Outcry over arrests at Starbucks

"The View" co-hosts react to arrests of two black men in a Philadelphia Starbucks after witnesses say they were doing nothing but sitting at a table.
2:38 | 04/16/18

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Transcript for Outcry over arrests at Starbucks
So Starbucks coffee shop in Philadelphia is on fire after two black men were arrested while waiting for a friend because they hadn't ordered any bank now cell phone when video. Caught what happened when a friend showing up to take a look. What if moment there. So there are a lot of white people now who did not the same time lag and really or net. Ordered any inmate nobody would. Arrested them I mean. Is just you. You don't want it leaked to a racial thing you just never wanna Clinton happened to you. How would you as one not to lead to racial thing. I'm sat stab Max. Just hanging with friends who haven't gotten eight thing latter way. Nobody wears it well be hard arrests made could not be allowed us else that I. But. Who's gone into Starbucks who hasn't had a few miss when they happen ordered anything and that what is what's how your head for one thing because when they win the peace get a phone call here on the scene. It is also their job to reasonably assess what's going on until it was a double down on this Reddy said the beast and do anything wrong they were called became ended their job. I disagree on that when you coming you stay with what did they do. Not a rat's. Castro they do not wrong as well I was just that a comedy of errors everywhere what I liked. But the with the Philly mayor said he said this incident appears to exemplify what racial discrimination looks like in 2018 and I see yet that's exactly what. No longer. Twelfth some places there but they're no longer lynching centuries there they're they're no longer able to do that sort of overt discrimination or racism but they're able to kick us out of a Starbucks for doing the same thing that every other person not person of color. Is doing and that's we talked about this on Friday. This is selling real life. Experience the African Americans in this country it's something that would be and I we deal with it every single day and and I hate that this happened. But I am happy that it was caught on video and that we're talking up. This time. When there isn't a video and it is hard isn't it heartening to see some might handles sticking out ally is a nationally I hadn't exactly.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts react to arrests of two black men in a Philadelphia Starbucks after witnesses say they were doing nothing but sitting at a table.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54506261","title":"Outcry over arrests at Starbucks","url":"/theview/video/outcry-arrests-starbucks-54506261"}