Mika Brzezinski on her book new book, 'Earn It'

Brzezinski and her co-author, Daniela Pierre-Bravo, share the inspiration behind their book, and Scarborough discusses Donald Trump's relationship with Vladimir Putin.
5:16 | 05/07/19

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Transcript for Mika Brzezinski on her book new book, 'Earn It'
It's a. Friends look for Whitman. Just starting out in their careers called earn it. And read your earlier books is you've you've written a lot about your own career and this was really for the next generation coming up it and how they're dealing with challenges that. You might not fixed exactly because they're so many messages coming in their summit different ways you get messages and also. I think a lot of them are very confusing for young women starting out and so they're trying to be so many things that wants. So and actually I was thinking of the concept of doing and know your value book series when. A young producer from morning Joseph Daniel appear Bravo who is here and I aren't you. Approached me I had recognized. That she had done such amazing work on the show. She was so fast so serious in fact her nickname with federal. Yeah that is very intense and we were on a plane to gather and I asked her her story turns out. She's a dreamer she broke with her full four siblings and Lima Ohio. And figured out how to get to New York by applying for thousands of jobs and lying on the resonate. Saying she lived in New York City because she knew if she wrote Lima Ohio him might not Collor ran. I got called in for a job at. And she got on buses through the night. Cleaned up at more authority. Went to the interview nailed it what you really want to got a lot. And spend at. Office in and then restart and again at a morning show and then work like heck for two more years and I thought this is the path this is. The scrappy like don't give up pap and so we decided to take this project on together it was inspired by her ally Daniel Daniel just heard that story. If you go back to those early days when you first met Mika. What advice do you have for for women at that point in their life for. Ask me it's a tough time and anybody is when it starting out. And what I found is that no matter how many knows you get out more closed doors. If you work hard and you continue to put yourself out there in some shape perform high gas will always follow. And a half. I don't want it now we did you book of which I'm I'm thrilled for you sound like a really good you know you don't everybody yeah. To get back to politics not on how I like the title because I really adds my story and why worry it's gotten to know our young and you have to keep pushing have to be desperate and it certainly is something money or is something. Anyway what I want to look too bad is this Russian thing on the evening gala so I saw the other day so much we're going to talk about who's now a go ahead. Not trump talking with Clinton for ninety minutes on the phone yet he smiled was like face timing him. Some of casino was smile WS it and I thought I quest you know how it goes on television and then says he discussed nothing about Russian interference with him. And they let him get away with bash. There is that who's that the Republican Party right OK they got. We have to call these people out every day run have got to step up I know Megan doesn't like when I say the Republican Party. And I don't mean you know and I don't mean not I'm talking about it it's still lack a party let him if I let. There's just really important for you just say that the differential you can talk about elected Republican officials in Washington these steps so I'm me right so what I focus on them out cash at over the past week they've allowed bar. To lie under out right commit perjury right now which is by the way. Why week it's criminal voted to impeach Bill Clinton because. He committed perjury in grand jury well so we have that we have them ignoring the statute of treasury. Did turn over the tax isn't I don't like this isn't a constitutional crisis now this is a violation of a ball that's right. I'm not crazy all Internet yeah. There's terrific guy so far C. Coming for years past. They didn't come for you he said that they're not he's not release the tax returns you got help on debt when he was running out past somewhat irritated when I'm off. Travis numbers just when they went up. If you can find and one Paulette and Latin last week's polls used in the thirties who really knows where his number's going to be jumping around. But here is a reality I say this as somebody was a lifelong Republican. Who is still a conservative for more conservative than my former colleague on spending on small government on all of the things I used to believe got him. As a party. Unfortunately. In 2019. The Democratic Party. Is the only party in America. Left to defend the rule of law in Washington DC and that strange for me all these people that I politically but now fighting against my entire law. I can actually just that the Democratic Party is rightly well let me because what you all as a question tell us it's a little. For the Republicans it's all about an hour on itself or take care in America and that our daddy and here I am the American MCI let me ask. Yeah. I have a happy about that and getting married in the Lockhart thanks to Joseph Scarborough and need to present he members of our audience you are given. Involved with a copy of the book.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"Brzezinski and her co-author, Daniela Pierre-Bravo, share the inspiration behind their book, and Scarborough discusses Donald Trump's relationship with Vladimir Putin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62881895","title":"Mika Brzezinski on her book new book, 'Earn It'","url":"/theview/video/mika-brzezinski-book-book-earn-62881895"}