N.Y. attorney general resigns amid abuse allegations

Eric Schneiderman has denied assaulting the four women who spoke to The New Yorker.
4:40 | 05/08/18

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Transcript for N.Y. attorney general resigns amid abuse allegations
And joy. So here's somebody who we can't say a lot of nice stuff about right now. New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman who was one of the white house resident's biggest opponents and a force in the me too movement, who took legal action against Harvey Weinstein and now he's just resigned after four women accused him of sexual abuse. Now, he denies the allegations, but he's still stepping down, and, you know, what do you do? I mean, people come out when they feel they're confident enough to say something, but this was a big shock, I think, to a lot of people. Ronan farrow for doing this, people that in a day sometimes you hope you're doing enough good, his fight to get those stories and to give people the comfort to speak out and give them the platform, without him I don't know if all of those victims would have lined up into one article. I was -- I was -- it's such a sad story but it wouldn't have been told. He's a paradigm shifter, Ronan farrow, and he's a great champion doing this kind of reporting that's necessary. Yes, he is. Listen, this is a shock when a lot of people when it broke online. Eric Schneiderman was a big advocate for the me too movement and women's choice. It goes to show you could be one person publicly and another person. I almost wonder if he realized that he was sort of under the umbrella of the me too movement as well. He's this huge proponent of it, yet he is abusing women, he said in the privacy of intimate relationships I have engaged in roll playing and other consensual activity. I have not assaulted anyone. I've never engaged in nonconsensual sex which is a line I would not cross. But the women are saying I consented to having sexual activity with you but I didn't consent to being slapped or choked. -- He wouldn't have needed to threaten them as much as he did which is I am the law, I will kill you, other things that were spoken about in the article. If you don't know right and wrong you wouldn't need to do that. That's true. I was kind of shocked at the coercive nature of what he did to these women. Isn't he in the position to basically be a bull work against any pardons that trump would have made in New York state, so that if he were to pardon Michael Cohen or Jared Kushner for example, they could be retrialed as soon as they got rid of a particular loophole in New York state so the pardon wouldn't go through. Now what's going to happen with that? I don't know. It depends on who replaces him. Someone they appoint? I believe it's the legislature that does that. I think it is. We'll find out. Oh, I'm sorry, there's more to Schneiderman's statement. He says -- this is right after he resigned. In the last several hours serious allegations which I strongly contest have been made against me. While these allegations are unrelated to my professional conduct or the operations of the office, they will effectively prevent me from leading the office's work at this critical time. Again he's saying I didn't do this at work, but -- It's interesting, the wife is always the last to know or what? According to what I read, she is no idea. Works for him presently so the way I remedy that in my head, if your job depends on him being successful and you work in his campaign, it would -- I'm not saying that she's not speaking her truth but it is a little bit of a blurred line if you work in the same administration. What's coming next? What's coming next? Every day. It's every day. But you know what, if you're doing -- if you're bashing some woman's eardrum in, she has to go to the hospital or the doctor -- Outrageous, get him out. Out forever. What's interesting to me, I want to know if the staff knew anything because staff is super close and he allegedly has some alcohol issues. I'd just be curious. This is one area where it's bipartisan. Oh, yes. We can agree on that. Of course. It's just men. For now, whoopi, you're right, the state legislature -- It's men. It's Republican men, Democrats. And all vocations, all industries. It's incredible. The state legislature for now is going to pick someone. Oh, the state legislature will do that. Will pick someone to replace him. But he was known as being this incredibly wonderful advocate. So now we'll see what happens. He's out for the moment, and we'll be right back.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"Eric Schneiderman has denied assaulting the four women who spoke to The New Yorker.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"55022644","title":"N.Y. attorney general resigns amid abuse allegations","url":"/theview/video/ny-attorney-general-resigns-amid-abuse-allegations-55022644"}