Paula Faris opens up about whirlwind year

The “Journeys of Faith” podcast host and former “The View” co-host shares details about her dramatic year in 2017 and how she recovered.
4:36 | 01/23/20

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Transcript for Paula Faris opens up about whirlwind year
all of you backstage. It's been a while. We see you wandering the stage. Just wandering. What are you up to aside from what we're going to talk about? You know what, when I stepped away from anchoring weekends and "The view" two years ago I knew I had to pump the brakes and slow down. I've been working Monday through Friday. I file most days for "Good morning America" and I have a faith podcast which I'm super passionate about and I am present with my husband and kids on the weekend. So more ministry time for the two of you. A lot more ministry time. What's this I hear you got a tattoo. I did. What does it say? It says be still with a little cross, yes. Biblical. They used to tell that to me in school all the time. She went to catholic school. That should explain it. I got it in Charleston. With my girlfriends. We go every year. Anyway, I wanted a reminder to just be still. Obviously it's a verse, be still and know that I am god. But just to be still, be present, be in the moment and just to calm the heck down. My phone tells me that every ten minutes, time to stand up, time to take a breather, time to be still. Is your phone glued to you? I wanted this -- the tattoo artist told me, you know this is upside down and I said, no, this is a reminder for me. I don't care if anybody else sees it. Paula, I have the same one. I love it. It hurts. It's a wonderful biblical verse because it just means that god is in control and we are not and just to be still and know that he will take care of all. Exactly. Nice little reminder, it's very profound. It's nice. People may not know that when you left the show a few years ago you were really going through a tough year personally and professionally that led you to make those drastic changes in your life. Right. So share with us what happened. So it was -- it all started in the fall of 2017 and I had a series of I guess unfortunate events as you might call them but within seven months I had a miscarriage with an emergency surgery. I had a concussion through a freak accident at work. A kid through an apple at my head. The first day back to work I get a in a head-on car crash and then I got influenza with pneumonia. I felt like god was telling me to pump the brakes and that led to walking away from really in essence at the height of my career two dream jobs but I knew that I needed to slow down because I was losing sight of what was important, losing sight of the relationships that are important to me. Somebody hit you in the head with an apple. I remember that. Right before I went live so it never made air. They threw the apple about 60 miles an hour. They said if my head was turned slightly to the right it would have fractured the side of my face. Oh, my god, that pretty face. Thank you. I appreciate that. I knew god was trying to get my attention. You have spoken candidly and openly about your miscarriage, as have I. I want to thank you. You were an incredible source of support and for me it's still scary to talk about because there's so much stigma, so much judgment, at least I have found. And I actually almost regretted talking about it afterwards so then having someone like you who have been so open about it, I understand it was important for you to share your experience with your daughter. Can you tell me why. I talked about the miscarriage in 2017. I had another one in July of this past year, over the fourth of July. I'm 44. I always wanted four kids. Maybe it's because I'm the youngest of four. That was my third miscarriage. I've had three healthy pregnancies and three viable pregnancies. I knew what was going on. We were on vacation with some friends and I knew the signs. I brought my daughter to the restroom with me and showed her what was going and I said I just want to let you know that mommy -- the baby is probably no longer viable. Mommy doesn't feel any guilt. This is normal. It happens to so many women. It happened to me a couple of other times. When you get pregnant it might happen to you, honey, and I want you to know there's nothing you did wrong. It's so important. It's important to grieve but it's also important to know that this happens to so many of us. How old is your daughter? She's 12. She's the perfect child by the way and then I have my boys. God has a sense of humor. It's important and we've talked about that.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"The “Journeys of Faith” podcast host and former “The View” co-host shares details about her dramatic year in 2017 and how she recovered.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"68484920","title":"Paula Faris opens up about whirlwind year","url":"/theview/video/paula-faris-opens-whirlwind-year-68484920"}