Robert Iger recounts day he opened Shanghai Disneyland

The Disney CEO looks back at some of his more emotional moments while leading the company.
3:03 | 09/23/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Robert Iger recounts day he opened Shanghai Disneyland
I loved how open and rock you were in this book because it's not just about business dealings you talk about the emotions. Of being CEO and when won a particular highlight of your career was being shot high. Opening Disney there which was huge and at the same time. You get a call about the pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. A couple days later about your remembered a young boy that was killed by a crocodile. In Disney World I think with a picture review. In Shanghai right after you to the call from the parents near and pick us back to that moment and just the mix of emotions you're so happy about one thing and on the other rent your heart's just. Break the I feel I can feel it inside me just seeing that picture. I worked for eighteen years to. Develop Disneyland in Shanghai the most populous city the most fun populous country in the world your dad fact we're for your dad when he was ambassador. The chart a new both your father's by the way they raise grade daughter's by the way home today. Thrilled you inflaming us out. Here's a good man let that affect anywhere where preteen years to bring Walt Disney's vision of a theme park. Was built in the first one another California in 1955 to Shanghai. A huge moment for. Through Disney for me for an even a country in many respects. I thought it would be actually the crowning moment in my career terms and achievement. And early in the week they were supposed nightclub shooting a terrible terrorist attack really on the night of the killed and and hurt many people. And I was worried about that because of people who work for us that were involved as it turns out we were also target and then a couple of days later an alligator. Took a little life for the two and a half year old boy. Terrible laying graves whose name parent's right there and just a horrible horrible. Moment obviously for them and here we were trying to celebrate something and all I could think about was that incidence and those in that family. And so I decided that morning to reach out actually I called the parents. I was able to get them on the phone and spoke with them. Hence without any script you can't possibly scripted but as a father and a grandfather couldn't. Fathom what they were experiencing. One or two if you assume responsibility or accept responsibility from a person instead of an unnamed corporate executive. And right before I was to go out and cut the ribbon in this with joyous moment. I Kohl took place so that picture that you saw was me. Trying to compartmentalize. Trying to shift from. That very very very emotional moment to one where I had to put on smiling face speak a little Mandarin cut a ribbon with us. With. Government officials from China read a letter from President Obama and watched fireworks and Mickey Mouse coming up so it's. It mean it's it's still something that I have a hard time founding in many respects. Blacks like that is it is like it's like to rent you know you're up and down in. But would persevere as we well.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"The Disney CEO looks back at some of his more emotional moments while leading the company.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65804901","title":"Robert Iger recounts day he opened Shanghai Disneyland","url":"/theview/video/robert-iger-recounts-day-opened-shanghai-disneyland-65804901"}