Rep. Justin Amash calls for impeachment of Trump

The Michigan congressman "carefully and completely" read Mueller's redacted report before he concluded that the president "engaged in impeachable conduct."
3:50 | 05/21/19

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Transcript for Rep. Justin Amash calls for impeachment of Trump
Tea Party star congressman named Justin a mosh. He's a Republican who said he read the entire mollen report then it lays the case for impeachment hearings. They just double down on it and here's you know who is hitting back at. Why go to many but it gets dropped from the beginning he probably wants arrived at some other office I don't they don't do very well. He's been a loser for a long time rarely votes gore Republicans. Bid up personal ad that he's. Not much. What did you expect was kind of insulting to the people who actually did vote for. If you took adding that he I don't mean a thing about one of the things about this what one of those two things about a number one Romney was asked would you follow suit he punted. Mantown I'm sorry I took my picture with him now. I have. No I didn't warn you about you dead and I added they warn you you hanging out with him heavy I was hanging out of him and Anna's wedding and now I have B. Yeah and everything get a chance he had a chance to save his soul and he blow it that's one thing. Number choke I think that this guy a mosh could really hurt truck because not because he's this old guy on the Republican Party is actually speaking truth to power lack. But be cores also he could run on the libertarian. The ticket and Ralph Nader trapped you know what I mean buying rounds a minute hand yeah amazing Ralph Nader is ever. Because Ralph Nader basic good guy put George W. Bush in office against against Al peak Al Gore out. And I think that he could do that can't because there are a lot of people who like this guy who believe in the libertarian principles. And you care about the rule of law and will vote for him thus throwing. They the they're corrupt guy in chief apps so I look at this guy is in Iraq. When I really appreciated about it is that he said after reading the entire. Muller reports. I feel that there are grounds for impeachment I was so surprised after the -- report was released. An and looking at all the cable news channels and everyone was saying. It's not too much ado about nothing there's nothing there but did change my mind. And I nearly thought Ben and read it. Because it's so doesn't orange pages and Vera it's just so clue or that he was shot she said it's clear they didn't read it so you've got a guy who's in government he's a congressman Michigan law school an attorney who's who's a Republican libertarian who says. After real and yet. There are grounds for impeachment. He should be impeached that makes a big difference and I I challenge the republicans' re pretty darn but you know what I guess if I did hear a Mallard talent because on the TV person and most Americans I yeah they would like to see it come from the horse's mouth what did you put in that report. I want Mueller on television that's another thing why is Donald junior not in a closed. Testimony so why isn't he on tell what I'm hearing from mullah but I want to hear from the underlying witness all of that I wanna hear from me gas I wanna hear from trump junior. I wonder from everyone else that was the difference during the Nixon here and yes they didn't just hear from the lawyer that that. Issued the report they heard from everyone out and that while the change of that I had heard from this is the new thing that we hear from everybody announced suddenly. No I don't know I really quick Ralph Nader got bush elected. Yet just just I now but it went to the Republicans the Democrats were robbed Peter was spoiler just this story out at a breakfast landline and helped her books. Yes let it nature using Java and flash is an example as a libertarian running and just Hamas by the way is it hard core libertarian I mean he is day I have Marty my husband is libertarian I'm I have a ton of friends and delivered to Anaheim back. Small very fervent political grip people in the country and they are at disciples to hand so I think that some of this politically motivated for the reason you sat at him. Ultimately run for president Leslie it's going to be.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"The Michigan congressman \"carefully and completely\" read Mueller's redacted report before he concluded that the president \"engaged in impeachable conduct.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63178354","title":"Rep. Justin Amash calls for impeachment of Trump","url":"/theview/video/rep-justin-amash-calls-impeachment-trump-63178354"}