Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka talk hosting award shows and summer parties

The couple discusses the Tony Awards and Burtka's new book, "Life Is A Party."
4:15 | 06/12/19

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Transcript for Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka talk hosting award shows and summer parties
This so far I've and then it's. There was food yeah I think these days it's obvious that I think all the time we bring home so that we can you know hanging that at this hour celebration Natalie and that's what it's all we may ask you about this party snapped. You have I got to ask you about the Burt Reynolds. A look at home. Did they think you have going on I've seen you with a mustache before but apparently this was a shock to everyone else. What do you do if by saving fifty. Yeah. I had no I'm. I'm an actor and I'm doing a movie in a couple months and I asked out of affectionate so lighten. Trying to Don yes my best my best Burt Reynolds has the food and how excited you hope for a Magnum PI reboot. Anything is possible. But let's get down to business I've been eating right. Step on the table what is it what's happening EM man you this there's a guy do a book cookbook but it said. All with this season so this is that part of this summer section Hyundai fun day so it's. It's big celebration and it's we've got some grilled tofu has some ribs some. Green beans and potatoes. Rhodes also very cell I would leaks. And sundae bar with live know he goes what is not just its not yesterday heart rate is not just a cookbook it's up. I'm so glad it's their income of a party bookstore I tell you ought to put it all together we'll how to get your friends and family involved others but there's. How do you flower worst fears definitely had a pain bottle of champagne buzz I'm play lists. The book talks about creating dinner parties and you have some famous friends who have come to your parties I have even in the book price of Decatur and Los Angeles that would just cater for all my fitness friends said yeah but they would come over Christina Hendricks. This up and comer named LG. On. Is that. Will be the small very small third's house just out Ferguson Katy Perry for friends of ours now cookies a family affair in your house got so what's also friendly fare. Is how well dressing you all look Midler. You're also put together and it did to put together let this. I got home. Who is doing the styling her jacket I need I mean it's like I'm out I'm you know. Well David David calling David does all of the club you know not you might know. You hello my back out to the kids who that they had a very little say in the matter not sure she's got opinions now. Please allow an inning ending eight years old she's innocent I know we don't we look what I. On. We own I don't I let her go through your only daughter barely go online and and they like to pick the stuff stuff out and I give him all the materials and they put it together themselves so what we would be right mess we have talked about the Tony is that because Aaron last maids and obviously you have posted four times. Incredible you wind in 2014. We love the bit that your day with James cordon dashed evidence hair Burrell less it play out Powell they were all former area all former Tony award Alice how dare they say out wire but you're not nervous at all hall the first thought is that true that you weren't nervous to host and would you have stayed away from politics like Jane instead. Hough. I'm not really nervous. When I'm doing the actual show I'm much more nervous in the week before when your when your having to go lock in context. Award shows are big our beasts their three hours and you have to schedule everything down to if you're lucky you right up there aren't to be three hours and then. There's a lot of variables because of people give long speeches then you have less time to do the district you have yet to be sort of on the flight cutting things down. They keep things going so when your preemptively trying to figure out what the show's going to be that that's what I'm most nervous I think what I'm actually they're doing it and it's happening and it's all on the prompter is. Then your job really is to welcome everyone and ends established a tone. That makes people feel welcome I think politics in an awards show is is is fine adjusting to make easy low hanging fruit. And and I think if anything the people who win awards have an opportunity to say something that that is from their heart.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"The couple discusses the Tony Awards and Burtka's new book, \"Life Is A Party.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63665191","title":"Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka talk hosting award shows and summer parties","url":"/theview/video/neil-patrick-harris-david-burtka-talk-hosting-award-63665191"}