Michael B. Jordan talks success of 'Black Panther'

Jordan joins "The View" to discuss how he prepared for his role and how the film is making waves across the world.
7:11 | 02/14/18

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Transcript for Michael B. Jordan talks success of 'Black Panther'
??? Woo! Listen baby. Oh, man. It is you -- I said Michael you're letting yourself go. How you ladies doing? I've been waiting for this movie for years, years and years. You are also a comic book nerd like myself. I am. Did you read "Black panther" as a kid? Yeah. I read anything marvel, any comic books, graphic novels. I tried to collect as many as I could. Worth money. Yeah. So particular "Black panther" because it was one of the few characters that looked like me. I didn't have to imagine too hard to be that character. It meant a lot to me. So now you're in it. Yeah. And Ryan coogler your man, you worked two films together -- actually three films now, "Creed," "Fruitvale station" and now "Black panther." This is an amazing partnership, yes? Yeah, we got a special bond from our first film together. You know, $900,000, duct-tape and one camera in a dream not knowing if it was going to work. The success that that film took us to "Creed" and then moving on from "Creed" to the marvel universe, it was a big deal. Crazy. A big deal. You were talking about the characters you played in "Creed." You were also Wallace on the wire. Incredible show. A great show. Your new character Erik killmonger is a different kind of character because he's angry about what he's been through, about the state of the world. What was it like to play a character like this? I mean, for me, it was -- you saw it so you know. It was liberating in a way, you know. It was fun to, you know, to express frustration that I know a lot of people made me feel. You know. And you guys honestly, it will make sense when you guys see the movie. But it felt good. It was a different process for me. Usually playing good guys. And to play a more complicated character where you kind of understand where he's coming from, not just the typical twirling your mustache, he had a method to his madness and people would agree. Actors love to play the villain. Leading men they would love to. Yeah, you don't have to make the morally good decision all the time. You have less boundaries. You can say and do whatever you want. You're so good in it. Thank you. Thank you. Oh, my god. I seen it twice and I'm going to see it again Friday. Please do. I'm going to see it again. It's no secret Hollywood has had this diversity problem for a lock time. But this film has all black everything. For most of the cast. A couple white people though. A couple. Couple. Couple. From most of the cast to your director Ryan coogler and people are going crazy not only here but you showed it in south Korea, people were in love there. Presale tickets are through the roof, expected to crush box office records. What kind of statement does that make to Hollywood and the world? I mean, honestly, I feel like whoever started to stereotype that black films don't travel overseas, you know, it's going to take that away. It's going to rewrite that narrative I feel like. You know, we were in South Korea and, you know, after they saw the film, they showed up in their traditional garbs from Indonesia and India and for me it was like making people proud of where they come from and their history and their culture and their heritage. And it's not just because, you know, you're pro black, doesn't mean you're anti-white or anti-anything. You can be proud of where you come from and that's okay. Right. It's a movie for everyone. It's a movie for everybody, you know. With the box office and all that good stuff, I'm just glad people are so excited about seeing this film. Oh, yes. A phenom. It's through the roof. You have got to travel quite a bit. Yes. You were in South Korea and I understand you got to enjoy is a little bit of night life. Uh-huh. Yes. We're going to out you right now because you were at a karaoke bar. Hold on. Hold on. You sang the song, "Reasons," a classic Earth wind and fire song. How was that? When in Rome -- when in south Korea you know what I'm saying? The karaoke and the night life so I wanted to do something fun. Did you hit the note? ??? Yeah. I appreciated it. I wasn't really gifted in the musical department. Because your body is in sane. And I wanted to ask you about all this -- well just about your body but ask you about the scars killmonger has. How did you put those on and how long did it take to get them on and off? Took about three hours in the morning to put them on and about two hours after I got finished to take them off. They built the sauna for me to sweat them off. Really? Yeah. They're these prosthetic panels and a lot were put on hand like one by one individually. But there are a lot of little panels they put on all over the place. Wow. Do you have trouble slipping into your sweaters when it's so tight in the sleeve? Because I looked at the bicep and I'm really trying to pay attention to what you're saying but I'm just like are you kidding me? I got a really good trainer. Cory has been working with me -- How do you like being objectified. Sorry. They're not sorry. Look, I'm supposed to say thanks to Michael B. Jordan, "Black panther" is in theaters on Friday but there's a full line -- Man, I love those. "Black panther" characters with a new one coming out this week. That's good. You know what y'all, y'all going home with Erik killmonger figure.

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{"id":53084560,"title":"Michael B. Jordan talks success of 'Black Panther' ","duration":"7:11","description":"Jordan joins \"The View\" to discuss how he prepared for his role and how the film is making waves across the world.","url":"/theview/video/michael-jordan-talks-success-black-panther-53084560","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}