Oscar predictions and expectations

"The View" co-hosts share their Academy Awards picks.
4:26 | 02/22/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar predictions and expectations
So today's black history month FYI celebrates two of this year's Oscar nominees. Peter Ramsey is the first black director nominated for best animated feature for "Spiderman: My grandson loves that. Which includes a black and Puerto rican spiderman to show that anyone can wear a hero's mask. And of course, the biggest blockbuster of 2018, "Black panther," nominated for seven oscars, including the first best picture nomination ever for a superhero movie, it's a cultural milestone that features a black director and a mostly black cast. It was also the highest grossing movie of the year, pulling in $1.3 billion worldwide. Good luck on Oscar night, and wakanda forever. Yes. You didn't say it the way that sunny does. Do it. Yeah, do it, sunny. This is the best I could come up with. I'm like Elaine who can't dance, you know. Just beat your chest. So let's go around the table and start with Meghan. What are your predictions for Sunday night? Iust hope that "Bohemian rhapsody" wins something and that lady gaga wins best actress and best song and "Black panther" wins the rest. Maybe that's terrible. Those are the only movies I've seen. I love lady gaga. Adam lambert is going to be singing for queen. I love Adam lambert. That's wonderful. That will be great. I'm definitely rooting for Glenn close in "The wife." I think it's one of the best movies of the year. I'm rooting for Ruth Carter for best costume design for "Black panther." I know a lot of the period work wins a lot, but remember, she dreamt up wakanda, including the costumes, so I think she deserves it. And I'd like to see spike Lee win for best director for "Black klansman" and something also for "Black panther," the movie. I am rooting hard for a documentary, "Rbg." First, the documentary was terrific, but imagine Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 85, just had lung cancer surgery and showed up to work. Then I'm waiting to see what happens with "Roma." It's got ten nomnominations. It is a Mexican movie. It's made by a mexican-american director who I famous, but I got to tell you guys, it put me to sleep. I couldn't get past the first five minutes. There's a rousing endorsement. It put me to Slee It was about Italy. It was like I'm watching the wrong movie. Some of these intellectually high brow Oscar movies, I want "Black panther" to win, I'm sorry. Speaking of going to sleep, they are insisting on the 90-second rule. We'll see if people follow that. We should try that at this table. I love Glenn close. She's been nominated more than any other actress for this and she never won which I was surprised by. I know if she won she would give another inspirational speech. It's those goes bumps moments that oscars for. They better not play that music when the people are in the middle of speaking. They have to. We'll be up until 4:00 in the morning. They do it to us sometimes here, control room. I don't like it. You mentioned lady gaga and Bradley cooper performing together. They've got some good chemistry, just saying. I'm looking forward to that. I'm interested in Glenn clo also. I liked her. I also saw "The favorite" with Olivia Coleman. She's a British actress. You're going to get to know her "The crown" on Netflix. You love British everything. I do. You know what, I wanted them to be political this year. I would enjoy that. I like it when they do something that's crazy, but they have to lock up Robert Deniro in the men's room because he's volatile on the topic of trump. Wouldn't it be fun for them to come out -- ??? ??? They're playing the music. You see?

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts share their Academy Awards picks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61243925","title":"Oscar predictions and expectations","url":"/theview/video/oscar-predictions-expectations-61243925"}