Pete Buttigieg leads in latest Iowa poll

“The View” co-hosts weigh in on Mayor Pete Buttigieg surpassing Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in new poll.
6:02 | 11/18/19

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Transcript for Pete Buttigieg leads in latest Iowa poll
Now there has been a big shakeup apparently in the democratic playing field according to the latest Iowa poll. They're saying mayor Pete has surged 16 percentage points making him the number one candidate at this moment. As we know, this is going to keep, you know, people are up. Then they're down. Then they're sideways. Then they're in, and they're out, and everybody's mad. What do you think mayor Pete has him pulling ahead all of a He's a moderate, am I right? He's more of a moderate Democrat. He wasn't, and now he is. He was both campaigning extremely left sort of in the Beto lane, and saw the tea leafs on that, and now he's moderate. People like that. The other one -- there's klobuchar who is like that, and so is Joe Biden. People are excited about buttigieg. He's fresh, he's new. He's gay. He's smart. He's a serviceman. He served in Afghanistan. Mm-hmm. He's married, and unless you are a homophobe, he's in a traditional marriage. Totally monogamous. He speaks to his faith a lot. There's a silent majority. I think it's great, and he's openly religious which is another positive in this so unless people are going to not vote for someone like him because he's gay, I think he's got a shot. Okay. Well, I'm not going to try to burst the bubble here, but I -- there's always a sparkly, shiny object in primary politics. I can remember when, like, Herman kaine was polling high, and newt Gingrich, he won south Carolina during primary politics. Okay. He did. I'm just saying, so there's always -- Yeah. There's always a bright, shiny candidate. My problem with mayor Pete for a few different reasons is I don't know if we would be talking about a candidate polling with 0% or 1% with white voters the way we're talking about the candidate with 0% or 1% with black voters. He has a serious problem and blind spot. He came out with his Douglas plan over the weekend, and some black voters didn't support the plan. This featured a Kenyan woman and her child. This is sloppy and disrespectful. He may be doing very well in Iowa. It doesn't really matter until you get to New Hampshire and South Carolina. What was wrong with that picture exactly? Those aren't real people that supported him. They're -- They're real people. They're not African-American. They're Kenyan. It's a stock photo. It was done by a low level staffer, not him. I have said this so often about mayor Pete. I like him. I like some of the things that he has to say, but he has had a problem historically in south Bend where he is the mayor with the African-American community. I went to law school in south Bend, have gone back there several times, spent a lot of time in that community. He is not embraced by the black communit as much as he should because he is somewhat popular there. Is that an open and shut case? 1% is very bad. It's much lower than trump for whatever that's worth. Wow. It's pathetic and I asked him some questions when he was on our show via satellite about the gentification of what was going on in South Bend, and he didn't have a great answer for it or he didn't have a great answer for a lot of issues that face the African-American community, and this Douglass plan which was supposed to be addressing the African-American community, he rolled it out in a sloppy way. He didn't do it. A low level staffer did it. But your staff -- I get it. How can you say these people are endoring you, and they're The one thing that's positive for me is that governor John Bel Edwards just won re-election in Louisiana and he's a pro-gun anti-abortion Democrat. The idea there's not a lane for Democrats has shown at least in this election that's not true. There is a lane for moderate Democrats across the country. Do I think mayor Pete is going to be the democratic nominee? Absolutely not. Did this guy in Louisiana -- You can't become president with no black support across the country. It's ridiculous. I know that. That's right. That's why Biden is ahead. This other guy in Louisiana, the Republican, his star is on trump, and that's why he lost. That's really a more important point, is when you hook up with the devil, they're not going to vote for you. The midas touch doesn't work anymore with trump. But a pro-gun anti-abortion Democrat just got elected in Louisiana. I think it's a good thing, and he's campaigning very well in Iowa. Iowa is a different place for Republicans than it is for Democrats running. It always has been. As you made the point several times. Especially because of the lower African-American population there. That being said -- 3% or 4%. It's not a king making state in the way it once was. It isn't, but let's not discount anyone. I'm not. I'm just saying because people hear things the way they want to hear them. We're not discounting anyone. We're making you awe ware this is what's happening in the broader picture. I love Iowa, but the caucus, I have had a problem with the caucus in general because I don't think it's the same as primary, and once you get the momentum rolling in new Hampshire, historically, it always makes a difference, and again, there are many candidates who have won Iowa handily, and didn't win. I have a note. Yes, you do. Buttigieg's campaign confirmed that the photo of the Kenyan woman was no longer on the website noting it had been taken down in September. A contracting firm had chosen the stock image while building the site without knowing it was taken in Africa. One thing that you just

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{"duration":"6:02","description":"“The View” co-hosts weigh in on Mayor Pete Buttigieg surpassing Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in new poll.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67109585","title":"Pete Buttigieg leads in latest Iowa poll","url":"/theview/video/pete-buttigieg-leads-latest-iowa-poll-67109585"}