Preet Bharara on his new book 'Doing Justice'

The former U.S. attorney talks about the report by special counsel Robert Mueller.
8:52 | 03/19/19

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Transcript for Preet Bharara on his new book 'Doing Justice'
Every US attorney for the southern district freed by Aurora took on bullies like mob bosses and gang leaders before getting fired by the bully in chief. But it's may have a social media superstar and his new memoir called doing justice said prosecutors thoughts on crime punishment and it will look I just want to sports. On the Muller reply so please welcome treat. Barack. As you're the expert on a lot of stuff. So we hearing about the mall reports coming out coming out coming out of bullets. Whereas it. I've I don't know but you know people keep predicting things in the press three weeks ago I gotten. You know a million phone calls thank you be available do you have a comment because it's happening basically this afternoon it never happened and it shows you. That over time although I think Bob Mueller but known for a long time is trying to move quickly he's also very methodical is that everything before its time. And all these reports. Maybe from people who are Sissy with a president who wanted this investigation to be done. So that no cut that half a day after I started I remember we were hearing it was was to be done by by Thanksgiving or Christmas a 27 yeah. They're always wrong. And there are a couple of signs now we've seen that that maybe it'll go on longer rod roses Stein who is the the deputy attorney general who has been overseeing a lot of this. I heard a report just before coming on set he's playing to stick around for awhile longer that may not mean a thing but to me it indicates that we could be spending over what time waiting. They want the whole thing that's why they don't want that want to Hanson house. I think there's almost as everyday we don't have that stuff. That's illegals are definitely not a not a simple enough country like Joseph way yeah are hoping the president Kennedy walking out of the White House. And handcuffs and all the stills are now. You know how Robert Mueller operates when he think we should expect. So now more than a disappoint the crowd. Not gonna be called out in handcuffs and a if it maybe he should be made this proof beyond a reasonable doubt of a crime was what you need if you're a prosecutor. But as people have been talking about for awhile now there is a no written guidance policy document in the Department of Justice it says a sitting president cannot be. Prosecuted and I mean I like that you can indict a sitting president but Barack based on based on my understanding about Mueller and how he might operate he is not gonna buck that. Policy now we can talk about where it should be changed and you have you maybe shouldn't change it shouldn't be the case but so long as it is policy. I don't think Bob Mueller is gonna go into the White House and take a president Adam cups. If you know what you have been a similar position where you are you put service before politics and like you prosecute Democrats you've been criticized for that in the past. I think about Mueller and how politicized he's the comp just for doing its job no matter what happens you're gonna have a big chunk but thinks it Ariza went tucked. And other child that thinks that trumps a Russian spot of the time the things he's a wedge. When it does come out will enough people believe it and take it seriously they should. Yeah I worry about that you know that the issue criticism of her prosecutor. That's part of the job if you can think he gets kitchen and Idaho chapter in the book about just that it's not just mr. of lofty stuff about law but about how you view as a human being. If you being criticized how you deal with the and there are people who said that was against new certain ethnicities I was anti Democrat I was anti Republican based on the even said at one point. Which is there's into the thing to do today which seems to be Indian American day on on the view. I'm Louise and I prosecuted Indian people to those trying to prove how white I once was and make a lot of sense to me. But the difference now is is those people who had. You know a bone to pick with the prosecutors because they don't like being will be less being investigated alleged being prosecuted. But the president has a bigger megaphone anyone else on earth and so when he. Sort of weaponized is his Twitter account and the people around him to attack you know some it was a war hero. An upstanding person you wanna like what his results of about Mueller. It's up to my my as a hero and America. And if you can basically swift boat him because you have the power of the microphone of the presidency that's not a great thing and so the ultimate answered your question is I'm I'm worried. That a large percentage of people in the country. Either way will be upset because they don't get the outcome that they want as opposed to look and see what the evidence shows. Well Donna Brazil's got to fix that over filed. Fox about how I ask you this. ST NY the southern district of New York has opened up multiple investigations. That we know into trump. His inaugural committee the Trump Organization. What if Trump's kids get. Quite often that is back to game changer for him. Whether it's a game changer in the sense that I worry what valve from. We'll do because he does not seem bound by. Ethical norms he does not seem bound by tradition. And he is himself stated as a red line of people are looking at his finances. When his back is up against the wall sometimes he does when he's in last two days tweet in a fifty times. Incomprehensible nonsense. But no he how he does have authority to do lots of things he has the authority they could be challenged to shut investigations down his the authority. To do a lot of negative things I think to the country and you know I think that that nothing will trigger him more than if someone decides to bring a case against one of his kids. At one point one quick thing we talk about this all the time and you hear him saying all the time collusion no collusion no collusion is that you can if. Is collusion a crash Saturday and and clues as a word it's not it is not a crime does appear in any statute that. It's it's a shorthand to talk about it what it means if that from campaign did something we've colluded with. People from Russia in to interfere in the campaign. The words that the crew as you know but that lawyers use the criminal lawyers use or was a conspiracy. And aiding and abetting and it's possible there was a crime committed in connection with. Some kind of conspiracy to affect the election or a campaign finance violation or to commit hacking crimes but clues itself the president keeps saying is up was as a collision. There's also doughnuts I don't know what that it right up there because of sort of matters a word he's used and seized upon that we should stop using prop. You know Michael Collins. Is still talking to the southern district where you worked in hits and Chris Christie himself says that if you in the White House that would send a chill up his spine and I understand they just released documents. Michael Cohen documents just that some news today yet really don't search warrant and took a search warrant at the end and that Mullin knew about the easier he went in their long time ago before they went and map right. Yes so I mean. Shouldn't it should just send a chill up the spine of the White House because Michael Cohen could take him down. But Michael Cohen is an important witness in that he would not have a what's called a collaboration agreement with the southern district on what I can tell you is and what I write about in the book at some length. Is what the the so disease like some people are are constantly now talking about ST why the southern district of New York. They're all sorts of great people there whose names you don't know whose face is an unfamiliar to you because I'm going television. Who just do their work every day and they filed it to defile the right path to to truth and justice and something about the culture of the place. And the and the DNA of the place and how they go about doing their jobs and it is important for people to understand. Among other things that they're independent aggressive and fearless and they don't care who you want how powerful you are if if the key if along the facts supported. They will do the right now and and they are also not limited in the same of the Bob Mueller was in late date when I ran that place for seven had tears we thought. We saw crime committed and there was jurisdiction here. We bring the case so yet to of the spine I think that's. He can't partner and if people can't park this song for example what he can get and this doesn't sister federal the federal court. If it does state attorney general for the local DA was also filed a case against banana port. Those can't be pardoned but enforcing the one apparently didn't have was to to to be immune from pardons could you still look for crop. Today I don't my phone hasn't rung. Aaron expected to which you say yes though I would not. You not say just quickly because I want to talk about this book is it's great speaking of stitches and Michael Cohen you've worked with many in your past well. Are they credible. It depends on the six as a worded people aggressively to use it was dollars colorful phrase cooperating witness is like ornaments if it goes back. There's something in art in our system that doesn't like people who whose net I tell the story did the beating a chapter. On my son in my daughter were six and four. My daughter comes marching into the kitchen and says my wife me some points or brother and his she's clearly about to tell on him my son is crying. And then we do a thing that very much surprised or was it. Don't tell us we don't wanna know you're very confused. Because she was going to be a snitch and nobody wants a number Lexus if but they're the backbone of criminal cases. Yet as to continue snitch and a whistle blow islands is clear that opera and there is look for there is a righteous and former OK we went thank you finish thanks to trust a firearm by his new book. Doing just to say prosecutors thoughts on crime and punishment and the rule of law.

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