New president of Planned Parenthood talks Kavanaugh confirmation

Dr. Leana Wen joins "The View" to discuss her new role and more.
7:22 | 09/13/18

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Transcript for New president of Planned Parenthood talks Kavanaugh confirmation
N pellegri. Tastefully Italian. Ideas of what planned paroo is. The nization's new present joins now tell us they're really all about. Plea W Dr. A wen. So yrday you we announce as the planned re health fhe Ty baore. Y did you want to take this ? Well, F all, so honored to be here with of planned pahood. It's an organizatio that 0 years has donefor womenh than any other,nd know this personally. When my par and first came to the U.S. We had some really difficult S. Even thoh M parents worked multiplejobs, we could barely scraby, anplanned parenthood was there er neede care. An was a patient pla nthood. Inamerica,nnood was where we went for our medical care, for B medical services like cancer screening familyplanning. And I see as a docto every wh happens wn people don't get there that theyneed,nd I'm taking on this Rolen P became I'm a new motr myself. I have a baby who just turned e.applause ] And nothiore ifying for me being a parent, because it clarifiesy lues and W nt to fight for and what I nt to fight for I T Sam access toea that everybody should have, that health care should be understood as human right. Sodoctor, it looks like judge kavanau is going to be confirmed for therecourt. W, Haid that fa a that he considers roe V. Wade settled W. Do youelhi No. You donot?o not, Andere's why. Because I'm a doctor scientist and I have go the data. One data point is that president trump said that he H a litmu test, th he will only appoint he id nothi hisrmation heings that would ass otherwise ireated a woman who came into th once who wasse and actually she ended upying in thee.r. Fro a botched ab he didn't have access to health C and S record hernttempting T time. For me I not polical. It's deeply personal. Hasn't Kavanaugh also said Thate rules based off precedent and precedent is th V. Wade ithe law the nd. Isn't that a way to takethe's not going to spend Hise overtug law. That to be hiscus. Actuallyead it a different way.ll, I ve to goccding to the data that include what president trump has said. Row versus wadend the stakesre jus so high. A women's lives that are at stake and that's what we hav F Y. I know tt placed parent provideseror women of cor, low income women, andhinkha very noble. But iohat plannedhos more abortions, artions than any other health care providere united in fact, inhink 2016 planned parentodvided 3234 abortions. In terms O emergency contraception kits 730,329. That's Moren well W exams, P te vaccinations. Planned parenthood doesn't perform mammograms. But plannedthood I don think transpare about sayst's only of their services. "The wngton post has found that to not beaccurate has found it to be more lik given plannedenthood three picchios for that. 'T plannedarenthood more transre about its true position? Ll, I disagree this. Planned reod just like every majedical orgization that I've everorkedor follows the law and is ent and makesar WHA are T procedures Thate performed and what are the serves that we perform. Plannerenthood the largestrovider of reproductive health care inhis tr that includes abortions but 90% of the service performed are preventati ca You'reparating it provides more abortions- T's legal. It is legal but wanou to be transparent about that. It S planned parentod is tryino have I both ways. I don't Gett saying. How are they get it both Because there has beenn issue a federal funding. Which I want to clarify. Plee do. There are no fed taxpayerdollars that go towardsab True. Also by theway,parenthoodsn't get aheck a check teear about ending. Planned parenthood, just like every hospital getsmbursed medical services like breast can screenings, cervical cancer scrnings and birtalk to my friends about this all the T because planned parenthood has become something that's a politic is verydivisive. If you are pro-life, I hear all the time, I don'tan my taxpayer money goingunn organization that provide abortions, whether or not the mos direct indirect, that's being done. A T people have a ally haime with at. Knart of your role, you want to make ls pitical anyou wan to make it so but at a real challenge that you guys have on your plate. Do you underd why PEOP ve a Harde with it? Here's mnc ough, that health care shouldn't be litical. Needing medicationor your children isn't political. Breast and cancer screings -- 'T disagith you on that at all. And makg HD decns ifr child needs a aborti because someoneas raped her shouldn't be a potical Desi. It shouldn't decision T you it S decision that a parent and T doctor make and right now it is ga B I untand that a an American citizen tt' what you ve to do. There's a lot of stuff I don't want T payfor. A L oftuff most people don't want to pay R, but as citizens, this is part of what we ve to do as I think. Yes, what hat'sit? You'r goingve toome ck because -- I woue to. There's muc mor to tal about. It wonderfulhing you'r

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{"duration":"7:22","description":"Dr. Leana Wen joins \"The View\" to discuss her new role and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"57804762","title":"New president of Planned Parenthood talks Kavanaugh confirmation","url":"/theview/video/president-planned-parenthood-talks-kavanaugh-confirmation-57804762"}