Ricki Lake pursues her late husband's passion through 'Weed the People'

The television personality and producer opens up about her husband's suicide and her new documentary.
9:14 | 03/06/19

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Transcript for Ricki Lake pursues her late husband's passion through 'Weed the People'
these days. That was her big reveal on "The masked singer," and her new documentary "Weed the people" reveals fascinating new findings that cannabis could be a wonder drug for treating and maybe even curing cancer. Please welcome Ricki lake. ??? Oh, my god, it's great to be back. It's been a while. Nice to see you all. You know a little something about talk shows. Just a little, just a little. Back in the day. I'm an og. You are because you just walked out to the rici lake show theme music. You all remember the Ricki lake show. It premiered 25 years ago. You all grew up with me. We all did. You why just 25 years old. 24 technically when I went on the air 23 when they handed me I had a lot of nerve back then. It aired for 11 seasons. Yes. You were a natural. A total natural. I was a good listener. I was curious. Because I was sort of the girl next door, people related to me. They trusted me. It was a good ride. Was it a good time in your It was an amazing time in my life. Honestly, looking back, you don't know when you're in it this responsibility that you have. I just basically would channel Oprah in the beginning. When they handed me that job I was like, what would Oprah do, what would Oprah do. Looking back on it I don't think I had much of a point of view, unlike you ladies. It's now that I'm in my -- I just turned 50. It's really in my 40s, making my Oh, so did I. Happy birthday. It doesn't suck, thank you. Is there one moment at all -- this is a hard question but is there anything that stands out from that show? I did like 2200 hours of television back then. There's one, synonymous one when the lady got really pissed off and pulled the wig off that other lady. It's classic Ricki. Wait for it, wait for it. Bam. Oh yeah. That. That. What did she do? She went -- The fight. Oh! Are they fighting over a man? What are they doing? Yeah, yeah. Jerry springer learned a lot from you. Our show really was -- we didn't have violence like Jerry springer. We were real. The tag line was it's got to be real, it's got to be Ricki, and many of your staff used to work on my show. Brian. Yes, Brian, and Jamie hammer. Yeah, I know, it was a good time. You also just had a good time. You appeared on the hit show "The masked singer" as the Yes. That was fun. They kept saying it was you. I think I'm emotional involved in this because so many people were asking me if I was the raven. I said I'm hearing it's Ricki lake. We have similar body types. By the way, it's an honor to be compared to you. I'm obsessed with you. Thank you. Really, I adore you. She's like, I can't sing, I can't sing. It was an amazing experience. Who knew it was going to be such a huge, massive hit. I had sciatica for the first time in my life before that show. I was getting shots in my butt. It was great to not have to do hair and makeup. Was the costume heavy? It was heavy but it was cathartic to me because I got to talk about losing my husband which was just two years ago last month, so for me to kind of pay homage to him in a way, it was just meaningful and special and silly. I get to do that and I get to do these documentaries that are important to me. Speaking of your husband, he did pass away two years ago from suicide and mental illness. Death by suicide. He was bipolar and my favorite person I've ever known. Losing him has been such a journey for me. There's been some dark times for me and I'm in a better place. I now truly love myself the way he loved me which is on a whole other level. It's just been -- I've recently found new love and -- How would he feel about that, do you think? Oh, my gosh, he's two thumbs up. I met this beautiful, amazing man. I'm in such a good place and I had to get through the darkness to get back to the light. Thank you for speaking about it because there's such a spike of suicides in this country and we have to remove the stigma for those. There's an amazing group and we have to change the stigma. One in two of us is going to suffer from some kind of mental illness in our lifetime. Starting with young people, it's really important that this is everyone. We need to support, hear, listen. Another thing we need to talk about which you addressed in your new documentary "Weed the people," it focuses on using cannabis to treat children with cancer. I have to tell you, going through what I went through last year, I'm so angry that there's such a stigma attached to cannabis, marijuana, anything having to do with the medical benefits of cannabis oil and marijuana in any way. Even for me for Grio Blass toe ma, the CDC showed a one-year survive if you added standard oral onto it. 662 days compared with 369 days I'm sorry, I'm getting emotional but it's a big difference. My dad only survived 14 months so I just want to tell you what you're doing with this is really important and I really -- I'm sorry, but it angered me my dad was such and there's still such a stigma attached. Please take it from here. My husband, Christian Evans, this was his passion. He was looking into cannabis use for his own benefit at that time. His grandfather was dying of bone cancer and at the same time I was on "Dancing with the stars" and a little girl found me via social media and she was going through chemotherapy. This plant needs to be -- we need to be deprogrammed about it is a human rights issue. This film, we follow five children through five and a half years of cancer treatment and to see the results, it's remarkable. We all need to understand that this is a medicine and the fact that for thousands of years it was a medicine and only for the last 75 years the government said it's not. Right now it's a schedule one drug which is classified with heroin, that there's no medicinal value. We have a clip of your documentary. Let's play that. Literally 1,000 stars had to align for us to finally change our minds on cannabis. That was the only thing that we just completely dismissed and refused to research because we thought it was so ridiculous. We looked at everything else but that. Here we go. Good job! We just got the call. There's cell death. The tumor is actually dying in certain areas. There's no new growth, and they said that they would like to be able to take credit for it all but they just don't know if they can. I'm just thrilled. This is the most amazing news we could have ever gotten. She's going to be okay. She's going to be okay. She's going to be okay. She's going to be okay. Amazing. That really pulls at your heart strings. It's just amazing. Let me ask you this, right now only 33 states plus the district of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana. So presidential hopefuls Cory booker, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand are backing some form of marijuana legalization because there is a distinction between recreational and medical. Right. Explain to everyone how the current legislation impedes cannabis from being used as treatment for cancer patients. We don't have that much time. The issue is it's a schedule one drug and they can't do research in this country because of the schedule. In places like Israel they're able to pinpoint the particular strain that works for cancer. This strain works for prostate but not breast cancer. We need to reschedule this drug. Our film is not about recreation. This is about access to this medicine that could be helpful in the side effects of chemotherapy and for shrinking tumor death. This is something we should be talking to your senators and control people about. Absolutely. . Our thanks to Ricki lake. "Weed the people" is available on various digital platforms. Please check our website for more information and we'll be

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{"duration":"9:14","description":"The television personality and producer opens up about her husband's suicide and her new documentary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61510477","title":"Ricki Lake pursues her late husband's passion through 'Weed the People'","url":"/theview/video/ricki-lake-pursues-late-husbands-passion-weed-people-61510477"}