught lying to them about the dates of this trump tower project. And is going to jail for it. Michael Cohen has been his fixer for over a decade. Just because you can't stand trump, he's not a hero. You have to think about what is in it for him. He wants you to think he was caught up in all this and the president took advantage of him. So there's that side of it. But, again, I've said this many times on the show, I think the smoking gun is not going to be direct collusion between the president and Russia. This is all hypothetical. It will be in the southern district of New York. It will be the hush money dealings and things he told Michael Cohen. But where people get the popcorn out is when he talks about character. What? Mgt his character. He knows this president. He'll talk about that he's a cheater. We know his character. Just look at him. We know the character. That's not an impeachable on feps. I'm just saying people that don't like the president will keep that up. If he's a liar, why did trump keep him around for all those why was he the deputy finance chair of the RNC. Michael Cohen? Michael Cohen. He's turned. He's on his atonement tour. I'm surprised he hasn't hit us up here at "The view." Everyone that leaves the trump administration ends up on this show. Brian, we need to book him. Yeah, Brian. It's your fault. I'm with Abby. Is there something smoking gun tomorrow? I have to predict no. I want us to focus on this. This has been evidence that North Korea did not stop pursuing creating nuclear weapons after the last meeting. They have escalated effects to conceal it. President trump says he's now okay with North Korea having nuclear bombs as long as they are not testing them. That is a shift. A paradigm shift from the conversation pip think we should be focusing, unless there's a giant smoking gun like you said, on what the conversation with Kim Jong-un will be and the comfort level of the united States with north kree kr pursuing nuclear weapons. I think the Michael Cohen thing could be a red herring to distract us. Spt the Korea trip the disthanks? I think that's a false narrative. They scheduled -- we can talk about the policy of the trip. I think you have great point. The trip was scheduled before any of this was to happen. And, again, what is he supposed to do? Sit in his office and watch television, which he would normally be doing if he weren't in Vietnam. That narrative is -- I'm not saying -- He usually watches television with the executive time. I don't think it's a distraction. I implore the media, and we'll do it on this show, to focus what is said in the summit. If there's a paradigm shift that the United States is now okay with North Korea creating and testing nuclear weapons, that a paradigm shift. I don't think we need to focus. Sexual congress is how I talk about sex on television. I think the media is focusing on this media with Kim Jong-un. I'm wondering why this president is so focused on Kim Jong-un. Mike pomp pay Yo has come out and said, he doesn't ups this paradigm shift. ? Doesn't Kim compliment domd? That's what he likes. It's petty fieing. Everyone waupts to talk about a smoking gun with Michael Cohen. That's manager that lawyers don't really talk about that much. It's a lay term. Even's smoking gun, smoking gun. I can't begin to tell you how many cases I have tried there is no smoking gun. The Robert durst one this was a smoking gun. I saw the jinx. He said kill them all at the end. That's very, very rare. That's something we probably need to take out of our lexicon. The smoking gun stuff. Lawyers are different than how the public is per receiving this. That's my point. Like when the Mueller report comes out that he'll be dragged out of the white house and be put behind bars. Ah, at the's my dream. That is my dream. You don't need porn. You need someone to reenact that hypothetical -- And the idiot sun, also. Just lock 'em all up. Just because there is not a smoking gun doesn't mean that what is happening with Michael Cohen is not very, very I'm not saying it's not important. I'm saying for me, my interests are what happens in the summit. Let's do black history month

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