‘Rebecca Black Was Here’ is singer's 1st project in 10 years

Black speaks with “The View” co-host Sara Haines about how her viral song “Friday” impacted her life, coming out publicly and going on tour in 2022.
8:29 | 06/16/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Rebecca Black Was Here’ is singer's 1st project in 10 years
Rebecca black was just thirteen years old when her song Friday became an instant viral sensation. It had hundreds of millions of views on YouTube but almost immediately after its release. She was met with online criticism and bullying with some even calling Friday the worst song ever. Now ten years clear she's dropping a new project called Rebecca black was here. Her latest release is worth it for the feeling let's take a look. And someone else. Honestly John Freeman is telling me. Please welcome Rebecca black. It's big defeated day. I think perhaps we can do what we all remember when Friday dropped but can you first tell us how this all came up out in what it was like to get all of that. A ten chaining heat when you were just thirteen years old. I mean I was can't do. Had this opportunity to do it is you know did this on video when I was a kid who grew up loving performing I loved the arts and that was where I really began to find myself and so bright it was just posted the kind of a little. You know like. Opportunity to have an experienced today get into the recording studio for the first time and kind of see it by eight it right to. Duly just for myself not really necessarily show the world and you know obviously that is what happened the song weighing eight. Insanely barrel I don't think any of us could have have really expected anything like that to happen and ends with so response of the song god and some of the negative feedback. There was a ton of it honestly Aaron. That was really typical as a thirteen year old I mean. There's nobody there to prepare anybody hurt any kind of experience like that but certainly not thirteen year old student doesn't know himself and he was just trying to experiment and figure out what she wants to did so that was. It's been a long process for the over the past ten years to to find myself really for the first time and feel comfortable and my him. That song was so catchy and brilliant and so it breaks your heart to hear that all I can become my mom's saying is. People were just jealous because they hadn't thought of it themselves but. I just can't believe how young you were and your latest project Rebecca black was here drops today featuring your latest songs worth it for the feeling and personal. What was your inspiration for this project in how did it all come together. Here is something I've been working on for the pasts. My gosh I mean one half years in the end it over the past five years in prison site McDowell on my Allen and finish high school and you know. Did a little bit more growing up I thin. So this so hard on. Writing and was trying to understand what I have to say and he now I'm. And that at least now what I. No that Friday it's nothing that will define the rest of my life rapper apparently used to find me forever and finding. You know how can take that experience and owns land there experiences just isn't. 23 year old as a queer woman as a Latin that's long an inch and got into something that meant so much Meehan that I knew would. Mean from my audience at a over the past theories. Is just you know what I tried to do so this project is the first outwardly queer project I actor cut out it's the first time that I really felt like I am young. Allowing myself to speak the way to I want without any sort adds so watered down Nance scored trying to please anybody else and all. Well this past year you spoke publicly about identifying as clear. By the way happy pride but actually. I said you made a conscious decision not to really come out can you tell us about that. I said yeah. I really am really understood that we. Of let you know that made it would mean it coming out for any single person is difficult in general and the meet us here coming out its countless conversations with yourself with those that you trusted your lucky enough Tara people that you trust around you. And for me it was something that I knew that I don't want into do you parents not only isn't you know my own. Personal truth but it's something that I share the lives just let my audience and so many of my fans have been so it's. Honest with me about their experiences and let me just outside of themselves and I so badly and he's so many times wanted to say. Seamus. And all that laying it out. Coming out lists. Something that I'd want it so hard to eat the perfect moment that it had to accept the fact you know just doesn't necessarily happy minute that. That to happen where a lot of people in many parts of this country at all so. Just allow myself to come and take pressure off and start talking about it and being more honest with my hand lands a little bit easier. We'll June is pride month and your being honored as part of logo TDs local thirty lists and in Friday's power of I list this year. You feel when you found out about that. It's. It's sites and honor I mean. I eight. For as long as I can remember house. Tried. My best to be the best talent that I committee and the more I was you know open and honest my young experiences because. The queer community overall has been eight macedonians. The backbone to allowing me to have the confidence that I can't even before or violence sexuality was part of the question and I need. Back in my early days though you know one Friday it was just. And the beginning of its lights they were the ones who really supported me and made me feel hurt and I I don't want to do. She is community back and show my utmost respect for this community and I am I'm just so grateful to him. He would be honest and gas celebrate title together. Well in April you perform when he heard latest releases girlfriend I think Latin media awards what is that the only means oath. I mean after it ear staying at home talking to form it flags. It's such a release on not muffled laugh you know the song was. Really important for some patents for this project because it is as queer as I am and it it. Just. So it what it represents to me isn't this lack of shame. And who I am that have not existed. Her along on time for acts so many years I eat dealt with a lot of chain after Friday and actor. You know my kind of early teenage years and that was something that was really hard to overcome because as a Katie. I no sense of itself since allow myself to me you know recovered nicely so girlfriend and that's what projects. Really represents. I can get a sense of self celebration and that has been really hard for me to grasp and I hope you know. We have people are anchors and listening to girlfriend her or any of these songs he'll stop themselves as. Well a big congratulations. On your new project because I think art is a reflection of the changing times we live in but also the changing artists who. Who write that music and performing at music and so Bravo. For being your authentic self and I look forward to seeing what 23 year old Rebecca black has to show last self I want to tell everyone Rebecca black was here. And it's out now and in just a big thank you for speaking with us today.

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{"duration":"8:29","description":"Black speaks with “The View” co-host Sara Haines about how her viral song “Friday” impacted her life, coming out publicly and going on tour in 2022.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"78319606","title":"‘Rebecca Black Was Here’ is singer's 1st project in 10 years","url":"/theview/video/rebecca-black-singers-1st-project-10-years-78319606"}