Rep. Will Hurd calls President Trump's national emergency declaration 'unnecessary'

The Texas lawmaker weighs in on the border wall funding debate.
7:32 | 02/15/19

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Transcript for Rep. Will Hurd calls President Trump's national emergency declaration 'unnecessary'
and he's aware of the criticism that this is to fulfill a campaign promise that he said he would build the wall, that Mexico would pay for it, but these numbers right here, those are American taxpayer funds, so clearly Mexico not paying for it, at least not in the interim. Let's go to Jon Karl right outside the white house. The president has headed back he oval office. John, Sarah Sanders tweeting out the image. The president signed this order right before he came out to the rose garden. He pointumber of times he's aware of the political and legal fight head. Reporter: Absolutely. I asked him directly about Republicans who have said that they believe that this is violating the constitution. One of those who said that is Marco Rubio, senator from Florida of course. No Democrat, no liberal, many others have said that this sets a dangerous precedent that can be used by democratic presidents in the future to do things that they couldn't get passed through congress. But the president is clearly prepared for a legal battle, clearly expects one, and David, I thought it was interesting in his opening remarks there that he expects to lose the initial rounds in court. That's consistent with what I've been told the department of justice has told the white house. They're clearly expecting this will be challenged immediately. They may lose in the lower courts and they are prepared for a battle that will ultimately be fought at the supreme court. Quick question for you, Jon, before we wrap up here. Senate majority leader Mitch Mcconnell of course had been one of those critics on the Republican side against any emergency declaration by the president, though in the last 24 hours he said he would support the president. What's the calculation on his part? Reporter: The calculation hethat the president was deeply reluctant to sign this spending bill, and what Mitch Mcconnell and other Republicans did not want to see happen was another government shutdown. So they had to give the president something. They had to say, look, sign this bill and we will drop our objections to the idea of a national emergency. But make no mistake, Mitch Mcconnell made his opinion quite clear on how he views these national emergencies but in this case he felt that what was important ultimately was to prevent another government shutdown. Our chief white house correspondent Jonathan Karl right there in the rose garden. Our thanks to John, Terry Moran, Mary Bruce, our entire team in Washington. President trump a short time ago declaring a national emergency, bypassing congress to secure additional funding for his border wall. He does acknowledge though this will be quite a political and legal fight ahead for him. We'll have much more throughout the day. I hope you'll join us on ABC news live and for continuing coverage right now. Have a great day, I'll see you on "World news tonight." Do your asthma symptoms ever hold you back? 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For smooth, touchably beautiful hair. He would like to tear down whatever wall there is and doesn't seem that there is no concern. We know that is not true, so what are some of issues being ignored? Some of the issues ignored is that every single mile of the border is different from the next one. So you have to look at each mile differently, and you need a different tool. Maybe you can use radar in some places or use a lighter, and that is like radar, but it is light instead of sound. You can use drones. In some parts I have the chihuahuan desert and you can see for dozens of miles and you need a good camera. But we have to make sure that all of the information is collected and beamed to the men and women in the border patrol. In some places border patrol, the cell phones don't work, and they have push to talk radios don't work. So start with the basics. When I talk to the men and women of the border patrol who never said they wanted to work without pay, and two, they say, man, we need to make sure that our technology is working there. We believe that we have some of the greatest technology on the border right now, and that is not necessarily the case. But you are a Republican, and has the trump administration reached out to you and spoken to you? My opinions have been made known in some of this bill that we just passed, there is stuff for the smart wall technology called the innovative tower initiative and doing things like laying fiber optic cable which you can use the sensing on, that and by the way, that is going to allow some of the small communities to tap into the cable to get high speed internet into some of those communities to reduce the digital divide for the young men and women and boys and girls in the rural communities where they do not have the advantages that others in the big cities have, and so that is included. When I hear you talk about the 820 miles, a lot of it has to be ranchers and people who live along the border. If he goes ahead with the emergency and the wall, and how do you deal with the imminent domain issues that Republicans used to care about. Quickly, sir, because we are running out of time. 1,000 land owners are going to bected and they will sue because they care about property rights in Texas. Thank you for coming in. And our thanks to congressman

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{"duration":"7:32","description":"The Texas lawmaker weighs in on the border wall funding debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61104511","title":"Rep. Will Hurd calls President Trump's national emergency declaration 'unnecessary'","url":"/theview/video/rep-hurd-calls-president-trumps-national-emergency-declaration-61104511"}